5 Must-See David Yurman Jewelry Pieces

woman posing at camera with head resting on hand wearing David Yurman bracelets on arm

If you're searching for the ideal gift for a loved one, the pressure can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing her size, taste, and what she already has in her collection is enough to make you stop and give your romantic gesture a second thought.

However, when you choose from the array of unique designs offered by designer David Yurman, you know you’ll gift an incredible keepsake far beyond traditional jewelry designs. We’ve put together our top five favorite jewelry pieces from this awe-inspiring designer to help you present her with an incredible gift! 

David Yurman: The Young, Upcoming Artist

David Yurman Bracelet with Blue Topaz and 14K Gold, Size Small

David’s passion for art began at a young age. In high school, David often sold his small sculptures in the school cafeteria.

His artistic goals took on new life when he met Cuban welder and sculptor Ernesto Gonzales. The artist took David under his wing and taught him the craft of metalwork. David was hooked. He began to spend all his time experimenting with various metal sculpture and jewelry creations, homing his new skills.

Following his high school graduation and a brief attendance at New York University, David decided to travel to California in pursuit of furthering his artistic dreams.

The rise of the Art Movement soon pulled David back to New York in the 1960s. He eagerly worked with Hans Van de Bovenkamp, known for his abstract sculptures of magnificent scale. It was there his life would change forever. 

The Love Story of David Yurman

Although the Yurmans grew up only a couple miles apart and mingled within the same circle of friends, they never seemed to meet. However, they would later come to find they had crossed paths.

David Yurman Pendant with Champagne Citrine, Diamonds and 18K Gold

During the '60s, David and Sybil traveled between New York and California while involved in the underground art world. Coincidentally, their first encounter was at a public bulletin board at a San Francisco bookstore. Both needed a place to stay and were there to leave posts searching for roommates or a friendly face that may also be in the area. Sybil recalls thinking, “We were really looking for each other—we just didn't know it."

David first laid eyes on Sybil when she entered his work to apply for a position. He admits doing a triple take and becoming instantly taken by her. Months after accepting the job at Van de Bovenkamp’s studio, Sybil asked David on a date.

The two began to share their passions for art, in awe of the other's work. They envisioned a collaboration of designing beautiful accessories together. Between David’s background as a sculptor and Sybil’s experience and passion for painting, the two dreamed of simply creating magnificent wearable art together.

After ten incredible years, they were to be married.

The First David Yurman Wedding Rings

David Yurman Châtelaine® Ring with Diamonds

On their way to a quick ceremony before an important meeting, they realized they hadn’t thought to purchase their wedding rings. So, rushing back to their studio home, David soldered two simple gold wedding bands for the special occasion.

Following the ceremony, they planned to gift each other the sale of their small business. But, unfortunately, it had begun to take time away from what they felt they loved most – being full-time artists.

After their wedding ceremony, the couple rushed to meet with their potential buyer.

While disappointed in the meager offer on their jewelry business, their wedding gift to each other went from selling the shop to embracing it.

Thirty-five years later, David designed what would become their first piece in the David Yurman Wedding Collection in honor of his wife and the new life they had built together. 

The Expansion of a Family Jewelry Business

By 2003, their son, Evan, joined the family business. A talented artist himself, the addition was a natural one, and his brilliant designs took David Yurman Men’s Line, High Jewelry, and Wedding Collections to new heights. Inspired by natural textures and avant-garde materials, he has made a phenomenal contribution to the brand. 

The Yurman Signature Style

David Yurman is well-known for his signature cable bracelet. It was first introduced in 1983 and remains one of his top sellers. The style of the cable bracelet incorporates a stunning double-helix of bold, winding ropes and finial end pieces. To this day, he often incorporates this trademark design into other jewelry creations offered to both men and women.

Yurman’s Groundbreaking Design

David Yurman S Pendant with Diamonds in Gold on Chain

David Yurman continued to experiment with his art through new jewelry creations. In 1997, he introduced sterling silver jewelry adorned with diamonds. David was the first prominent designer to set these precious stones in sterling silver. The cutting-edge technique created a transformation in the jewelry industry. 

Our Favorite David Yurman Pieces

It's tough to narrow down David Yurman’s exquisite jewelry line to our top five favorite pieces. However, his vision and execution of each creation are genuinely remarkable. From their Wedding Collection to timepieces, you will never go wrong with any selection you make.

Our team of jewelry experts has compiled our top five favorite David Yurman pieces to help you find the ideal gift for the special lady in your life. These beautiful items pair perfectly with any accessories she may currently have in her jewelry box. From casual dress to fine dining, she’ll be able to wear them for any occasion.

Our Top 5 David Yurman Designs

1. Initial Charm Pendant with Diamonds
2. Crossover Huggie Hoop Earrings
3. Lexington Chain Necklace in Silver, 18" Length
4. Crossover Ring with Diamonds
5. Bracelet with Blue Topaz and 14K Gold

Initial Charm Pendant with Diamonds

David Yurman’s Initial Charm Pendant is the perfect gift for any lady in your life. The 0.01 total carat weight diamonds are beautifully set in 18 karat yellow gold or sterling silver in your choice of initials.

The piece makes an ideal keepsake for various special occasions. You'll make it incredibly personal when you gift the delicate pendant to your daughter with her first initial. Or, surprise your wife with a push present representing your child’s name. The cord-embellished pendant also makes a beautiful gift for first-time grandmothers. The possibilities are endless, and the memories are priceless. Just imagine her smile as you place this beauty around her neck.

Crossover Huggie Hoop Earrings

David Yurman Crossover Huggie Hoop Earrings with 18K Yellow Gold

If you’re looking for a jewelry option that allows her to incorporate both gold and silver pieces from her current collection, we have just the gift! The Crossover Huggie Hoop Earrings are ideal for any woman’s style.

The gorgeous blend of sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold allow her to pair any piece she chooses to accessorize with. In addition, the signature rope cord design graces the huggie earrings, offering a unique look for her lobes.

They're perfect for throwing on daily because they go so well with everything in her closet! These huggie hoops are dainty enough in size for her casual outings and bold enough to draw the eye when worn with an up-do. 

Lexington Chain Necklace

Lexington Chain Necklace

We adore the Lexington Chain Necklace for its creative style, artistic flair, and splashes of signature David Yurman detail. Set in sterling silver, the Lexington Chain can offer a brilliant, bold statement or be worn as a casual companion.

The Lexington is an 18-inch beauty designed with various chain link sizes and styles. The elongated oval links to the Yurman cable rope draw the eye to any woman’s neckline. She’ll love opening this gift that shows you celebrate her with a piece as unique as she is.

She can wear this beautiful chain alone or with an enhancer. We recommend the Champagne Citrine pendant with Diamonds.

Crossover Ring with Diamonds

David Yurman Crossover Ring with Diamonds

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or Mother’s Day, the David Yurman Crossover Ring with Diamonds is a timeless piece she is sure to swoon over.

The Crossover Ring brilliantly incorporates David’s signature cable rope design, once again. The intricate detail adds texture and depth to the gorgeous ring without distracting from the stones or her engagement ring.

The stunning ring boasts 0.18 total carat weight pave diamonds set in sterling silver for an accentuated pop. It gives the illusion of several interwoven rings perched upon her finger and can quickly be taken from daytime to night.

Cable Bracelet with Blue Topaz

We've chosen the iconic sterling silver Cable Bracelet with Blue Topaz to complete our top five favorite David Yurman pieces. While this collection comes in various colors and every birthstone, we've chosen to highlight the topaz for its unparalleled beauty against the sterling silver signature rope.

David Yurman bracelets are an ideal gift to give if you’d like to incorporate her birthstone for added sentiment. We also love recommending gifting the Cable Bracelet as a celebratory push present with the baby's birthstone.

One feature we love about this creation is your option to choose a cable width. If your special lady prefers to make a bold statement with her accessories, we recommend selecting the 9mm or 10mm cable width for added appeal. On the other hand, if she has a dainty wrist or a subtle style, the bracelet is offered as thin as a 2.6mm cord. It’s the perfect jewelry gift for any woman you’re shopping for!

The gorgeous, intertwined helix is also available in 14 karat yellow gold.

The David Yurman Men’s Collection

David Yurman Large Box Chain Bracelet, 8.75" Length

After you’ve selected the perfect gift for her, we urge you to look at David’s incredible Men’s Collection. His brilliant designs make up some of the most unique men’s accessories in the industry. And you certainly deserve a bit of pampering yourself, don’t you agree?

We’ve put together a few of our best sellers from the David Yurman Men’s Line for you to consider. So, whether you're a rugged, outdoors adventurer or looking to accessorize your suit and tie, there is an array of options for you to discover from this talented designer.

David Yurman knows how to accessorize modern men's fashion. His designs prove he understands the desires of a man when it comes to pairing jewelry with casual or formal attire. His men's line incorporates many looks, from a unique, bold style to a subtle, casual nod to accessories. 

Large Box Chain Bracelet

Our male clients are drawn to David’s Large Box Chain Bracelet in all its sterling silver brilliance. The classic look is ideal for casual dress as well as boardroom savvy. The masculine box chain design is secured on your wrist with a lobster clasp for your peace of mind and added design.

David Yurman Charm Necklace

You may also enjoy the rest of David’s collection of box chain bracelets for men. The unique bracelet design is woven in three nylon cord color options. The silver chain of this variation adds flare to the casual appeal of the colored cord. 

Men’s Charm Necklace

If you’ve ever thought about pairing a chain with your wardrobe, the Yurman Men’s Charm Necklace is all the reason you need! This darkened stainless steel chain is brilliantly designed with you in mind. In box chain fashion, the dark metal pops against the circular silver charm. We dare you to find another piece as clever or attractive as this chain.   

Men’s Cable Classic Band Ring

The signature cable look is not just for women to enjoy! There are plenty of options in the Men’s Collection for pairing her cable accessories with yours. The Cable Classic Ring is the perfect example of modern style paired with intricate detail.

The inlaid 18 karat yellow gold cable design is nestled in the center of the sterling silver band. While it makes a great wedding ring, it's the perfect jewelry addition to your collection for any finger.

Caring for Your David Yurman Jewelry Collection

David Yurman Cable Classic Ring with 18K Gold

Proper care for your jewelry is essential to its longevity. Every piece in the Yurman collection is an investment we want to ensure stays pristine. So, we've compiled a few helpful care tips to ensure your jewelry is well cared for.

Caring for Your Metal

Gently wipe away any dust or debris with a soft polishing cloth. If you notice any signs of tarnish, use a mild, diluted soap. Rinse your item under warm water and ensure you dry it thoroughly. We recommend storing your David Yurman pieces in their original jewelry pouch when not in use.

Caring for Your Gemstones

Use a gentle cloth to remove dust or debris that has collected on or around your gemstones. Use a mild, diluted soap mixture to remove any lotions or additional buildup that remains with warm water. Rinse your jewelry well and dry thoroughly. Store your jewelry in its original pouch.

Give your special someone a unique design, such as a David Yurman monogram necklace or David Yurman stacked bracelets for all your special occasions.