Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide

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Whether you’re celebrating your first year of marriage or your 50th, we’d like to congratulate you on your upcoming anniversary. We often have husbands stop in seeking our help in finding the ideal jewelry anniversary gift. While gifting anniversary gifts by year of marriage has been a time-honored tradition, it doesn’t always make shopping for her anniversary gift easier.

Our jewelry gift experts have put together this helpful jewelry anniversary gift guide every husband needs. Whether you’re planning to follow the traditional anniversary gift by year or select an exquisite naturally mined diamond for an engagement ring upgrade, we’re here to help.  

How Did the Traditional Anniversary Gift by Year List Begin?

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Three Row Ring

During the Victorian era, when gift-giving accompanied the onset of the “love match,” the traditional anniversary gift-by-year list developed. The lavish gifts became a token of congratulations for accomplishing another year of marriage. With each year, the traditional anniversary gifts grew in significance and investment, while the marriage was expected to strengthen and grow.

What is the Modern Anniversary Gift by Year List?

Over time, there became a desire to modernize the traditional anniversary gift by year list. While following original tradition is still honored by many married couples, the modern updates to the traditional anniversary gifts provide more practicality to couples today.

The modern anniversary gift by year list shares refreshing gifting suggestions and guidelines. It offers greater possibilities for gifting more meaningful items that fit the modern couples of today.

The modern guide offers suggestions, including:

  • colors
  • gemstones
  • materials
  • themes

Anniversary Gifts by Year and Our Favorite Jewelry Gift Recommendations

Here at Fink’s Jewelers, we pride ourselves on being experts in jewelry anniversary gift-giving. We’ve put together some of our favorite jewelry gifts for you to consider as you browse the list of anniversary gifts by year.

The 1st Anniversary Gift

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Emerald and Diamond Clover Dangle Earrings

Congratulations on your first year as a married couple. Celebrating your one-year anniversary is a special time, and she deserves a special jewelry gift from the heart. Paper is the traditional anniversary gift of the first year. It represents the delicate state of a couple’s first year of marriage.

While it is still quite popular, the modern twist to the first-year gift is a clock. A clock symbolizes your time together as newlyweds. Clocks also represent the years of happiness you have to look forward to.  

The first year can also be celebrated with the precious metal, gold. Gold jewelry anniversary gifts are a timeless option. We recommend a stunning gold diamond bangle or gold chain bracelet to celebrate your first anniversary. If you’re unsure which she’d prefer, don’t worry, our jewelry gift experts are happy to share the differences between bangles and bracelets to ensure she loves your choice.

If you decide to head in a different direction, the first year’s colors are yellow and gold and may help guide you down the path of the ideal gift.

2nd Anniversary Gift

Sabel Collection 14K Rose Gold Cushion Garnet and Round Diamond Ring

Celebrating the intertwining of your lives is this year’s gift theme. Red is the color that represents your second year of marriage.

Red is ideal for year 2, as it represents:

  • love
  • passion
  • power

While cotton was the traditional second-year anniversary gift, symbolizing flexibility and connection, China became the modern choice on the list. China symbolizes a relationship that is strong yet still in a new, delicate stage. China also reflects the strengths and weaknesses couples learn they have.

If a jewelry anniversary gift is what you have in mind, a red garnet is the designated gemstone for year two. We suggest a stunning Rose Gold and Garnet Diamond Ring to slip on her finger.

3rd Anniversary Gift

For your third year, rather than the traditional leather anniversary gift, select a glass or crystal item to symbolize the beauty of your marriage. The colors for year three are white and jade and would be lovely to incorporate with your gift.

Or consider a pearl jewelry anniversary gift. The pearl signifies the layers of your relationship you have worked to build together. A breathtaking pearl necklace is always a classic staple in a woman’s collection. Choose from a variety of necklaces to suit her neckline. It will make a wonderful jewelry gift for your third year together.  

4th Anniversary Gift

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Cushion Cut Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

Forgo the traditional fruit and flowers this year and gift a modern suggestion of an appliance. While it may not seem romantic, it is certainly practical. The suggestion represents the sturdiness in your relationship and acknowledges you’re settling into a stable pattern.

While blue and green are the chosen colors for your fourth year, blue topaz will make an incredible jewelry anniversary gift. From a Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring to finding the perfect pair of stud earrings, they’re sure to light up her eyes the moment she opens her jewelry gift.

5th Anniversary Gift

Traditionally, on the anniversary gift by year list, wood symbolizes the marriage’s fifth year for its strength and endurance. Today, you can celebrate year five with a beautiful sapphire jewelry anniversary gift that it just as stunning as she is.

We have many favorite sapphire jewelry gifts we love to recommend. Our 14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Three Row Ring makes the perfect jewelry anniversary present. The dazzling band is quite hard to resist! Or consider placing an Oval and Diamond Triple Drop Pendant around her neckline to celebrate your years together.

10th Anniversary Gift

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Let us congratulate you on 10 wonderful years of marriage! The traditional gift for a 10th anniversary gift is a diamond, the perfect way to celebrate is with diamond jewelry.  Surprise her by slipping an 18K White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet on her wrist. Or consider a uniquely designed Platinum Marquise and Round Diamond Double Anniversary Band to celebrate the last decade together.

The diamond makes the perfect 10th jewelry anniversary gift, symbolizing durability and resilience. We encourage all our husband shoppers to forego the traditional anniversary gift by year for this momentous occasion, as tin and aluminum gifts have nothing on diamonds!

15th Anniversary Gift

Crystal is listed as the traditional 15th anniversary gift by year. Crystal represents strength and clarity and is quite fitting of your years together. Today’s modern anniversary gift by year list embraces the color red and gorgeous ruby gemstones.

We know her eyes will light up when she opens a sparkling Pear Shape Ruby with Diamond Pendant set in 14K white gold. It will pair perfectly with her diamond stud earrings you may have gifted her on your 10th anniversary.  

20th Anniversary Gift

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Your 20 years together deserve a grand celebration. Rather than China, the traditional gift on the anniversary gifts by year list, present her with an unforgettable platinum jewelry gift to celebrate your two decades of marriage. Consider upgrading her wedding ring to a stunning Platinum Pear Shape Diamond Halo Ring. Each naturally mined diamond has passed our rigorous inspection for superiority, so you know you’re gifting her the very best.

If the two of you enjoy elegant evenings out, may we suggest a diamond necklace that will turn heads as she enters the room? Our Sabel Collection White Gold Graduated Diamond Necklace is a must-see. Your wife will fall in love and be quite impressed with your choice of jewelry anniversary gifts.

If you prefer to give your wife a jewelry anniversary gift other than diamonds, emeralds are also on the modern jewelry gift list for your 20th. Emeralds are associated with Venus, the goddess of love, making it quite fitting it should be such a commemorative anniversary gift.

If you’re hoping to find a jewelry gift that makes this year extra special, our selection of emerald jewelry anniversary pieces is incredible. Our favorite emerald jewelry gift is a vintage-style earring she will cherish. Our Sable Collection’s White Gold Oval Emerald and Diamond Dangle Earrings are beautifully set in white gold and accented by round, white diamonds.  

If your wife prefers a more subtle accessory for her lobes, we recommend our dazzling pair of Diamond and Emerald Huggie Earrings. Whether you’re dining out or spending the afternoon running errands, these emerald huggies are ideal for everyday wear. 

25th Anniversary Gift

IPPOLITA Cherish Sterling Silver Link Chain Necklace

In keeping with the traditional anniversary gift list, the 25th year of marriage remains the silver anniversary. Silver represents your precious years together, full of radiance and strength. 

Gift your wife with a jewelry anniversary present she can wear anywhere! The IPPOLITA Cherish Sterling Silver Link Chain Necklace boasts beauty and versatility that makes it the ideal addition to any collection. Add a pair of matching earrings, and her jewelry anniversary present is taken care of this year!

30th Anniversary Gift

Pearls and diamonds appear once again to celebrate 30 years of marriage. You’re sure to win her approval with either jewelry gift you choose for this year’s anniversary.

This year’s color happens to be green, so may we suggest a beautiful Three-Stone Ring with both diamonds and emeralds to celebrate this milestone? Representing the strength of your relationship’s past, present, and future, this three-stone ring is the perfect way to show her how much your marriage means.

35th Anniversary Gift

Sabel Gold 18K Yellow Gold Link Bracelet

Both jade and coral remain on the traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year lists. Either will make a stunning jewelry gift to add to her collection. We suggest a sophisticated 18K Yellow Gold Link Bracelet to pair with all her coral and jade jewelry pieces. 

40th Anniversary Gift

Forty incredible years can be celebrated with a gorgeous red ruby jewelry gift. The gemstone remains on both the traditional and modern lists, symbolizing your eternal love. Our favorite pick for 40 wonderful years is a 14K White Gold Oval Ruby and Diamond Bracelet. It is simply breathtaking, and we know she will cherish it almost as much as she does you!

45th Anniversary Gift

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo Dangle Earrings

Blue sapphires return for your 45th anniversary celebration, symbolizing the longevity of your sacred bond. Watch her eyes light up as she unveils a sparkling pair of White Gold Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo Earrings. They’ll dangle beautifully from her lobes and pair perfectly with diamond jewelry anniversary gifts from the past.

If she prefers necklaces, the Sapphire and Diamond Pear Shape Pendant is sure to melt her heart. Draped around her neckline, this beauty will be a treasured piece in her collection.   

50th Anniversary Gift

This is such an amazing milestone to celebrate, and we want to help you find the ultimate jewelry gift! For your 50th, the stunning emerald remains on the modern and traditional lists.

Consider emerald jewelry in:

  • rings
  • necklaces
  • earrings

Our Sabel Collection Platinum Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring is the favorite of many. Once you set eyes on the exquisite 6.81 ct center stone, it’s hard to look away. This captivating jewelry gift is sure to leave her speechless.

Alternatively, if you’d like to gift her something other than emeralds this year, alexandrite is the gemstone for 50 years together. This unique stone has the ability to change color according to various lighting situations.

60th Anniversary Gift 

Fink's Exclusive Platinum Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

We want to congratulate you on your 60 years of marriage. As we conclude with the 60th-anniversary gift, it’s only fitting it is the diamond. This year’s diamond jewelry anniversary gift should be as incredible as your 60 years together.

One of our favorite recommendations for this momentous year is our Fink’s Exclusive Platinum Round Diamond Halo Ring. Whether you gift it as an upgrade or simply an addition to her collection, it is a ring that says it all! With a stunning double shank and round diamond embellishments, she’s sure to be amazed.

If the love of your life prefers a beautiful diamond bracelet to adorn her wrist, we suggest the alternating Round and Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet. This gorgeous jewelry piece is set in white gold, enhancing the sparkle of the stones.

No matter which anniversary you’re celebrating this year, selecting the ideal jewelry gift doesn’t have to be challenging. Our anniversary gift experts are here to help husbands like yourself find the perfect gift that expresses how much you cherish your years together. We invite you to come in and explore our incredible selection of jewelry anniversary gifts!