Selecting the Ideal Gold Men’s Wedding Band

Selecting the Ideal Gold Men’s Wedding Band

Your engagement is a momentous event. While there are endless preparations to make before your big day, you shouldn’t put off selecting your men’s wedding ring. When it comes to your forever ring, there are several considerations to make.

We recommend starting the search early, from selecting the ideal gold men's wedding band to pairing additional men’s jewelry options. Our men’s jewelry experts have put together a guide to help make your shopping for the ideal men’s wedding ring an enjoyable experience. 

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Men's Wedding Ring?

Men's Filigree Engraved Gold Wedding Band

While shopping for men's jewelry may seem straightforward, there are several considerations to make as you shop for the ideal men’s wedding ring. While appearance is often subjective, comfort is undoubtedly vital. Our men’s jewelry specialists recommend focusing on four key components as you search for the perfect men’s ring.

The key components of a men’s wedding ring include:

  • band width
  • profile
  • metal choice
  • durability

Why is Men's Wedding Band Width Important?

The width of your men’s wedding ring is imperative for your overall comfort. Not only does the selection of your band's width affect appeal, but band width can determine the ring's comfort and functionality, too.

Most men’s wedding rings range from 4mm to 8mm. Thin rings will generally be lighter in weight and easier on the pocket. Also, thin men's rings look great on shorter, more stout fingers. Conversely, medium to wide band widths tend to look better perched upon larger or longer men’s fingers. But ultimately, it all comes down to preference and comfort.

What is a Ring Profile, and Why is it Important?

Triton Men's Tungsten Smooth Edge Wedding Band

A men's wedding ring’s profile refers to the outer shape of its surface. The ring's profile adds appeal but may also affect its comfort. There are four general ring profiles to consider while browsing for your ideal men's ring. Our men's jewelry experts highly recommend trying each profile so you may test the comfort of each men's wedding ring for yourself.

The basic men's wedding ring profiles to consider include:

  • flat ring
  • classic court
  • D-shaped
  • flat court

The flat ring is designed with a flat interior and exterior. A classic court is the most traditional men's wedding ring design with its round interior and exterior. The D-shaped ring has a flat inner surface with a thin, round exterior. A flat-court profile offers a flat exterior surface with a comfortable rounded interior. The flat court men's wedding ring profile is quite popular, as it offers both the latest style and incredible comfort.

What Metal Choices are Best for Men’s Wedding Rings?

14K White Gold Round Diamond Textured Wedding Band

Although the traditional men's gold wedding band is still a beloved choice, several metal options are available for you to consider. The variety of men’s ring metals we now see has become as vast as the metals found in women's jewelry. Today’s men are fashion-forward and have a keen eye for men's jewelry design beyond the traditional men's gold wedding band.

Our men's jewelry experts want to ensure you have considered all options when it comes time to choose the men’s ring metal for your band. When pairing metal with your wardrobe or men's jewelry and accessories already in your collection, you should be aware of all your options and how they affect a men's wedding ring differently.  

At Fink’s, our men's jewelry experts recommend prioritizing men’s ring metal durability high on your list, as many factors may demand a men’s wedding band that withstands a bit of daily wear and tear. For example, if you're an avid rock climber and plan to keep your ring on while exploring, we recommend tungsten, stainless steel, or titanium metals over a gold men's wedding band. These durable men’s ring metals are known to take a beating and will withstand your grand adventures, a rough day on the job, or daily bumps and scratches more easily. 

If your preference for men’s ring metal comes down to appearance rather than a need for durability, there are many eye-catching metals to select from. Two-toned rings are highly sought-after and complement wardrobes and accessories well. For example, the contrast of a white and yellow gold men’s wedding band is quite stunning and often preferred by those who have a mixture of men's jewelry metals already in their collection. 

Why is the Durability of Men's Wedding Rings Important? 

14K Yellow Gold Flat Bevel Edge Engraved Band

As you select the metal of your men's wedding ring, you should also consider its durability, as the two are closely linked. As with the needs of your lifestyle, hobbies, and daily physical duties, the overall durability of your ring may be a high priority. This will be your forever ring, so selecting a men's ring that will stand the test of time and suit your needs is essential.

You'll want to select a ring that holds up under strenuous conditions and can take a beating with little worry. If you are drawn to men's jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, durability is a must. A durable men's wedding ring will secure the integrity of your stones.

Why Select a Gold Men’s Wedding Band?

While there are several metal options for your wedding ring, the gold men’s wedding band is a classic and all-time favorite amongst grooms-to-be. The traditional gold men’s wedding band symbolizes fidelity and has always been a cherished men’s jewelry piece. Our men's jewelry experts love recommending gold men’s wedding bands because they are easy to pair with most men's jewelry pieces, including bracelets and cufflinks.

Favorite Men's Wedding Bands

Our jewelry experts are always eager to help you find the ideal men’s ring. They've compiled a list to help give you ideas as you shop for your ring.

Our favorite men's wedding rings include:

The Filigree Engraved Gold Men's Wedding Band is a stunning two-tone gold ring. The band offers beautiful detail without the worry of stones in the design. It's ideal if your active lifestyle may include daily bumps and scratches. Stones may loosen or chip over time, so if you're one to put off proper care and maintenance, this gold men's wedding band may suit all your needs. 

Fink's Men's 6mm 14K Yellow Gold Engraved Wedding Band

Still, we suggest a channel-set band for active hands if you have your eye on diamonds. A diamond channel-set white gold men's wedding band keeps your diamonds nestled and protected within the band's groove. This particular design keeps your diamonds more secure, as they remain flush with the band’s shank for safety and optimal light exposure.

Looking for a classic style? Our 6mm Engraved Gold Men's Wedding Band offers beautifully polished and brushed detail. You'll love the modern twist on a traditional style for your forever ring.

If you're ready to find your perfect wedding band, we invite you to visit our jewelry experts today.