Selecting an Irresistible Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Selecting an Irresistible Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Whether searching for a stunning jewelry gift for a special occasion or treating yourself to a bit of wrist appeal, there's nothing more luxurious than the sparkle of a diamond tennis bracelet. From a bold statement piece to a dainty, everyday accessory, the women’s tennis bracelet offers sophistication and style to suit any occasion. We'd love to share our expertise as you embark on your diamond tennis bracelet journey.

What is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

14K White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The iconic diamond tennis bracelet is flexible yet delicate, featuring close-set diamonds or other precious stones. The gemstones are typically mounted in a channel setting for optimal beauty and protection. The women’s tennis bracelet is designed with side-by-side gemstones that beautifully encircle her wrist, creating an elegant look worn day or night.

Women’s tennis bracelets are set in various precious metals, including gold, platinum, and silver. The classic diamond tennis bracelet boasts dazzling round stones and is hailed for its awe-inspiring sparkle. From white gold tennis bracelets to rich yellow gold tennis bracelets, women marvel at the sight of a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet that makes an intriguing statement piece.

The stones used in tennis bracelets can vary significantly in size, shape, and color. The most popular stones in tennis bracelets are diamonds, but other gemstones, such as sapphires and rubies, can also be used.

The elegant design of a women’s tennis bracelet makes it a timeless piece of wrist candy that can be worn with various outfits and styles. So, a white or yellow gold tennis bracelet is a classic choice, whether you're dressing up for a special night out or simply want to add sparkle to your everyday look.

How Did the Diamond Tennis Bracelet Trend Begin?

Yellow Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Women’s tennis bracelets are elegant pieces of jewelry that have been around for decades. Diamond tennis bracelets had captivated the world since the 1920s when women began wearing diamond bracelets to complement their evening gowns.

By the late ‘70s, the term “tennis bracelets” was well known after professional tennis player Chris Evert’s infamous pause of a match in search of her fallen bracelet. Chris was known to sport this delicate diamond tennis bracelet during each match, forever linking her to the jewelry.

However, it was not until the 1980s that the tennis bracelet became a popular accessory for everyday wear. Catching the eye and hearts of ladies worldwide, the women’s tennis bracelet, once referred to as an eternity bracelet, became a sought-after luxury.

Selecting the Ideal Women’s Tennis Bracelet

18K White Gold Round Diamond Zig-Zag Tennis Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is the ideal luxury jewelry piece to give to the special lady in your life. They have become a staple in the jewelry world and are adored by all. A lovely gold tennis bracelet can commemorate any special occasion, from a milestone anniversary to a heartfelt gift for your mother.

Tennis bracelets are also a popular choice for heirloom jewelry. They can be passed down from generation to generation as a symbol of family history and tradition. When choosing a tennis bracelet as an heirloom piece, it's essential to consider the quality and craftsmanship of the bracelet to ensure its longevity. So, how do you possibly choose between all the remarkable choices?

As you consider your diamond tennis bracelet options, don’t hesitate to ask your jeweler for advice. They will be happy to educate you on the 4C’s of a Diamond and answer any questions.

Our team of fine jewelry experts would like to help make your women’s tennis bracelet shopping an enjoyable experience. From clasps and length to determining the type of gold tennis bracelet you prefer, you can trust Fink's Jewelers to help you select a diamond tennis bracelet that fits all your wants and needs.

While you shop for your tennis bracelet, consider the following:

  • diamond shape
  • your lifestyle
  • length and durability
  • metal options

Consider Diamond Shape

14K White Gold Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

You’ll find diamond tennis bracelets in various stone-shaped options, but don't feel overwhelmed. Think about the jewelry in your current collection. Women will often gravitate towards the same diamond shape they have in other jewelry pieces.

If you’re gifting a gold tennis bracelet, allow us to make a few recommendations. A princess-cut or brilliant round diamond remains the most widely selected shape for women’s tennis bracelets. While either makes an incredible gift for her, selecting a diamond shape that pairs well with the jewelry you’ve noticed she wear is always a safe choice.

Consider Your Lifestyle

A high-quality bracelet should always offer a secure clasp to ensure your women’s tennis bracelet is well protected. A sturdy claw clasp or a double-locking clasp can ensure your investment remains secure on your wrist. This is particularly important if you have an active, outdoor lifestyle or work with your hands often.

Consider the Length and Durability

It helps to compare the lengths and durability of the gold tennis bracelets you are considering. If you plan to wear your diamonds daily, select a length that isn’t likely to get caught as you take care of your regular activities. It will also help to evaluate the metal and width of your bracelet, being mindful of bumps, snags, and scratches it may encounter. 

Consider Metal Options

While selecting the perfect gold tennis bracelet for yourself is more effortless, choosing between white and yellow gold tennis bracelets may be more difficult when giving a gift. If you’re not quite sure of her preferences, here are a few helpful things to consider.

When selecting a yellow or white gold tennis bracelet, consider the following:
  • the precious metal she typically tends to wear
  • her skin tone
  • the color of clothing she gravitates towards

Our Favorite Gold Tennis Bracelets

Round Diamond Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet

Before you head off to gaze at an array of sparkling bracelets, we'd love to share a few favorites.

For the woman who adores the richness of yellow gold, our Sabel Collection offers a divine Round Diamond Gold Tennis Bracelet. With 4-prong settings, it gives the appearance of princess-cut stones, making it incredibly versatile with all her jewelry styles.

White gold jewelry lovers will fall for our 3-prong set White Gold Tennis Bracelet. From afar, this beauty almost appears to have heart-shaped diamonds, giving a sweet yet sophisticated look around the wrist.

If you’d like to consider a tennis bracelet that’s slightly more unique in style, you must take a peek at our Zig-Zag Tennis Bracelet. Nothing short of a conversation starter, this amazing design will delight any woman, drawing the eye to her wrist from anywhere in the room!

Pamper yourself or the special lady in your life. We invite you to visit our tennis bracelet experts at a Fink’s near you.