The Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Soon-to-Be Graduate

The Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Soon-to-Be Graduate

Do you have someone special in your life that will soon be graduating from high school, college, or grad school? You may be stumped as to what to get them for a graduation gift. Sure, you could go with a card filled with cash, but it feels impersonal, and a leather journal or piece of luggage may feel overdone and boring.

Fine jewelry is an excellent option if you want to give a graduation gift that makes a lasting impression and will be treasured for many years. Below, we will explain why we think jewelry makes the best graduation gift for everyone and share some great graduation gift ideas.

Does Jewelry Make a Good Graduation Gift?

Round Cut Diamond Studs

Jewelry makes an ideal graduation gift because it is something valuable that your graduate can wear and admire for many years, serving as a token of their accomplishment. Jewelry is a classic graduation present, and for good reason — fine jewelry will stand the test of time. Your graduate could still be wearing this piece of jewelry when they get married, have children, or even when they are grandparents.

When they wear the jewelry you gave to them, they can think on their accomplishment in graduating and remember you fondly at the same time. A graduation jewelry gift is sentimental and celebratory.

Why Give Jewelry for a Graduation Gift?

There are so many great reasons to give jewelry as a graduation gift for your loved one. Firstly, giving the gift of jewelry to a high school or college graduate will help start their very own fine jewelry collection. If you give them a classic jewelry staple piece, they can build their jewelry collection from there as they start their professional wardrobe.

Secondly, a graduation present of jewelry will help your graduate look polished as they prepare for their many upcoming opportunities, such as job interviews, internships, or starting a new career. Lastly, a jewelry graduation gift is a special way to celebrate your graduate’s hard work and dedication to their education. Why not treat them to something beautiful and valuable?

How Much to Spend on a Graduation Present

25mm Polished Hoop Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold

How much you spend on a graduation gift tends to depend on your budget, your relationship with the graduate, and what level of education they are graduating from. If you are the parent or close family member of the graduate, you will typically spend the most on a gift. However, a great graduation present doesn’t have to break the bank — there are plenty of jewelry gift options under $500

What Kind of Jewelry Makes a Good Graduation Gift?

Since there is so much variety in the world of jewelry, you may be at a loss for what type of jewelry makes the best graduation gift. Although you can definitely go with statement designer jewelry such as a David Yurman bracelet, a classic piece of jewelry always makes a great gift. Giving the gift of a wardrobe essential jewelry piece will be appreciated by any high school or college graduate who is embarking on life.

7 of the Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Her:

  1. Stud earrings
  2. Hoop earrings
  3. Pearl necklaces
  4. Gemstone rings
  5. Personalized necklaces
  6. Diamond necklaces
  7. Watches

Diamond or Pearl Studs Earrings as a Graduation Present

Near Round Pearl Stud Earrings

Simple, classic diamond stud earrings or pearl stud earrings are wardrobe staples because they go with everything. This graduation gift will not only look good with any outfit but will add a touch of beauty and class, too. If you go with diamonds, be sure to choose a great quality stone that she can enjoy for many years to come.

Gold Huggies or Hoops Graduation Gift

Hoop earrings are another great graduation gift because they will never go out of style — any outfit can be elevated by a simple pair of good hoops. You can choose traditional gold hoop earrings or go with modern, stylish huggie hoop earrings that fit close to the earlobe. Whatever style of hoops you choose, they will be a welcome addition to your graduate’s wardrobe. 

A Classic Pearl Strand for a Graduation Present

A pearl necklace is a traditional piece of any woman’s wardrobe, evoking classic beauty such as Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” By giving a graduation gift of pearls, you are gifting your graduate a wardrobe staple they will treasure for the rest of their life. You can choose a traditional strand of pearls or go with a minimalist solitary pearl necklace — both are gorgeous choices.

A Birthstone Ring for a Graduation Gift

Peridot Birthstone and Diamond Halo Ring

A colorful birthstone ring makes a special and personal graduation gift. A sparkling ring featuring the gemstone of the graduate’s birth month is a piece of jewelry that she can wear for the rest of her life. Unlike a class ring, a birthstone ring will never feel outdated.   

An Initial Necklace Graduation Present

If you like the idea of a personalized graduation gift, then consider giving her an initial necklace. These necklaces are trendy at the moment, but wearing your initial will never go out of style. A personalized necklace made with real gold and diamonds will be one that she can treasure for many years.

A Diamond Solitaire Necklace for a Graduation Gift

Giving her a diamond solitaire necklace is a very special graduation gift that will become the foundation of her fine jewelry collection. A diamond necklace is an essential jewelry item that can add elegance to any outfit.

Do Designer Watches Make a Good Graduation Present?

A designer watch makes an excellent graduation gift that will serve your graduate well, making any outfit look polished and professional. Consider getting a Swiss-made watch from a designer brand such as TAG Heuer, Oris, or OMEGA that will stand the test of time. 

3 of the Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Him:

  1. Watches
  2. Rings
  3. Bracelets

A Designer Men’s Watch for a Graduation Present

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 GMT

Every man needs a great watch in his wardrobe. A graduation gift of a designer watch will help him start his professional wardrobe and set him up for success. Look for fine designer brands — such as Breitling and Cartier — that not only look great but are top-notch quality, too.

A Men’s Signature Ring Graduation Present

A fine, stylish ring can add a touch of polish to a man’s wardrobe. Give him a graduation gift of a signature ring that he can use to complete his outfits for years to come.

A Men’s Gold or Silver Bracelet for a Graduation Present

An understated gold or silver bracelet can really pull a man’s outfit together. Giving him a simple bracelet for a graduation gift is a way to help him build his own jewelry collection with a tasteful piece that he can wear time and time again.

Why Jewelry Makes the Best Graduation Gift

Chances are your graduate will receive a lot of cash and everyday items as graduation presents. Giving jewelry for a graduation gift not only allows you to give them something special, memorable, and valuable but makes you stand out from the crowd. With a gift of fine jewelry or a designer watch, a graduate will be well-equipped for further education or to venture into the professional world.