Rubies - The July Birthstone Guide

Ruby rings from Fink's Jewelers

Ruby red slippers were the statement piece of choice for Dorothy. However, you don't need a tinman, scarecrow, or lion to help you pick out the perfect piece of ruby birthstone jewelry for the woman you love.

The allure of rubies has spanned across religions, regions, and generations. Rubies are the official July Birthstone; they’re timeless, elegant gemstones that elicit compliments and admiration due to their striking beauty.

What Gives Rubies Their Red Color?

18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Flower Dangle Earrings

The name ruby originates from the Latin word "ruber," meaning "red," as these precious gems can vary in color from a pinkish shade to a deep purplish-red color.

Along with sapphire, the September birthstone, rubies are part of the mineral corundum family. This rock-forming mineral contains traces of iron, titanium, vanadium, and chromium. Chromium is the element that gives rubies their red color; the more chromium, the deeper and darker the shade of red.

What are the 5 Cardinal Gemstones?

  • amethyst
  • diamonds
  • emeralds
  • rubies
  • sapphires

The five cardinal gemstones were valued above all other stones because of their obvious beauty and their prominence in religious and cultural traditions. In addition, rubies are the second-hardest stone, coming in second only to diamonds.

When to Gift Ruby Birthstone Jewelry?

Sabel Collection Platinum Thai Ruby and Diamond Collar Necklace

Ruby birthstone jewelry makes amazing gifts to give year-round. So, if the one you love has a July birthday, ruby birthstone jewelry doesn't have to be reserved for birthdays alone. Rubies are gorgeous stones that can be given for any holiday or to let her know you still find her captivating.

The ruby also signifies the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. The deep, romantic red ruby represents everything from wealth and prosperity to happiness and passion. Anniversary bands are typically worn on the right ring finger and can be given at any milestone anniversary because every year is worth celebrating.

Prosperity, passion, and happiness are what you strive to obtain every day with the one you love. It can be found in the small moments of making her coffee before she wakes up or the big ones like planning the trip she's always wanted to go on.

Selecting the Perfect Ruby Birthstone Jewelry Gift

The vibrant scarlet hues of rubies are the perfect way to symbolize the burning desires you have for your lover. Rubies pair perfectly with roses, champagne, or breakfast in bed. Ruby birthstone jewelry is effortlessly statement-making on its own while also an ideal gemstone to pair with diamonds.

When selecting a ruby birthstone jewelry gift, it's important to consider who you are buying for. Do you want a bold piece of wearable art or a more subdued and graceful piece? Is this July birthstone gift intended to add to her daily jewelry routine, meant to be worn for special occasions, or both?

Ruby Birthstone Jewelry as a Signature Style Piece

Sabel Collection 18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

While rubies boast a bold red color, when worn as jewelry pieces, they have the ability to work as neutrals. This means that even if the person you love revels in mixing and matching colors or sticks to a more monochromatic color palette, the July birthstone can perfectly accent their style.

Our Sabel Birthstone Collection is incredible for July birthstone gifts (and every other month!). With designs exclusive to Fink’s, you can find an incredible piece of jewelry that will exude classic elegance while being a standout piece of art.

3 Ways to Wear Ruby Birthstone Jewelry

  • earrings
  • bracelets
  • necklaces

July Birthstone Earrings

Ruby hoops and diamond-encrusted halo stud earrings make tucking her hair behind her ears a gorgeous game of peek-a-boo. The glimmer of scarlet sparkles will accentuate her natural beauty.

For a more glamorous effect perfect for formal occasions and up-dos, ruby and diamond dangle drop earrings are an excellent choice. When she wears these vivid diamond gemstone earrings, she'll feel a fire within her soul.

July Birthstone Bracelets

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K White Gold Diamond and Ruby Bangle

Jewelry should be a fun form of self-expression. Enter: arm stacking. Arm stacking or bracelet stacking is one of our favorite trends because it involves mixing and matching metals, styles, and gemstones to create a signature look that can be updated daily.

The Roberto Coin Love in Verona ruby and diamond bangle is a must-have piece for a complete arm stack. Roberto Coin crafts each one of his pieces with a sophisticated playfulness meant to make the woman wearing it feel gorgeous and invigorated.

And trust us, Roberto Coin knows rubies; the July birthstone is his signature. A small ruby is cast into every piece of his jewelry (set to make contact with the wearer’s skin) to send good wishes to whoever is fortunate enough to receive it.

Top 3 Ruby Bracelets for The Perfect Arm Stack 

Petite Helena Open Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold with Rubies and Diamonds
David Yurman yellow gold and ruby open bracelet: The name David Yurman alone is enough to make any woman weak in the knees. Add in a gold twisted band, pave diamonds, and rubies, and you have the perfect addition to any arm stack.

Sabel collection white gold and sapphire arm bangle: It's part of the Sabel collection, so you know it's classy. Sapphires and rubies are part of the same mineral family and make an excellent jewelry combination.

Roberto Coin Oro Classic Hinge Oval Bangle - Every arm stack needs the classic bangle in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold to complete the look. This chic and stylish bangle hits the mark in every way, as it pairs perfectly with a watch or other bracelets.

Bracelets are the ideal gift for any woman in your life, with styles ranging from classic to elegant. There are many options for choosing a bracelet as a stand-alone gift or as part of an arm stack, making them perfect for wearing to brunch, the office, or on playdates. 

July Birthstone Necklaces

Sabel Collection Birthstone and Diamond Halo Pendant, Ruby

One of the most iconic moments in cinema history revolves around a ruby necklace and an unscripted prank. The highly romanticized love affair between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s characters in “Pretty Woman” has been immortalized in part due to that iconic scene.

He snaps the ruby and diamond necklace box down on her fingers, and she releases her signature smile and laughs, and the world lets out a collective sigh. Gifting your pretty woman a ruby necklace is a sure-fire way to be on the receiving end of her megawatt smile. 

Top 3 Ruby Birthstone Jewelry Necklace Trends

Ruby and diamond collar - A true showstopper, giving the woman you love their main character moment.

Ruby and diamond halo-style pendant - Classy with a bit of mystery. It’s perfect for nights out, accentuating the collar bones when worn with V-neck style tops and dresses.

Ruby and diamond pear shaped pendant - Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but so are rubies with this stunner. The classic pear shape makes it perfect for a day-to-evening transition piece.

Rubies are a Girl’s Best Friend

From classic stud earrings to a show-stopping collar, rubies elevate every outfit. Women can't help but feel beautiful and admired when the person they love gives them the July birthstone. The deep red hues evoke intense passion and warmth that can't be replicated with other gemstones.