Celebrate Your 40th Anniversary with Ruby Jewelry Gifts

Celebrate Your 40th Anniversary with Ruby Jewelry Gifts

Let us be the first to congratulate you for being well on your way to half a century as a married couple. It's an incredible reason to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. For your 40th anniversary, it's all about stunning ruby jewelry gifts.

Whether you usually choose from the traditional or modern anniversary gifts list, a glamorous red ruby gemstone is the name of the game when it comes to celebrating four decades together. Our fine jewelry experts are excited to help you celebrate this milestone by finding the ideal 40th-anniversary gifts for the love of your life.

The Tradition of Anniversary Gifts Explained

White Gold Oval and Ruby Diamond Cluster Pendant

The tradition of themed anniversary gifts by year can be traced back to medieval times. However, it began to gain widespread popularity in the Victorian era. Honoring each year with a symbolic gift was adopted by cultures across the globe. When the traditional anniversary gift list was compiled, the value of each year's gift was meant to increase over time to reflect the significance of the years the couple has been married.

How Did the Traditional List of Anniversary Gifts by Year Begin?

Gift-giving during the Victorian era marked the onset of what's known as the “love match.” The practice of giving lavish anniversary gifts became a way to congratulate couples for achieving another year of marriage. With each passing year, the marriage was expected to flourish and strengthen while the anniversary gifts grew both in investment and meaning. 

How Did the Modern List of Anniversary Gifts by Year Begin?

Yellow Gold Baguette Ruby and Diamond Huggie Earrings

The desire to modernize the traditional anniversary gift list grew as time passed. While many did not want to stray too far from time-honored tradition, the modernization of the list provided more practicality for the married couples of today. The traditional anniversary list is still very much alive and honored by many, while the modern recommendations offer an expansion of choices for each year’s anniversary gifts.

The updated list of anniversary gifts was published in 1937 by the American National Retail Jewelers Association. This innovative modern anniversary gift guide by year provides refreshing alternatives to the honorary gifting suggestions. With the expansion of gift ideas comes more possibilities for meaningful tokens of love that better suit today's modern couples. 

The current list of anniversary gifts offers suggestions, including gifts by:

  • theme
  • colors
  • materials
  • gemstones

What is the Designated 40th-Anniversary Gift?

14K White Gold Round Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings

The ruby is designated as the 40th-anniversary gift on both the traditional and modern gift guides. The stunning gemstone, also known as the July birthstone, makes a gorgeous ruby jewelry gift for many special occasions. From ruby necklaces to captivating red ruby earrings, you'll have an incredible selection of ruby jewelry gifts to suit your significant other's taste.

What Does the Ruby Symbolize?

After 40 wonderful years of marriage, surprise your significant other with a ruby jewelry gift that holds an array of meanings, from passion to power. The ruby often symbolizes the eternal love a couple shares together while also representing good fortune and courage.

The ruby gemstone also represents:

  • protection
  • love
  • nobility
  • happiness
  • power
  • wealth
  • raw emotion
  • life
  • prosperity

The allure of ruby jewelry gifts spans across regions, religions, and generations. Rubies are elegant, timeless gemstones that light up every woman who wears them. From lavish ruby rings to striking ruby bracelets and bangles, they're sure to elicit admiration.

Why are Rubies Red?

14K White Gold Oval Ruby and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

These precious gemstones can vary in color from a pink hue to a deep reddish-purple color. The name ruby also originates from the Latin word "ruber," which means "red."

The ruby is part of the corundum family. While the rock-forming mineral contains traces of titanium, vanadium, iron, and chromium, chromium is the element that gives a ruby its beautiful red color.

The gorgeous deep hues of a ruby jewelry gift will enchant her the moment she opens it. Its red color is enhanced through traces of chloronium, while the most sought-after rubies have a rich, almost blood-red tone. Deeper, darker shades of red mean there is more chromium in them. These precious rubies come from Mogok Valley, Burma, and make the ideal ruby jewelry gifts.

How to Select the Ideal Ruby Jewelry Gift

From the richest red hues to vibrant scarlet, you can pair a fabulous ruby jewelry gift with dinner for two and long-stem red roses. But how do you select the perfect ruby necklace or bangle? Our fine jewelry experts have put together a few helpful tips to guide you through the process of choosing your 40th-anniversary ruby jewelry gifts.

As you begin your search for your significant other's ruby jewelry gift, it's essential to consider who you're buying for. What jewelry pieces does she currently have in her collection? What style does she prefer? Would she prefer a bold ruby ring on her finger or a delicate diamond and ruby necklace to grace her neck? You may also want to consider if she'd prefer a piece she can wear daily or one she can pull out just for special occasions.

Ruby Jewelry Gift Styles to Consider

David Yurman's 18k yellow gold open ruby bracelet

Jewelry is a traditional way to show your love and for her to express her unique style. From subtle to extravagant, you’ll love the extensive collection of ruby jewelry gifts we have to offer, including some that are exclusive to Fink’s. We’re happy to help you find an incredibly designed jewelry piece that exudes classic elegance. She’s sure to fall in love with any of our ruby bracelets and necklaces, whether you select a daily-wear piece or a special standout gift for her jewelry collection.

Ruby jewelry gifts to consider:

  • ruby necklace
  • ruby earrings
  • ruby bracelets or bangles
  • ruby rings

Ruby Necklaces

Sabel Ruby and Diamond Eternity Necklace

There’s nothing quite as exquisite as a dazzling ruby necklace draped around a woman’s neckline. The rich red hue is captivating and will set her apart from everyone in the room. Thank her for 40 blissful years with the ultimate anniversary gift she’ll cherish forever.

We suggest a precious ruby necklace from our Sabel Collection for the dainty at heart. Our White Gold Oval and Ruby Diamond Cluster Pendant is the ideal anniversary gift to adorn her neck day or night.

If you're looking for a statement necklace that will leave a lasting impression, surprise her with our Sabel Ruby and Diamond Eternity Necklace. You’ll surround her with alternating diamond and ruby gemstones that will always remind her of your 40th celebration together.

Ruby Earrings

Consider a pair of ruby earrings as her anniversary gift this year. A versatile jewelry piece for all occasions, ruby earrings can add a hint of color or make a bold statement with any outfit.

A stunning pair of ruby earrings is a fantastic way to celebrate your milestone 40th anniversary. From ruby huggies and hoops to diamond-encrusted halo stud ruby earrings, she’ll feel glamorous wearing gemstones that will take any look from daytime to a night out.

Ruby Bracelets and Bangles

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K White Gold Diamond and Ruby Bangle

If she loves a bit of arm candy, stacking bracelets and bangles are the perfect way to go. Always in fashion, mixing and matching allows her the opportunity to collect designs and styles she loves and create her own look. Ruby bracelets and bangles of any metal or design can be paired with her current collection and added to in the future.

The Roberto Coin Love in Verona diamond and ruby bangle is a versatile must-see. The delicate design is perfect for any look she's going for. Every piece in his collection offers style, sophistication, and a hint of playfulness, ideal for stacking or worn alone.

David Yurman's 18k yellow gold open ruby bracelet is one of our favorites. Dainty when worn alone and perfect for stacking on her arm, with this bracelet, you certainly can't go wrong. The finely twisted cable, pave diamonds, and beautiful rubies make a divine anniversary gift. 

Ruby Rings and Anniversary Bands

While we certainly love a stunning ruby statement ring, we urge you to take a peek at our ruby band collection. Celebrating your life together with a commemorative ruby anniversary band can make this year’s celebration extra special. Mark this particular milestone year with a stunning ruby anniversary band she can pair with her wedding rings or wear alone.

Anniversary Band Styles

18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band

Our ruby anniversary bands range in styles to suit your sweetheart’s taste. Sprinkled with beautiful diamonds and deep red gems, you’ll find round, rectangular, and princess cut stones to select from.

A channel set ruby anniversary band is stunning set in white gold, while multi-shaped stones offer unique appeal. And if she has a particularly vibrant personality, why not present her with a multi-colored bezel set band to help her express her style?

Is an Anniversary Band Different from a Wedding Band?

You may be wondering if an anniversary band is simply a wedding band. But there are actually a few differences between the two. Considering a band as her anniversary gift, you may want to note a few factors that set them apart.

The traditional ring placement is the most obvious difference between a wedding and an anniversary band. While she wears her wedding band on her left hand and ring finger, she can proudly display her ruby anniversary ring on any finger she chooses.  

Many women prefer to pair a thinner, lower profile wedding band with their engagement ring. Typically, a less ornate band is selected so it won’t overpower her forever ring. And we certainly can’t blame her! A lot of time and effort goes into finding the ideal engagement ring.

On the other hand, an anniversary band can stand on its own, being as lavish as you’d like. We’re sure she’ll love unveiling a ruby band with limitless options to stack or wear alone.

Why Consider a Fink's Custom Anniversary Band

White Gold Oval Ruby and Round Diamond Halo Ring

Customizing a ruby anniversary band may sound a bit overwhelming, but we promise to make it a memorable experience for the both of you! From concept to completion, our experienced custom jewelers will be with you each step of the way to ensure you surprise her with the ultimate 40th-anniversary gift.

There are many reasons to consider a custom ruby jewelry gift this year. Perhaps you’ve searched endlessly and just can’t find the piece you know will capture her heart. Or, you may know of a particular style of jewelry she’s been eyeing and want to replicate it with a symbolic 40th-anniversary ruby. Incorporating an heirloom jewelry piece is an excellent reason for seeking out a skilled custom jewelry design team. No matter what your reasons, it's the perfect way to personalize her ruby jewelry gift and turn it into the ultimate keepsake!

Creating Your Ruby Jewelry Gift

Our design process involves several steps that our certified jeweler and design team will walk you through. You'll be guided through the entire process, and we encourage you to ask questions, from selecting the right diamond to choosing the precious metal for her band.

At Fink’s, we’re always honored to help couples commemorate such an accomplished and cherished moment in their lives. Even if you’d like to customize a different ruby jewelry gift, we’re here to help make your vision come to life. From ruby earrings to necklaces, our custom experts know the importance of providing you with suggestions, guidance, and education during the entire process.

How Long Will My Custom Ruby Jewelry Gift Take?

14K Yellow Gold Rainbow Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Bezel Set Ring

If your 40th anniversary is just around the corner, we invite you to come in as soon as possible. Keep in mind the custom process does take time. We recommend giving yourself at least a couple of weeks to work with our designers and ensure we create your perfect ruby jewelry gift.

Why is a Qualified Custom Design Jeweler Vital?

A highly qualified custom jeweler and design team will help you turn your ideas from concept to perfection while guaranteeing their craftsmanship. You want a jewelry team you can trust and one that will let your vision lead the creative process. Make sure you feel comfortable expressing your ideas and concerns while asking all your questions along the way.

As your milestone anniversary approaches, we invite you to stop by one of our Fink’s locations to see our lavish collection of ruby jewelry gifts. Our family-owned business would be honored to help you commemorate your 40th anniversary by helping you find a ruby anniversary gift that truly represents the special bond you share.