Why You Should Consider Yellow Gold Jewelry

Woman Wearing Yellow Gold Rings and Bracelets

One of the most challenging things about shopping for jewelry is knowing what type of metal to choose. If you're not sure what to go for, you should consider yellow gold jewelry. Gold is a metal found on every continent in the world. It has always been treasured for its natural radiance and beauty. You should pick up some yellow gold jewelry if you don't have any in your collection.

History of Yellow Gold

Panthère de Cartier Medium Yellow Gold Watch

Yellow gold is a stunning metal made of pure gold mixed with other metals like copper and zinc. This type of gold has been around for ages; there have been particles discovered in Paleolithic caves that date as far back as 40,000 B.C. The first confirmed evidence of humans interacting with gold appeared around 3,000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Gold was a significant part of ancient Egyptian mythology and was highly valued by temple priests and pharaohs. When pharaohs passed on, their tombs were even laden with vast amounts of gold since the Egyptians believed it meant they would have it in the afterlife.

Gold continued to be a significant part of society as the world evolved. Early civilians associated gold with rulers and gods. People sought after it in their name and dedicated it to their glorification. Yellow gold was also commonly used to make objects for worshiping or to decorate particular religious locations.

Other ancient societies that would use yellow gold are:

  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Lydia

In ancient Turkey, well-connected and influential people possessed gold. In ancient Greece, gold was also a symbol of wealth. Gold started being used as money in Lydia, which is now part of Turkey. Merchants would measure the gold and use it to create money because of how easily it could be formed, melted, and measured.

Treasure chest full of gold jewelry

Since yellow gold has always been a symbol of wealth and class, it's no wonder so many people used to (and still do) love it for their jewelry. Each era of history coined its own trends for jewelry, but each has maintained the use of gold through the years. It has been used to create jewelry for many centuries. Historically, yellow gold was even the most popular metal for wedding jewelry due to its durability.

Incredible Qualities of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has a rich history, and its qualities of the past still reign true today. Something to keep in mind about all kinds of gold is that they don’t rust, tarnish, or corrode, and won't lose their color over time. Yellow gold, in particular, is the easiest to maintain out of all gold types. It's also the most hypoallergenic of all the golds. Not to mention, it's the purest color of gold you can find.

Any yellow gold jewelry item is guaranteed to be durable and valuable because gold is built to withstand the trials of time with proper wear and care. This type of gold is excellent for making custom jewelry, as it is malleable and easy for jewelers to manipulate. Yellow gold jewelry looks beautiful on every skin tone but is especially complementary to olive and darker skin.

Best Yellow Gold Jewelry at Fink's

If the ancient Greeks and Egyptians adored yellow gold so much, you obviously need some too. Fink's has a vast collection of yellow gold jewelry to fit everyone's unique needs and preferences. We have all types of accessories so you can get your yellow gold fix, including:

  • yellow gold earrings
  • bracelets
  • yellow gold necklaces
  • rings with yellow gold 

Yellow Gold Earrings

Perfect Gold Petite Oval Hoop Earrings

Yellow gold is the obvious choice if you're on the hunt for a new pair of earrings. As mentioned before, it's the most hypoallergenic of all the golds. You won't have to worry about your ears being itchy, red, or irritated after a few hours of wearing them. Yellow gold gives off a classic, vintage vibe that will go amazingly with any outfit. You can dress them up or down depending on what type of look you're going for.

The Roberto Coin Perfect Gold Hoops are a must-have. Hoops give a touch of class without being too over-the-top. These petite oval hoops are made with 14K yellow gold. They measure 25mm x 15mm. These earrings are durable and will stay in your collection for years to come. If you can't resist the urge to add these to your cart, all of our jewelry is available to be shipped for free! 


If you love the yellow gold earrings, of course, you need a bracelet to match. Bracelets are the perfect effortless accessory that will elevate every look. Yellow gold bracelets are elegant for every occasion. You can wear them with different colored bracelets for a fun, layered look, or wear one on its own to spice up your classy dinner outfit.

Bezel Set Diamond Bangle

The Sabel Collection round bangle is one of our favorite yellow gold jewelry pieces. It gestures 1.00cttw bezel set diamonds from the Fink's Jewelers Sabel Collection. If you want to know more before investing in a diamond bracelet, check out our top questions to ask before purchasing a diamond. The decorative diamond bezel and yellow gold band complement each other beautifully in this bracelet. Plus, they'll go perfectly with those Roberto Coin hoops! 

Yellow Gold Necklaces

Now, you're officially on track to have an entire collection of yellow gold jewelry. When you've found a stunning pair of earrings and the perfect bracelet, why not add a necklace to match? Yellow gold is a spectacular choice for chains due to its pure color and complementary tones. Having a touch of gorgeous yellow gold across your neck will make everyone jealous of your jewelry game.

Diamonds by the Inch 5 Station Necklace

One of our favorite yellow gold necklaces is the Roberto Coin five-station necklace. It comes from the Roberto Coin Diamonds By The Inch collection and is made of stunning 18K yellow gold. The necklace features five diamond stations that are approximately .23cttw. The diamonds make the necklace pop in a way that won't overpower your day-to-day outfits. You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion.

Men can be included in the yellow gold jewelry action too! Classic chains are a must-have in any men's jewelry collection. One of the most popular chains at Fink's is the Sabel Collection 14K yellow gold chain. It's a diamond cut light wheat chain necklace and weighs a total of 11.00 grams. The necklace measures 3.2mm wide and 24" in length. 

Rings with Yellow Gold

As previously mentioned, yellow gold used to be the most popular type of gold for engagement and wedding rings. Today, you can still find plenty of breathtaking yellow gold wedding jewelry on Fink's. Yellow gold gives off the classic, vintage vibe that so many people love. If you're ready to pop the question, consider yellow gold when you're engagement ring shopping.

Halo Engagement Ring

One of our favorite engagement rings is the Fink's Exclusive 14K yellow gold ring. It features an elegant .40ct round diamond center stone. The center stone is surrounded by .33cttw diamond halo and pave diamond shank accents. The ring is H-I in color with S12 in clarity. If you think your future bride would love this ring, you can order it online in sizes four to eight. Just like all our engagement rings, this one is backed by the Fink's Jewelers Lifetime Guarantee.

We hope this guide to all things yellow gold jewelry has convinced you to add some to your collection. With all of yellow gold's incredible qualities, you can be sure the pieces will last a long time. You can bring all the classic, vintage vibes into your wardrobe when you shop from the Fink's yellow gold collection. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Just because yellow gold jewelry isn't your typical choice doesn't mean you can't rock it!