Your Guide to the Best Diamond Jewelry Gifts

Diamond Jewelry at Fink's Jewelers

No matter what special occasion you may be celebrating, you’ll never go wrong with a stunning diamond jewelry gift. From elegant diamond necklace gifts to diamond stud earrings, you can always warm the heart of the special lady on your list by adding to her jewelry collection.

If you’re not quite sure what may catch her eye, we’d love to offer our expertise! We’ve put together this little diamond jewelry gift guide to help steer you in the right direction. As the leading experts in all things sparkly, we know you’ll find something that’s just as breathtaking as she is.

How to Select Diamond Jewelry Gift Styles She’ll Adore

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Medium Partway Diamond Bracelet

If you’re shopping for the perfect diamond jewelry gift but are unsure what her heart may desire, we have a few helpful suggestions to make your shopping easier. Keep in mind; most diamond jewelry gifts will be worn on full display. So, choose the dazzling diamond bracelet gift or sparkling cocktail ring you feel will complement her taste. While she’s sure to fall in love with any gift she opens, take a moment to consider what her style may be.           

When she wears accessories, take note of helpful signs to guide you towards her style preferences, such as:

  • precious metals
  • diamond shapes and sizes
  • length of necklace chains
  • clothing styles and colors

The 4C’s of Diamonds

We highly recommend getting to know a bit about each of the 4C's and how they can impact your diamond jewelry gift's quality, performance, and price. The 4C’s of a diamond help ensure you’re purchasing a high-quality diamond. The 4C’s were put in place to offer a reliable way to evaluate and grade the quality of each stone through rigorous evaluations across the jewelry industry. And don’t ever hesitate to ask your jeweler to view a Diamond’s Grading Report for additional information.

The 4C’s of a Diamond include:

  • cut
  • color
  • carat
  • clarity 

Why Give the Perfect Diamond Necklace Gift?

Whether she dresses up or spends most of her time in casual attire, diamond necklace gifts pair well with anything! A diamond necklace gift is one of the most versatile jewelry pieces you can surprise her with. In addition, she'll be able to pair her new diamond jewelry gift with countless accessories she already has in her collection. Take a look at a few of our favorite choices for your special lady.

Bezel Diamond Necklace Gifts

Roberto Coin Diamonds by the Inch 18K White Gold Diamond Bezel Pendant Necklace

You can never go wrong gifting a diamond pendant like the beautiful Roberto Coin Diamonds by the Inch 18K White Gold Diamond Bezel Pendant Necklace. The dainty .10cttw stone is the perfect accent around her delicate neckline and can easily be worn while she’s running errands or running a board meeting. The classic open-style setting allows the stone to shine brilliantly as light floods the diamond.

Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Consider an all-time classic with a solitaire diamond necklace gift. This beauty is always a best-seller, whether she loves white gold or yellow gold settings. The solitaire pendant displays a single stone and pairs perfectly with any attire on any occasion.

Diamond Choker Necklace

14K White Gold Round Diamond Choker Necklace

If you want to impress the woman in your life, consider a gorgeous tennis bracelet-styled diamond necklace gift. Our Sable Collection Round Diamond Choker is breathtaking, with a setting that adds a subtle hint of sparkle. The .74cttw white diamonds are exquisite and would pair perfectly with a tennis diamond bracelet gift! The choker style is designed to be worn with a snug fit around her neck, but we offer a longer tennis necklace, too.

Selecting the Perfect Diamond Earring Gift

Choosing the ideal diamond earring gift for your special someone is an attractive option if you're not quite sure what she currently has in her jewelry collection. Of course, a pair of studs always makes an exceptional diamond earring gift. While you really can’t go wrong with your selection, we do have a few helpful tips as you narrow down your search for the perfect diamond earrings. 

Get an idea of the type of earrings she prefers by noticing her preferences for:

  • diamond shape
  • earring length
  • metal preferences

Selecting the Shape of Her Diamond Earrings

Sabel Collection Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings

Like all diamond jewelry gifts, diamond stud earrings come in various beautiful shapes. If she hasn’t dropped any hints on her stone shape preference, take a peek through her jewelry box, pay attention to what she wears, or enlist the help of friends and family. If you’d rather play it safe, select a simple stud or diamond huggie that she can easily pair with anything. We always recommend selecting the two most popular diamond shapes when giving diamond jewelry gifts like earrings.

The two most popular diamond shapes for earrings include:

  • the round brilliant diamond
  • the princess-cut diamond

Round Brilliant Diamond Earrings

The round brilliant stone will always be the top choice for diamond stud earrings. The round shape is known for magnifying its scintillation, brightness, and fire. So we urge you to peek at our Sable Collection White Gold Diamond Cluster Earrings. This beautiful pair uses a cluster of round diamonds set in a floral setting to amplify the .71cttw stones. She’ll love how simple it is to take the look of her diamond earrings from grocery shopping to a night on the town!

Princess-Cut Diamond Earrings

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Round, Baguette, and Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings
Princess-cut diamond stud earrings remain a best seller, as the square cut boosts the appearance of the stone’s size, making it appear larger than its natural carat weight. Even their incredible sparkle can be attributed to their facet arrangement. They pair perfectly with any diamond bracelet gift you may have your eye on too. 


Selecting the Precious Metal for Her Diamond Earring Gift

Choosing the setting for her diamond earrings includes a bit more than just preference. There are a couple of things to consider before making your diamond jewelry gift purchase.

Before choosing her diamond studs, attempt to gather information such as:

  • preferred metal color
  • weight preferences or sensitivities
  • possible metal allergies 

Selecting the Perfect Diamond Bracelet Gift

There are a variety of bangles and diamond bracelet gifts she’s sure to swoon over. Today, it is quite common to see various bracelets and bangles stacked, mixed and matched, and changed as often as her outfit or outing. These factors make gifting diamond bracelets an ideal choice!

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K White Gold Diamond and Ruby Bangle

Whether your lady prefers a subtle style or elegant bracelets adorning her wrist, we have many diamond bracelet gifts for you to consider. 

Some of our favorite diamond bracelet gifts include:

A stunning design by Robert Coin, the White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle is ideal for fine dining and formal holiday parties. This diamond bracelet gift boasts just under 2.0cttw of white diamonds designed to turn heads.

We also love the White Gold Medium Partway Diamond Bracelet. It makes a wonderful diamond bracelet gift for casual, everyday wear, yet can be dressed up in a heartbeat for a night on the town, showing off the intricate details of the bracelet’s chain.

If you’re ready to find something unique to surprise her with, we’d love to help you select her new diamond pendant or bracelet gift.