Quality Jewelry Repair Service: The Questions You Should Be Asking

Trusted Jewelry Repair at Fink's Jewelers

Caring for your fine jewelry is not often something most of us think about until we need repairs. If and when that time does come, it's essential to entrust your precious valuables to a reputable jewelry repair store.

Your diamond ring or favorite David Yurman piece may be a celebratory gift, priceless family heirloom, or special treat to yourself. Nonetheless, you take exceptional care of your fine jewelry and should expect the same from any jewelry repair store you consider. Our jewelry repair service experts have gathered a list of questions you should always feel comfortable asking when searching for a trustworthy jeweler.

Why is High-Quality, Professional Jewelry Repair Service Essential?

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From routine cleanings to jewelry repair service, caring for your fine jewelry is essential to maintaining its value, keeping stones secure, and ensuring they remain a part of your jewelry collection for generations to come.

While it may seem that some repair needs can be managed on your own, we highly recommend taking your item to a professional jewelry repair store so that you don’t unknowingly cause more harm. A highly skilled jewelry repair service specialist is trained to care for and recognize the most minute details you may miss. 

Benefits of Entrusting Your Jewelry to a Jewelry Repair Store

  • your warranty remains valid
  • use of proper technology and tools
  • high-quality replacement parts
  • most luxury brands provide specialized training for repairs
  • no worries of lost pieces or accidental tool marks
  • professional cleaning is included
  • includes a thorough inspection of your jewelry piece
  • rigorous testing is performed upon jewelry repair service completion
  • your precious stones will retain their value

How Does a Jewelry Warranty Protect Your Investment?

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Maintaining the validity of your luxury jewelry piece's warranty is critical. Your purchase likely came with routine cleanings and inspections for your wedding ring, diamond stud earrings, birthstone pendant, or other precious jewelry accessories. Your original jeweler knows the importance of preventative care and is protecting your investment by offering you a valuable warranty. Returning for routine inspections prevents loose, chipped, or missing stones, broken prongs, and other mishaps that can be prevented.

If you should need jewelry repair services for your diamond tennis bracelet or sapphire ring, having followed the warranty guidelines will undoubtedly benefit you. It's important to familiarize yourself with your jewelry warranty, including options for seeking services at a jewelry repair store other than where it was initially purchased. This can help you avoid potential breaches in the warranty, such as parts that may potentially void your contract.

Questions to Ask a Jewelry Repair Store

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We want to help you feel confident you're entrusting your treasured valuables to a reliable jewelry repair store. Whether your bracelet clasp requires replacement or your halo engagement ring has a missing stone, finding a highly skilled jeweler is vital to ensuring your jewelry's value and integrity while providing peace of mind.

We understand that returning to your original jeweler for cleanings and jewelry repair service isn't always an ideal option. However, if you're faced with this situation, preparing a list of questions to ask a potential jewelry repair store will help you get a feel for who will be handling your jewelry, what to expect, and what their jewelry repair service team has to offer. After all, you wouldn't buy a ring without asking questions about the diamond, would you? 

We've compiled a list of questions we strongly recommend asking as you search for a fine jewelry repair store:

  1. Do you perform all jewelry repair services in-store?
  2. Are your jewelers and technicians qualified to handle the repairs I need?
  3. Will you provide a written quote?
  4. Do you use all high-quality replacement parts?
  5. Can you guarantee my gemstones will be returned after my repair?
  6. Will you perform testing before returning my jewelry?

Do You Perform All Jewelry Repair Services In-Store?

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You should never hesitate to ask if your jewelry repair services will be performed in-store or off-site. In fact, you may find many jewelers will send repairs out rather than performing them in-house. Some may not have a dedicated jewelry repair service team, while certain repairs may require your jewelry to be sent to the brand for additional parts and services.

Knowing and being comfortable with who will be attending to your jewelry is essential. If an off-site option does not rest well with you, continue your search. You may also want to keep in mind that off-site repairs may incur higher price estimates and additional wait time. Discussing these possibilities with the jewelry repair store in advance will keep you informed of their process.  

Are Your Jewelers and Technicians Qualified to Handle the Repairs I Need?

Fine jewelry repair services should be handled by bench-certified professionals. Many luxury brands require their authorized jewelry repair stores to complete rigorous training on techniques, instruments, and parts before performing repairs. If you own a luxury brand piece, inquire if the jewelry repair store is recognized as an authorized site with trained, trusted technicians.

National standards have been set to help you search for jewelry repair stores that are nationally recognized by a Bench Professional Certification Program. Feel free to ask to see a jeweler’s degrees, certificates, and memberships. A reputable jewelry repair store will gladly share this information with you.

Will You Provide a Written Quote?

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Before making your decision, ask for a written, detailed quote. Your jewelry repair store should provide a quote for all foreseeable costs. While additional repairs may be necessary after closer inspection, a written quote allows you to prepare for the possible costs.  

Do You Use All High-Quality Replacement Parts?

It’s important to ask about the replacement parts used for your repairs. What policies are set in place to ensure brand replacement parts are used in their repairs, as generic replacement parts may void your warranty and lessen its value. 

Can You Guarantee My Gemstones Will be Returned After My Repair?

Knowing your jewelry can help ensure the authenticity of your stones after any cleanings and repairs. When possible, take your diamond certificate with you. A trustworthy jeweler will be willing to help you identify your stone’s characteristics before and after your repairs for peace of mind.

Will Your Perform Testing Before Returning My Jewelry?

Highly skilled repair specialists are trained to know exactly how and what to test for after your repairs. They will ensure all work was done correctly and no additional areas of concern are detected.

Quality Jewelry Repair Service at Fink’s Jewelers

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At Fink’s, we pride ourselves on offering superior jewelry repair services. Our highly qualified repair specialists undergo rigorous training and have the skills and experience necessary to perform your fine jewelry repair services. We stand behind the quality of our work with a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Our on-site jewelry repair services are available for your Fink's purchases and jewelry you've purchased elsewhere. Enjoy a full inspection, cleaning, and estimates for any service needs. 

Our jewelry repair services include:

  • ring sizing
  • cleaning and polishing
  • setting and prong repairs
  • diamond and gemstone repair and repolishing
  • necklace and bracelet clasp repairs and replacements
  • necklace length extension
  • cleaning and repairs for timepieces
  • watch battery replacement
  • removing or adding watch links

We invite you to visit a Fink's location near you for all your jewelry repair service needs. Our highly qualified repair specialists are ready to answer all your questions and take care of your fine jewelry.