Your Guide to Selecting an Anniversary Band

Your Guide to Selecting an Anniversary Band

Choosing the perfect anniversary ring for your wife might seem like a difficult task to accomplish alone. We want to take the stress out of choosing the perfect band for her. Let us walk you through our anniversary bands and their unique styles so that you can purchase a ring she will love and cherish for years. 

Why Buy an Anniversary Band?

Matching Wedding Band

An anniversary band is like a wedding band, only you gift it to your spouse on an anniversary instead of your wedding day. They typically feature a traditional band styling but can sometimes gesture diamond or gemstone accents. Husbands usually gift anniversary bands to their wives, although some couples may want to get matching rings to commemorate their marriage milestones.

An anniversary band is a beautiful and meaningful gift that she will adore for a lifetime. It will likely be worn with her current wedding set, so it’s important to keep her existing style in mind. However, if you find one you know she must have, it can absolutely be worn separately from the engagement ring and wedding band.

When to Gift an Anniversary Band

There are countless age-old traditions surrounding weddings and marriage. If you want to stay on the traditional route, wedding etiquette can provide some guidelines based on what anniversary you are celebrating. Conventional rules suggest giving a paper ring on your first anniversary, wood on the fifth, and tin or aluminum on the tenth.

While it’s beautiful to follow traditions, some of these marriage practices might be a little outdated for most couples. While there aren’t any specific guidelines for anniversary rings, modern couples have found a diamond ring is a memorable and unique way to celebrate any anniversary.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to give a particular gift depending on what year of marriage you’re celebrating. At Fink’s, we welcome and encourage our customers to buy an anniversary ring whenever the time feels right.

Ways to Wear an Anniversary Band

Wedding band set

The rules of anniversary bands aren’t as strict as your engagement or wedding ring. You don’t have to reserve it for your ring finger; there are many ways to style it day-to-day.

3 Ways to Wear an Anniversary Ring

  1. In a stack with the wedding and engagement ring.
  2. In replacement of the wedding band.
  3. Alone on a different finger. 

If your partner decides to wear her new diamond ring paired with her engagement and wedding bands, she might want to wear it in the traditional order. The wedding ring will sit at the bottom of the stack, closest to the heart. Next comes the engagement ring, and the anniversary band will top them off. Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow these traditional rules; they’re just a suggestion.

Some couples like to use their anniversary as an opportunity to get a new and improved diamond ring. If you have a bigger budget now and want to give your wife the ring of her dreams, surprise her with an anniversary band. Brides can also wear their new anniversary gift in replacement of their engagement ring.

If you want to let the anniversary band shine on its own, wearing it on a different finger is common as well. The hand or finger you choose doesn’t matter; it will hold the same symbol of love regardless of how it’s worn. 

Finding the Right Fit

SUWA Platinum Bar Set Diamond Three Row Ring

After you know how your bride wants to wear the ring, finding her size should be a simple process. If she plans to wear it with her other rings, make sure the new one fits well with them. Just like the wedding band needed to accommodate the engagement ring, an anniversary band must fit comfortably as well.

Trying on new diamond rings with your existing bands is the best way to find a perfect fit. You can work with your jeweler to find the correct band specification needed to create an ideal stack or fit on the desired finger. However, if you’re shopping online, measure her ring size to prevent hassles. 

Matching the Anniversary Band to Create a Cohesive Style

Regardless of how she chooses to style her anniversary band, it should match well with her other wedding and engagement jewelry. A perfect diamond ring for your anniversary will compliment her style while still looking elegant and cohesive. Consider the metal type, stone color, stone size, and style of her engagement ring and wedding band. 

Anniversary Ring Settings

If you’ve gone engagement and wedding ring shopping, you may be familiar with some popular types of diamond ring settings. Knowing some of the most beloved anniversary band settings can help quickly identify your wife’s perfect style.

Popular Anniversary Ring Settings

  • channel
  • pave
  • bezel

Channel Band Setting

White Gold Emerald and Diamond Channel Ring

A channel anniversary ring is one of the most classic styles. It involves two pieces of metal that form a channel in the ring, holding gemstones or diamonds within it. The channel in this type of diamond ring acts as a barrier of protection for the stones while giving a mystical, floating appearance to the band.

Pave Style Rings

Pave rings are one of the most popular settings on the market right now. Small diamonds are tightly paved around the band, and there is minimal visibility of the prongs holding the stones in place. The result gives off a continuous sparkle and shine.

Bezel Anniversary Bands

Does your wife love bold jewelry that makes a statement? Diamond rings with a bezel setting provide your gemstone with an elevated collar that is wrapped around the stone. Many people love this style because it keeps the diamonds secure and makes them appear larger than they may be.

How to Pick the Perfect Gemstone

Many people wonder what type of stone is appropriate for their anniversary. Once you know what style to look for, you’ll be able to identify a beautiful diamond or gemstone for your anniversary band. While there are many existing ideas about what gem to buy for each milestone, decide based on what your partner will love the most. That being said, here are the existing trends:

1st Anniversary Band

Yellow gold prong diamond ring

If you want to follow the traditional marriage rules, consider going with a gold band for the first anniversary. The SUWA platinum gold and diamond ring is a stunning choice for a modern spin on a classic gold ring. This ring is perfect for any bride who wants a combination of conventional and contemporary.

Sapphire for the 5th Anniversary

Yellow gold prong sapphire and diamond ring

Sapphire, the beautiful, deep blue gemstone, is known to symbolize strength and hope for the years of marriage to come. It’s a unique gem for the fifth anniversary because it is typically gifted to celebrate several years together. The SUWA sapphire and diamond ring is a gorgeous pick if your wife wants to add some color to her stack of bands.

10th Anniversary Ring

Fink's Four Round and Three Baguette Bar Set Diamond Band

Once you’re able to celebrate ten memorable years together, traditions say it’s time to buy your wife another diamond. A gorgeous option is the Fink’s baguette bar diamond band. The diamonds in a tenth anniversary ring are meant to represent beauty, strength, and durability. 

15th Anniversary Ruby

Yellow Gold Square Ruby and Diamond Band

After fifteen years of marriage, consider buying your bride a precious ruby. Some people think this gem will bring good luck to a marriage. Regardless of whether you believe those traditions, the SUWA ruby and diamond anniversary band will look stunning on her hand.

Now that you know some of the long-established “rules” of anniversary bands, consider purchasing one for your next big marriage milestone. Get her ring size and head to Fink’s for a stunning anniversary ring that is sure to surprise her and make her feel loved.