Collection: July Birthstone Jewelry

Discover the gift of July birthstone jewelry - the ruby – which pairs perfectly with summer’s warm breezes, beach vacations, and juicy watermelons. The word ruby comes from the Latin “ruber,” which is understandable once you see the rich red and purple hues of this particular gemstone. For centuries, rubies have been a symbol of passion and love, making this the perfect July birthstone jewelry gift.

Celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary together? The fiery red ruby is the traditional gift to symbolize the years of burning love you and your partner share. In recent years, designers have been using rubies in engagement rings, as the July birthstone is meant to bring protection and eternal love to its wearer. Shop our extensive collection of ruby rings of all colors and cuts within our July birthstone jewelry collections and show her your love.

Known for their stark red colors, rubies can be the bold pop of color an outfit needs or an everyday staple piece. Designers like John Hardy, SUWA, Marco Moore, our in-house Sabel collection, and more found at Fink’s Jewelers have mastered the statement July birthstone jewelry gifts as well as the understated daily-wear ruby pieces. Whatever the occasion, Fink’s has the right birthstone jewelry for your July sweetheart.

Rubies are one of the rarest gemstones with their high-quality and exceptionally rich color, making the July birthstone jewelry stand out from most. Make her feel like she’s one-of-a-kind with one of our ruby birthstone jewelry pieces today. Bring her into the store to meet with our knowledgeable jewelers or shop around online together to find the perfect July birthstone jewelry for her.