Embracing Men’s Engagement Rings

Embracing Men’s Engagement Rings

The world of dating and wedding traditions has continued to evolve, including the ever-growing popularity of men’s engagement rings. Now more than ever, men are embracing jewelry, and sleek platinum or gold engagement rings are no different.

From classic to trendy, there are an array of men’s wedding ring styles perfectly suited to meet his taste. Our engagement ring experts have put together a helpful guide to assist as you venture out on your search for the ideal men’s engagement band.

Are Men Wearing Engagement Rings?

14K White Gold Textured Wedding Band

While men’s engagement rings are certainly not a new concept, they are most definitely on the rise. Between women’s and same-gender proposals, one study showed that up to 49% of males are saying yes as they proudly slip on a stunning modern men’s engagement ring. As more men gravitate towards fashion trends and men’s jewelry accents, it was only a matter of time before we saw more gentlemen announcing their commitment with a finely crafted men’s engagement band. 

What is a “Man-Gagement Ring?”

The term “man-gagement ring” is said to have been coined by jewelers in an attempt to hype up the trend of men’s engagement rings. Regardless of where it started, the “man-gagement ring” signifies his acceptance of a proposal and is worn on the left-hand ring finger. No longer is it just the women who have the privilege of showing off a radiant diamond engagement ring. And men are no longer limited to waiting for a wedding band when they exchange their vows. 

Men’s Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Band

8mm Tungsten Carbine Black Sapphire Band with Satin Bright Finish

While you may be asking yourself how a men’s engagement ring is any different from his wedding band, you aren’t alone. Think of a men’s engagement ring as being similar to a woman’s. His modern engagement band is typically more of a statement ring with a bit of sparkle to show off his recent engagement. Just as hers will boast a beautifully cut diamond for all to admire, his may entail diamonds or gemstones set within the band or a single diamond men’s wedding ring.

But there are no rules set in stone with today’s modern men’s engagement rings. From the style to pairing it with his wedding band, the choice is his. He may want a band that boasts a sleek, modern look, like a tungsten black engagement ring. Or your outdoor adventurer may be drawn to a unique band with a nature-inspired zebra wood inlay. Whatever his taste may be, stunning engagement rings aren’t just for the ladies anymore. 

How Have Modern Men’s Engagement Rings Evolved?

8mm Tungsten Wedding Band with Zebra Wood Inlay

While women first wore their engagement rings centuries ago to signify ownership, times have changed. The engagement ring became a symbol of love, connection, and partnership. The modern men’s engagement ring has moved the needle yet another monumental step to symbolize equality and has continued to grow into a trendy and widely accepted tradition that men are honored to take part in. 

Is the Men’s Engagement Ring a Trend or Here to Stay?

While it’s hard to predict, it’s certainly become an embraced tradition by many men over the last several years. And we all know how influential celebrities can be when it comes to…well…everything. As we continue to spot more male celebrities, like Ed Sheeran, announcing they’re taken with a classic silver band, it may be safe to assume many more will follow in their footsteps with a diamond-encrusted band or subtle yellow gold men’s engagement ring.

Tips for Selecting His Engagement Ring

If you’re shopping for the special man in your life, we don’t want you feeling overwhelmed. This should be a time filled with excitement and lasting memories, so our engagement ring experts have put together some helpful tips for selecting his modern engagement band.

Some of our best tips for choosing the ideal men’s engagement ring include:

  1. think about his style
  2. choose a metal
  3. personalize it for him

Consider His Style

Coordinating a ring with his current collection of men’s jewelry is ideal. While his engagement ring doesn’t have to pair perfectly with his other accessories, many men today have embraced modern fashion trends and enjoy dressing and accessorizing in style.

Choose a Men’s Engagement Ring Metal

Tungsten Hammer Finish Flat Edge Wedding Band

Next, select a metal that complements his jewelry or wardrobe. From sleek black men’s engagement rings to a classic gold engagement band, we have an incredible selection of men’s engagement rings for you to consider.

If he’s not much for accessorizing, select the band’s metal that best complements his skin tone or lifestyle. Active hands may be best suited for tungsten, which can withstand outdoor adventures and daily bumps and scratches. From stunning tungsten black men’s engagement rings to two-toned espresso and black tungsten, you’ll find the perfect ring that will stand the test of time. 

Add a Personal Touch

You will never regret adding a personal touch to your significant other’s engagement ring. From engraving a sentimental date or quote to a unique custom design, the options are limitless.

Our custom design team is honored to help you turn your vision of a men’s engagement ring into a reality! From idea to beautifully packaged ring, our custom design team will be with you through the entire experience. He’ll always treasure the thought and efforts you put into creating a one-of-a-kind engagement ring to express your love and commitment.

Does a Men’s Engagement Ring Replace His Wedding Band?

8mm Black Tungsten Carbide Comfort Fit Wedding Band

The decision to replace his engagement ring is completely up to him. While some men choose to transition their stylish gold men’s engagement ring into their wedding band, others embrace the tradition women follow and stack their engagement ring and wedding band.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity for couples to select matching wedding bands to signify their eternal bond and commitment to each other. If this is an intriguing option for you and your man, consider the various width options of both bands before making your final selections. You’ll ensure you’re happy with the comfort and style before the big day.

We’d love to help you in your search for the perfect engagement ring. Whether he’s drawn to the classic styles or an edgy, modern men’s engagement ring, our exquisite collection of bands awaits you at Fink’s Jewelers.