Quality Jewelry Repair: What You Should Know

Quality Jewelry Repair: What You Should Know

When it comes to jewelry repair, we all want the best care and service for our treasured pieces. From engagement rings to clasp replacements, finding a jeweler with the proper knowledge and skill is vital. Locating a trustworthy jeweler doesn’t need to be a daunting task, as long as you arm yourself with the right questions before handing over your items.

Important Questions to Ask About Jewelry Repair

Some of the most important questions you can ask each jeweler are:
  1. Will my jewelry be sent out for repairs?
  2. Are your jewelers and technicians qualified to handle my repairs?
  3. How can you guarantee my exact stones will be returned to me?

Will You Perform the Jewelry Repairs In-Store?

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It's important to know that many jewelers send out repairs instead of offering in-store services. Off-site repairs may account for additional wait time, as well as repair price increases.

Is the Jeweler or Technician Bench Certified?

Before you hand over your engagement ring or Rolex, it’s wise to ask if certifications are held by those performing your jewelry repairs. National standards are in place so you can feel confident about who you entrust with your fine jewelry. If a Bench Professional Certification Program nationally recognizes your jeweler, your jewelry is in good hands.

Can You Ensure My Stones Will Be the Same When I Pick Up My Repair?

Don’t be afraid to voice concerns over the authenticity of your jewelry. A reputable jeweler will want you to feel confident entrusting them with your engagement ring. Request to examine your stone’s defining characteristics under their microscope. You’ll find that a trustworthy jeweler will help you identify these characteristics both before and after your jewelry repairs.

Quality Jewelry Repair at Fink’s Jewelers

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Here at Fink’s, our highly qualified jewelry specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with exceptional repair services. We treat each timepiece, pendant, and gemstone as if it was our own and stand behind the quality of our work. Repairs come with a one-year satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

We believe in providing superior on-site repair services, even if your jewelry was purchased from another jeweler. Allow us to keep your jewelry piece so we may thoroughly inspect it. We are happy to provide you with an inspection and estimate for all your jewelry repair and service needs, including:

  • Necklace and bracelet clasp replacement or repairs
  • Necklace length extension
  • Watch battery replacement
  • Removing or adding watch links
  • Diamond and gemstone setting repairs
  • Ring sizing, cleaning, and polishing

Helpful Tips for Your Fine Jewelry

You can help extend the life and condition of your engagement ring and additional jewelry pieces by following a few simple tips.

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  • Bring your jewelry in for yearly inspections to ensure there are no loose stones or damaged prongs
  • Remove your jewelry before entering a hot tub or pool to keep it safe from harsh chemicals
  • Know the best way to store your jewelry pieces according to metal and stone

Our jewelry repair specialists are here to answer all your questions and provide you with exceptional repair services. Please stop by one of our many Fink’s Jewelers locations for quality work you can rely on.