Picking the Perfect Classic Men’s Wedding Band

Two Men's Wedding Bands from Fink's Jewelers

When a couple gets engaged, there is a lot of focus on the bride’s engagement ring. As the wedding day approaches, the bride and groom get to decide on wedding bands, and it is a chance for the groom to define his style while picking a piece of jewelry he will wear for the rest of his life. Classic men’s wedding bands offer distinction and elegance, which the bride and groom will appreciate as a symbol of their love. 

When Did Men Start Wearing Wedding Bands? 

Cable Inset Band Ring in Sterling Silver

Wedding rings are an ancient tradition, but for a long time it was just the wife who traditionally wore the wedding band. There is evidence of wedding rings from ancient Egypt, and by the 2nd century BC, most rings were gold, a tradition that has stayed true over the years.

It wasn’t until World War II, however, that engagement rings and men’s wedding bands became a common tradition. As soldiers went off to war, they proposed to their sweethearts with an engagement ring to ensure their love was true. Men’s rings became an important symbol of family in World War II when married soldiers started to wear them as a reminder of their wives back home.

The tradition of soldiers wearing wedding rings continued through the Korean War, and over time, the trend caught on with civilians. Now, husbands and wives regularly exchange wedding rings when they get married. 

Should a Men’s Wedding Band Match the Bride’s Ring? 

Each couple is different, and whether you’d prefer matching rings or individual styles, the choice is up to you. As men’s rings became more popular, it became natural for a bride and groom to pick matching wedding bands or ring sets to symbolize their marriage. Whether the happy couple chooses a set that includes the engagement ring or goes shopping for matching bands that complement the previously purchased engagement ring, matching bands can be a beautiful sign of oneness.

Finding a matching set of wedding bands is easy when choosing from jewelry designers with cohesive collections, like David Yurman. Finding a men’s ring and a women’s ring with similar motifs helps create a united set.

14K Rose Gold Brushed Band with Flat Edge

Consider the design, material, and gems to find matching rings. Classic men’s wedding bands can often work well with a variety of women’s engagement rings and wedding bands, so there is room for both creativity and cohesiveness.

Why Choose a Classic Men’s Wedding Band?

From simple to decorative, men’s wedding bands are easy to find and make your own. Classic men’s wedding bands are typically made of an all-metal band (most often yellow or white gold) that can be smooth or slightly textured.

It is essential to choose a wedding ring that you will want to wear every day for years to come. Classic men’s wedding bands are timeless, meaning they will stay in fashion forever. There are several factors that help men’s rings stand the test of time: 

  • Classic metals
  • Simple designs
  • Durability

By choosing a specific metal, width, or design, a men’s ring can be as personal as any other piece of jewelry. The important thing is that the groom is comfortable and loves the ring as a symbol of his commitment to his bride.

Modern V. Classic Men’s Wedding Bands

Beveled Band Ring in Grey Titanium with Half Pavé Black Diamonds

There is a lot to consider when choosing the groom’s wedding band. While classic men’s wedding bands feature traditional metals and designs, modern men’s rings often include different embellishments, gems, and unique features. Rose gold bands, black diamond embellishments, and bold or mixed-metal designs all point to more modern styles. 

While modern rings can be trendy, classic men’s wedding bands are more likely to stay in fashion for longer. At the end of the day, each bride and groom have to decide if a traditional ring is best or if a ring that fits the current trends works for them.

Popular Metals for Men’s Rings

Wedding rings come in a variety of metals. With this variety, each man is able to find the perfect material for his ring. Popular men’s wedding band metals include: 

  • Sterling silver
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold

Choosing the right band metal depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. For example, yellow and white gold may be more susceptible to scratches but can also be sized up or down easier than other metals. Titanium is scratch-resistant and durable, but it cannot be resized. 

Beveled Band Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with Black Titanium

Some men’s rings even mix different metals. A stunning yellow gold and black titanium ring can bring a distinctive flavor to the classic men’s wedding ring. This gives the wearer a special look while sticking with classic metals that are easy to find and have stood the test of time.

Sizing Your Men’s Wedding Band 

Consider the ability to size your ring when you are picking out your band’s metal. If you pick a metal like titanium that cannot be resized after purchase, you must know your ring size before buying the ring. Your local jeweler should be able to help you with this, or you can try some home-based methods to get the right size. 

There are also a variety of men's ring widths to consider. The average width for classic men’s wedding bands is 6 mm. Narrow bands are 2-4 mm, and wide bands are typically 8-10 mm. This is all based on personal preference, and it is worth it to go to a jewelry store to try rings on to determine what feels best for you. 

Decorative Designs for Men’s Rings 

Men's 14K White Gold Round Diamond Textured Wedding Band

While they don’t often carry the embellishments of women’s rings, classic men’s wedding bands can be decorative and distinctive. Men’s rings can have diamond accents, beveled edges, or bold finishes on the bad for a different look. A gold ring with a triangle design is both classic and distinguished, sure to make the wearer feel special.

Classic men’s wedding bands can be a unique piece of jewelry while maintaining their dignified profile. It is up to the bride and groom to work together to find the perfect band to celebrate their love.