Getting the Right Ring Size

Getting the Right Ring Size

Picking out a new ring is a thrilling experience. There is so much to consider — modern or classic, gold or platinum, one solitaire diamond or multiple gems. One equally important, yet less exciting, factor to consider is ring size. Whether purchasing for yourself or planning to present the ring on a bent knee, ring size must be considered.


How Should a Ring Fit?

Having the correct ring size is imperative for comfort and peace of mind. When investing in a ring, you want it to be secure enough to stay on the finger yet loose enough to slide over the knuckle with slight resistance.

Ring sizes in the United States are standardized and range on a scale including half and whole numbers. Women’s ring sizes typically fall between 3 to 9, and men’s rings range between 8 and 14.

While having a jeweler help you get the correct size is a safe way to ensure accuracy, there are a few methods for measuring your ring size at home.


3 Ways to Measure Ring Size

  • Measure with string
  • Measure with a ring you already own
  • Measure with a ring sizer


If you are between sizes, go with the larger size. This gives your finger room to swell in warm weather, and it is easier to size a ring down than to make it bigger.

After picking out the perfect ring and determining your ring size, it’s time to allow a jeweler to size the ring for a perfect fit. Make sure you are entrusting your jewelry to a quality jewelry repair professional so you can have confidence the job will be done well.


How Are Rings Resized?

Of course, ring sizes may fluctuate for many reasons. Resizing a ring to be smaller is typically an easy process, which includes cutting a portion of the band out and soldering the ring back together. Sizing a ring up can be a little more complicated, but a jeweler can often stretch the metal to make it larger.

While it’s best to return to the original jeweler, many professionals will be able and willing to resize your ring. Fink’s Jewelers’ onsite jewelry repairs are available regardless of where you purchased your ring.


Can All Rings Be Resized?

Most rings with standard bands made of typical materials such as platinum, silver, white gold, and gold are easily resized up or down a couple of sizes. Unfortunately, not all rings can be resized.

There are several reasons a jeweler may not be able to resize a ring, including:

  • Material such as titanium or tungsten
  • Intricate designs on the band
  • Size is either much larger or much smaller than desired

With a variety of rings on the market, it is best to purchase a ring at the correct size initially to avoid any issues. Getting as close as possible to a correct engagement ring size is especially important to avoid complicated ring resizing that could mean time without the ring you want to show off.


3 Ways to Covertly Get Her Engagement Ring Size

The engagement ring is a tradition that is centuries old. Engagement rings trace their history back to ancient Rome, and even the specific use of gold in jewelry has been found in the ruins of Pompeii. As old as the tradition is, each proposal is a treasured and unique moment for the special couple.

Even though a couple typically have an idea that they will get married before the proposal and often talk about the engagement ring, it is customary for the hopeful groom-to-be to present the ring as a surprise. This introduces a specific dilemma for many men — how do you get the correct engagement ring size?

Once everything else has been considered for the ring, it is time to go on a hunt for the engagement ring size. Here are three ways to find the size so that she can wear her ring with confidence immediately.


1. Borrow an Existing Ring

If your sweetheart already wears a ring, do your best to borrow the ring to have it sized. Be aware that for an accurate engagement ring size, you will want to make sure this is a ring she wears on her left ring finger since a ring size can vary between fingers and hands.

When taking the ring to a jeweler is not an option, find a piece of string and measure the circumference of the ring to guess the engagement ring size. Do your best to get an accurate measurement to ease the process.


2. Ask for Help from Friends and Family

If you cannot get an accurate engagement ring size yourself, it may be time to call in backup. Ask her roommate, friend, or family member to sneak away one of her rings to take to a jeweler and get sized.

If that is not an option, ask one of her friends to try on one of your girlfriend’s rings, or vice versa, to see if you can get a ballpark guess for her engagement ring size. While this likely won’t be accurate, it will help you get close to the correct size for her ring.

Her family may have purchased her a ring in the past. Ask her parents or grandparents for information if you know she has a treasured ring that was given to her as a gift.


3. Make It a Game

This might be another opportunity for your friends to get involved. If you enjoy games or trivia night, try to slip in a question leading to the engagement ring size. For example, you could have a friend mention that they heard that most people’s ring size is the same as their shoe size. While that’s not accurate, everyone could check to see if it is true, giving you the opportunity to get a true engagement ring size on the sly.

Once the ring is purchased, the proposal is executed, and the engagement is underway, visit a jeweler to make sure the engagement ring is indeed the right size. When you know beyond the shadow of a doubt you have the right ring size, you can confidently start looking through wedding bands to be prepared for the big day.