Top 3 Engagement Rings in 2021

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring with Matching Band in Ring Box

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is one of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime. During such an intense time full of love, joy, and celebration, don’t let the stress of picking the perfect ring cloud your bliss. If you’re trying to pick out the right ring for your fairytale proposal to your partner, we’ll make it a whole lot easier for you. We’ve got our top three engagement rings of 2021 laid out, so your partner will be sporting the most gorgeous ring in town.

Picking an Engagement Ring

The Studio Collection Emerald Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

Before you begin your hunt for the perfect ring, you need to know what you’re looking for. Keep your budget, ideas, and priorities in mind when you’re ring shopping. Remember that everyone’s style is different; don’t just go for the most popular or trendy ring you can find. Make sure you know your partner’s style and what they’re dreaming of in a ring. They’re going to be wearing it forever, after all!

Understanding Diamond Types and Quality

If you’re not familiar with the different types of diamonds you can choose from, you might find the ring shopping journey a little confusing. Don’t worry, we’ve got the basics of diamond types and the qualities to look for covered. 

Different types of diamonds come from the way each one grows from its carbon base. When the diamond is growing, atoms from other elements join it to create the diamond’s unique color, appearance, and quality. The main categories of diamond types are:

  • type Ia
  • type IIa
  • type Ib
  • type IIb
Fink's Exclusive 18K White Gold Oval Center Stone Two Row Shank Engagement Ring

So, what do these types mean? Type Ia diamonds are typically the most common ones to find. They are known for absorbing infrared and ultrared and being beautifully fluorescent. Type IIa diamonds don’t give off a yellow or brown tint, and they can differ in their fluorescence levels. They are known for being more extravagant and vibrant colored diamonds. When identifying a Ib diamond, it will emit a vibrant yellow color and absorb a large amount of blue light. Type IIb is the most valuable and sought-after diamond out there. They make up a tiny percentage of all-natural diamonds and are known for their blue-grey color. 

Another helpful thing to keep in mind when looking out for a high-quality ring is the 4Cs of the diamond. The 4Cs are the diamond’s:

  • carat weight
  • color
  • clarity
  • cut

The carat weight of a diamond refers to how much the diamond weighs, not its size. One carat is about 200 milligrams. Normally, as the carat size increases, so does the price. Colors can be hard to spot in a diamond, but they can make all the difference. To catch those slight color differences, examine every stone you’re looking at under the same lighting. Also, make sure you’re looking at them with the same background colors and keeping the clarity and cut of each diamond in mind. 

The clarity of a diamond refers to its little imperfections and blemishes. The GIA Clarity Scale helps categorize and grade diamonds based on their imperfections. The six clarity categories are

The Studio Collection Oval Diamond Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring
  1. flawless
  2. internally flawless
  3. very very slightly included
  4. very slightly included
  5. slightly included
  6. included

Imperfections in diamonds and diamond rings may include things like knots, large feathers, dark inclusions, or reflectors. 

The cut of a diamond is also categorized into different grades:

  1. excellent
  2. very good
  3. good
  4. fair
  5. poor

The cut is a critical element in any diamond. It will affect the diamond ring’s color, brightness, and scintillation. When a diamond is being evaluated, they observe the proportions, symmetry, and polish of it. This all probably seems like a lot of info for one little accessory, but it’s not as intimidating as it may seem! For our readers who need to feel like a true engagement ring expert before they pick a winner, check out our more in-depth breakdown of questions you should ask and what you need to know when ring shopping.

Our Top 3 Engagement Ring Styles of 2021

Engagement Rings on Woman's Hand

Now that you know a little more about diamond ring types and their qualities, you’re ready to start looking for your partner’s perfect match. We’ve laid out some of our favorite and most popular rings this year that our customers are loving.

Solitaire Style Engagement Rings

A solitaire engagement ring is a classic and timeless piece of jewelry. It’s perfect for any future fiancées who want to make their diamond pop without totally blinding anyone who sees it. The band on a solitaire style diamond ring is simple and doesn’t have any diamonds, allowing the single diamond to shine. The other amazing thing about solitaire rings is that you can pick any diamond to go with it. Princess, round, oval; the possibilities are endless! 

14K Gold Princess Diamond Solitaire Four Prong Engagement Ring

Our Fink’s exclusive gold princess diamond solitaire four-prong ring is another stunning choice for the brides who want a simpler look. The princess cut diamond gives it a classic and elegant twist. The crossing pattern underneath the diamonds is a unique touch that is sure to make your new fiancée’s ring stand out from the rest. This diamond ring contains a .50ct center stone. It’s G in color and VS1 in clarity. Like all of our engagement rings, this one is backed by the Fink’s Jeweler’s Lifetime Guarantee. This beautiful diamond ring is $2,180.00.

Halo Style Engagement Rings

As much as we love a simplistic and classic ring, some brides can’t resist the feeling of bling on their ring finger; and we don’t blame them! If your soon-to-be-bride likes to live on the more extravagant side, a halo-style ring might be the way to go. The band of a halo-style diamond ring is covered in diamonds and perfectly showcases the main diamond in the center. Once you decide on a halo style for your ring, you can pick whatever diamond your heart (or, rather, your partner’s heart) desires. Here are some of our favorite halo-style rings in our collection.

Platinum Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
The Fink’s exclusive platinum oval diamond halo engagement ring is a glorious pick for anyone planning on taking a weekly manicure pic after their engagement. It’s gorgeous and has the perfect amount of pop and shine. Surrounding the .50ct oval cut diamond, you will find a .24cttw diamond halo and diamond shank. This diamond ring is I in color and SI1 in clarity. If you’re convinced she will absolutely adore this diamond ring, you can email a customer service specialist to get more info about it. 

Platinum ASHOKA Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This Fink’s exclusive platinum ASHOKA diamond halo diamond ring is pretty much as blinged-out as it gets. It features a 1.02ct ASHOKA diamond center core. This diamond is surrounded by .35cttw diamond halo and shank accents. It’s H in color with VS1 in clarity. This ring is super extravagant and over the top, but it’s guaranteed to sweep your new fiancée off her feet. This ring retails for $11,275.00. It’s a bit of a splurge, but we know she’ll love it so much. She’ll be training herself to become left-handed just so she can show it off at every possible chance she gets!

Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings

We’ve covered some of the most popular ring styles of this year, but what about diamond shapes? In 2021, plenty of people are longing to wear a gorgeous pear-shaped diamond ring. There are an enormous variety of pear-shaped diamonds to choose from in our collection, so we’ve picked a few of our favorites to showcase.

Platinum Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

If our halo style rings seemed gorgeous to you, the Fink’s exclusive pear-shaped diamond halo ring would be perfect for your partner. It’s classic and elegant while still giving your fiancée the bling she deserves. It features a .55ct pear cut diamond as its center stone, and surrounding it is a .25cttw diamond halo and diamond band. It’s H in color and SI2 in clarity. This marvelous ring retails for $3,580.00.

Pear Shape Center Diamond Twist Shank Engagement Ring

The Studio Collection Pear Shape Center Diamond Twist Shank Engagement Ring

This unique Studio Collection ring is wonderful for our readers whose brides are anything but basic. Not only does it have the pear-shaped diamond, it’s surrounded in a .37cttw diamond twist shank. You can purchase this ring with a .50ct, .70ct, 1.00ct, 1.50ct, or a 2.00ct diamond. The carat weight variety makes the ring easy to customize and cater to your partner’s style as well as your budget. You can customize this ring to fit her style by picking between 14K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. This ring has a quality of G-H color and SI2 clarity. This price of this ring can vary anywhere from $3,580.00 to $22,745.00, depending on the customizations you choose to make.

You’ve trained yourself on all things engagement rings, and you know all the best rings of the year. Now it’s time for the big moment! Whether you’re planning a proposal in the comfort of your own home, at a fancy dinner, on the beach, or somewhere in between, you know her ring will make it perfect. Now, you can get to lighting candles, blowing up balloons, or whatever your style is to make it one of the most memorable moments of both of your lives. Happy diamond ring shopping, we’re rooting for your fairytale proposal!