Your Milestone 30th Anniversary: Lavish Her with Lustrous Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Necklace with M Initial Laying in Jewelry Box

Thirty years of living side-by-side, growing together, and loving each other — this is definitely an anniversary to be celebrated in a big way. In fact, the 30th wedding anniversary is one of the “milestone” anniversaries. Since you have reached such an incredible marker in your relationship, why not lavish your bride with some scintillating pearl jewelry?

After all, pearls represent the traditional anniversary gift for the 30th anniversary. From alluring pearl earrings to glamorous pearl necklaces, our pearl jewelry selection at Fink’s Jewelers offers the perfect, gorgeous gift option to celebrate your 30 years of love, commitment, and dedication.

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts

Mikimoto Akoya A+ 6.5mm Pearl Station Chain Necklace

After being married for 30 years, you are no stranger to shopping for anniversary gifts. But after all these years together, you may be starting to struggle with gift ideas. The traditional or modern anniversary gift guide is a great resource to inspire and guide your gift choice.

This guide outlines the traditional (or modern) gifts, flowers, colors, and gemstones for each wedding anniversary. This tradition of themed gifts goes back to medieval times, although it did not gain widespread popularity until Victorian times. The idea behind the themed gifts is that with each year, your marriage grows stronger, and consequently, so do the materials of the traditional gifts or the value of the modern gifts — such as precious pearl jewelry to commemorate 30 sweet years together.

This list shows the traditional (first item) and modern (second item) gifts for each major anniversary, from your first to your 60th.

List of Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year:

  • 1st: Paper, Clocks
  • 2nd: Cotton, China
  • 3rd: Leather, Crystal/Glass
  • 4th: Fruit/Flowers, Appliances
  • 5th: Wood, Silverware
  • 6th: Iron, Wood Objects
  • 7th: Copper/Wool, Desk Sets
  • 8th: Bronze/Pottery, Linen/Lace
  • 9th: Willow/Pottery, Leather
  • 10th: Aluminum/Tin, Diamond Jewelry
  • 15th: Crystal, Watches
  • 20th: China, Platinum
  • 25th: Sterling Silver (both traditional and modern)
  • 30th: Pearl, Diamond
  • 35th: Coral, Jade
  • 40th: Ruby (both)
  • 45th: Sapphire (both)
  • 50th: Gold (both)
  • 55th: Emerald (both)
  • 60th: Diamond (both)

The History of Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Mikimoto Pearls in Motion Yellow Gold Pearl Necklace with Diamonds

We know the tradition of giving themed anniversary gifts has been around for a long time, but when and where did it start? It is thought that the ancient Romans or medieval Germans gave gifts to commemorate their wedding anniversaries, but there is no definite proof. But by the 18th century, there was evidence of special anniversary gift-giving in Germany.

By the 19th-century Victorian era, the exchanging of gifts became popular as the “love match” became the norm rather than arranged marriages. There began to be an emphasis on building love and commitment in these marriages of people’s choosing; thus, the practice of giving gifts grew. Going by traditional gender roles, many believed that the wife, in particular, should be celebrated for her contribution to reaching milestones in marriage, and gifts for the wife were one way to acknowledge her hard work.

By the late 1800s, several written accounts mentioned specific gifts for wedding anniversaries, but it was not until the 20th century that the comprehensive yearly wedding anniversary gift list was compiled (although it was still varied). The American National Retail Jewelers Association published its modern gift guide interpretation in 1937.

What Are Milestone Anniversaries?

Mikimoto Black South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings with Diamonds

Although every anniversary year is an accomplishment that should be celebrated, some years are marked as bigger occasions to reach than others. These milestone wedding anniversaries demonstrate a strong, prosperous marriage. Milestone anniversaries happen every five years from the beginning of your marriage until your 30th anniversary and then switch to every 10 years — although many couples also have a big celebration for the achievement of their very first anniversary. 

The Major Milestone Anniversary Years:

  • 5th Anniversary
  • 10th Anniversary
  • 15th Anniversary
  • 20th Anniversary
  • 25th Anniversary
  • 30th Anniversary
  • 40th Anniversary
  • 50th Anniversary
  • 60th Anniversary 

The Milestone 30th Anniversary: Celebrate with Pearl Jewelry

Mikimoto 18K Yellow Gold Akoya Pearl Oval Earrings

A 30th anniversary is an important milestone anniversary, and only about 26 percent of all marriages last that long. In fact, marriages that last longer than 30 years have the lowest divorce rates. For this major accomplishment, a gift of pearl earrings or a necklace is fitting, as pearls have been a highly valued gemstone for thousands of years.

For 30 years of marriage, the traditional gift is pearl, the modern gift is diamond, the color is green, the flower is a lily, and the gemstone is, of course, a pearl. With the traditional and modern gifts being pearls and diamonds, pearl jewelry is an easy and excellent choice for your 30th anniversary gift. Pearls represent the hidden beauty of a long relationship with inward maturity, and diamonds embody strength, endurance, and beauty —both of these stones are befitting a 30-year union.

Pearls are also the birthstone for the month of June. If your bride was born in June (or you were married in June!), how much more special and symbolic would a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace be for your 30th anniversary celebration? We think she would be touched by your thoughtfulness and the significance of a pearl jewelry gift. 

What Is a Pearl?

Mikimoto Akoya Pearl 8 Station Chain Bracelet

A pearl is a hard mass formed by a mollusk, specifically of the same material (nacre or mother-of-pearl) as the mollusk’s shell. Pearls are highly valued gemstones that are often used for pearl jewelry; for instance, by drilling small holes into the stone and stringing it into a pearl necklace.

Pearls are characterized by their luster, translucence, and orient (a delicate play of their surface color). A pearl’s value is determined by its shape (the rounder, the better) and depth of luster. Fine pearls are produced by mollusks that contain mother-of-pearl, such as certain species of saltwater oysters and freshwater clams.

Pearl colors depend on the mollusk type and its environment, and colors can range in variations of white, cream, gray, blue, yellow, lavender, rose, green, mauve, and black. Pearls also range in size from small seed pearls to large baroque pearls. The vast variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of these gemstones make them perfect for use in pearl jewelry — the possibilities are endless in pearl earrings, necklaces, rings, and more!

Natural vs. Cultured Pearls

LAGOS Caviar Icon Pearl Gold Station Bead Bracelet

You may have heard the terms “natural” and “cultured” in relation to pearl jewelry, but what does it mean? Simply put, natural pearls are formed in mollusks without any human assistance, and cultured pearls are developed with human intervention and care. Today, most mollusks used for pearls are raised for the specific purpose of growing cultured pearls for jewelry items such as pearl earrings or necklaces.

The Main Types of Cultured Pearls:

Akoya cultured pearls: Typically, white- or cream-colored saltwater pearls from Japan and China

South Sea cultured pearls: Typically white, silver, or golden large saltwater pearls from Australia, Indonesia, or the Philippines

Tahitian cultured pearls: Typically gray, black, or brown saltwater pearls from French Polynesia (including Tahiti)

Freshwater cultured pearls: One of the most common and popular pearl types (due to the wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors); typically cultured in freshwater lakes or ponds (with the leading source being China)

What Does Pearl Jewelry Symbolize?

Woman wearing delicate pearl necklace

It’s no wonder that everyone is familiar with pearl jewelry — the pearl is one of the most popular gems worldwide. Because of their beauty and elegance, they can perfectly pair with other gemstones or stand beautifully on their own in pearl necklaces or other jewelry. And due to their organic origins, pearls are intrinsically different from other popular gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

A round pearl obviously looks like the moon, so unsurprisingly, pearls have been linked to the moon. The moon is also traditionally associated with water, which is another link to pearls and their origin. In Western cultures, the pearl is linked to the planet Venus, and this goddess of love also came from the sea.

As natural pearls are rare and valuable, pearl jewelry is also associated with wealth and prosperity. Pearl jewelry certainly evokes a sense of wealth, grace, and dignity when worn. Pearls can also represent innocence, honesty, divinity, and wisdom; while golden pearls are thought to bring luck and prosperity, white pearls are thought to bring fertility. 

9 Lustrous Pearl Jewelry Gifts Perfect for Your Anniversary:

  1. Pearl necklace with diamonds
  2. Station pearl necklace
  3. Golden pearl necklace
  4. Stud pearl earrings
  5. Black pearl earrings with diamonds
  6. Oval pearl earrings
  7. Pearl ring with diamond halo
  8. Station pearl bracelet
  9. Pearl and gold bracelet 

A Luxe Pearl Necklace with Diamonds

Mikimoto 18K White Gold Akoya 7mm Pearl and Diamond Pendant

This solitaire pearl necklace with diamonds is a standalone sensation. If she craves simplicity and sparkle, this pearl necklace will be the perfect piece for her. With glistening 18K white gold as the backdrop, the 7mm pearl surrounded by sparkling diamonds makes just the right statement.

A Radiant Station Pearl Necklace

Simple but never boring, this station chain pearl necklace gives just the right touch of class to any outfit. Available in white or yellow gold, this elegant pearl necklace will look as beautiful paired with a simple button-down shirt as it would with a little black dress. This graceful, radiant pearl necklace makes a thoughtful, classic anniversary gift. 

A Luminous Golden Pearl Necklace

This stunning Golden South Sea pearl necklace is definitely not your grandmother’s pearl necklace. Unique and daring, this golden pearl necklace with diamonds and yellow gold makes a gorgeous piece of pearl jewelry. If she loves to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, this luxe necklace is a great choice for your 30th anniversary gift to her.

Iridescent Pearl Earring Studs

14K Yellow Gold 12-13mm White Ming Pearl Stud Earrings

A good pair of pearl studs is a classic staple in any woman’s wardrobe, and these white Ming pearl earring studs would make a gorgeous upgrade. The glistening white pearls measure 12-13mm, giving these large pearl earring studs a dramatic flair. Classic and eye-catching, these brilliant pearl earrings won’t be missed by anyone when she wears them. 

Gleaming Black Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

For an elegant twist on the classic pearl earring studs, gift your wife with these dazzling black pearl earrings with diamonds. The 9mm Black South Sea pearls pair beautifully with accent diamonds and white gold. These black pearl earrings will make a great new staple in her jewelry collection. 

Glistening Oval Pearl Earrings

These yellow gold oval pearl earrings are an artful departure from the traditional pearl studs. The graceful drop pearl earrings feature a glossy 6.2mm pearl set inside graceful, 18K yellow gold ovals. This set makes a different and stylish pair of pearl earrings that she would be delighted to receive as a 30th anniversary gift.  

A Shimmering Pearl Ring with Diamond Halo

Sabel Collection Birthstone and Diamond Halo Ring

A ring makes an excellent commemorative anniversary gift, and this pearl ring with diamond halo is no exception. Although this glittering pearl ring could also serve as a June birthstone ring, it also works as a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry befitting a 30th anniversary celebration. She is sure to smile whenever she looks down at her hand with this pearl ring and thinks of your 30 happy years together. 

A Shining Station Chain Pearl Bracelet

This gleaming pearl station chain bracelet would look beautiful on her wrist! Available in white or yellow gold, this lovely piece of pearl jewelry features eight 6-6.5mm pearls around the chain. The bracelet would also make a stunning matching gift set with the station pearl necklace mentioned above.

A Brilliant Pearl Bracelet with Gold

This classic pearl bracelet includes an 18K gold Caviar beaded station to give it a unique look. Proving that pearl jewelry is anything but boring and stuffy, this pearl bracelet looks traditional and modern at the same time. It can also be styled with other bracelets for a fun, layered look.

Find the Perfect Pearl Jewelry at Fink’s

Pearl ring and necklace on pink silk fabric

If you need additional help in choosing the perfect 30th anniversary gift for your sweetheart, do not hesitate to reach out and make an appointment at Fink’s Jewelers. Our staff is professional and friendly and can assist you in finding a gorgeous piece of pearl jewelry that will captivate your bride of 30 years. We look forward to showing you our gorgeous selection of fine pearls at Fink’s!

Congratulations again on 30 thriving years of a loving marriage. You have achieved what many people haven’t, and your love and devotion to one another is truly a thing to be honored and celebrated. Spoil your wife and show her the appreciation she deserves with lustrous pearl jewelry from Fink’s.