How to Select the Right Bracelet for Her Wrist

How to Select the Right Bracelet for Her Wrist

Whether you’re looking for a gift to celebrate a special occasion or “just because,” helping you find the perfect women’s bracelet gift is what our jewelry experts do best. We have an array of incredible options at Fink’s Jewelers. There’s nothing quite like a stunning tennis bracelet or personalized gold bracelet to grace the wrist of your loved one. If searching for the ideal type of diamond bracelet or matching jewelry gifts feels a bit daunting, we’re here to support you through your search.

No matter who’s on your gift list, our comprehensive guide will help make your women’s bracelet shopping successful. We’ll help you navigate all your options to select the ideal bracelet that meets her wants and needs.

What Makes a Bracelet a Bracelet?

White Gold Pear Diamond Bracelet

Although this may seem like an obvious answer, many use bracelet terms interchangeably. For instance, when comparing bracelets and bangles, there are differences that set these beautiful wrist pieces apart.

A bracelet is a piece of jewelry designed to drape the wrist loosely and is typically made of a thin chain, links, or beads to allow it to flow unrestricted. While this flexible jewelry piece can be made of various materials, from beaded gemstones to precious metals, you’ll find gold bracelets and diamond bracelets among the most popular.

What is a Bangle?

A bangle, while often mislabeled as a women’s bracelet, is a rigid, ring-shaped jewelry piece made of metal and designed to be worn around the wrist. Traditional bangles are a closed circular design without a clasp for closure. Like many women’s bracelets, bangles can be found in various lengths, band widths, and precious gemstone settings.

Is a Cuff a Bracelet?       

Yellow Gold Wide Cuff Bangle

While some may be quick to add a cuff to the bangle family, it is a type of men’s and women’s bracelet. While its rigid form can be deceiving, a cuff does not completely wrap around the wrist. This shape and lack of clasp closure tell us a cuff is not a bangle but a stunning type of bracelet.

What are the Most Popular Types of Women’s Bracelets?

With so many incredible choices available, from dazzling diamond bracelets to dainty white gold bracelet pieces, where should you begin? Our women’s bracelet experts have put together a list of the most popular bracelet types to help you narrow your focus, including:

  • Tennis bracelets
  • Gemstone and diamond bracelets
  • Personalized bracelets

What is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

An iconic diamond bracelet, the tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet adorned with close-set diamonds. A tennis bracelet is known for its channel settings, enhancing its optimal sparkle and ensuring stone protection. This gorgeous women’s bracelet is meticulously designed with her favorite diamond shape set side-by-side to encircle the wrist, creating an elegant look that can be worn day and night. From length, width, and diamond carat to diamond clarity, you’ll have an array of classic diamond tennis bracelet beauties to choose from.

Why Consider a Gemstone and Diamond Bracelet?

Marco Bicego Jaipur Color Yellow Gold Mixed Gemstone Bracelet

From a birthstone to her favorite color, there are many reasons to consider gifting a gemstone women’s bracelet. A lovely white gold bracelet sprinkled with gemstones adds sentimental value and visual appeal. A gemstone and diamond bracelet also offers beauty and versatility. 

From a subtle splash of color to alternating gemstones and diamonds, you’ll find an exquisite selection at Fink’s. Consider deep red rubies to the multiple color options of the sapphire to commemorate a birthday, wedding anniversary, or hold powerful symbolic meaning.

We urge you to consider gifting her a dainty gold bracelet adorned with multi-colored gemstones to complement everything in her wardrobe. She can easily transform this gorgeous piece from day to night, adding a splash of color in a variety of hues. Or grace her wrist with a halo-set, deep blue sapphire white gold bracelet for all to admire. Whether worn alone or layered with her favorite tennis bracelets and white gold bracelet cuffs, gemstone women’s bracelets make the ideal keepsake jewelry gift. 

What Makes a Personalized Bracelet an Ideal Choice?

20mm Original Monogram Bracelet

Personalized bracelets create a unique way to honor her with a one-of-a-kind gift she’ll treasure forever. Monogram bracelets offer a personalized touch in a traditional style that suits her taste, from beautiful fonts to her favorite precious metal. From a charm bracelet style to a dainty initial link bracelet, monogrammed women’s bracelets offer versatility and beauty in one.

Personalize her gift with her initials, the initials of a child, or those of a cherished loved one. She’s sure to wear it and adore the powerful meaning it holds. Consider pairing her personalized silver or gold bracelet with a matching monogram necklace for future gifting ideas.

Top Considerations when Selecting the Ideal Women’s Bracelet

Our knowledgeable staff knows what it takes to select the ideal type of women’s bracelet. From diamond bracelets for a formal event to a classy white gold bracelet for everyday wear, they’ve put together some of their best tips for choosing her gift. Selecting a bracelet for your loved one requires more consideration than you may realize, so we’re here to help you through the process. As you begin your bracelet shopping, make sure to keep the four following considerations in mind:

1. Consider Her Style when Bracelet Shopping

LAGOS Signature Caviar 6mm Three Station X Bracelet

From casual to formal and subtle to bold, selecting the perfect linked white gold bracelet or lovely diamond bracelet for her special gift includes consideration of her style. Would she prefer the elegant design of a brilliant diamond tennis bracelet to dress up for special occasions? Or would she fall in love with the flattering look of the Three Station LAGOS bracelet, perfect for running errands, then a night on the town? Knowing her personality and personal style will help you select between a diamond bracelet or a playful gemstone and gold bracelet that complements her unique style.

2. Why is a Bracelet’s Durability Important?

While you’ll always find the highest-quality women’s bracelets at Fink’s Jewelers, durability is essential for her wrist jewelry. Think about her lifestyle and how everyday bracelet wear may affect a feminine, thin rope, or diamond bracelet you select. Is she a fan of outdoor adventures, leaving her tennis bracelet susceptible to breakage and loss? Or could her dainty diamond bracelet be in need of a double-locking clasp for added security and peace of mind?

The durability of the women’s bracelet you choose can ensure your precious investment does not need constant jewelry repair and remains secure on her wrist. From selecting an ideal length that isn’t likely to get caught to choosing a durable width for her beautiful gemstone or solid white gold bracelet, evaluating the bracelet’s durability will ensure it stays pristine and timeless for years to come.    

3. Consider Diamond Shape when Picking a Diamond Bracelet

If you already have your heart set on gifting her a beautiful diamond bracelet, the diamond’s shape should be taken into consideration. While many use a diamond’s shape and cut interchangeably, it’s the shape that most women are attracted to initially. Although it’s not part of the 4C’s of a diamond, the shape of a diamond plays an important role in diamond bracelet shopping. Referring to the outline of the stone, the shape of the stone can give a diamond bracelet its character and appeal.

What are the Most Popular Diamond Bracelet Stone Shapes?

Yellow Gold Round Diamond Bar Bracelet

Whether you’re gifting a gorgeous white or yellow gold bracelet sprinkled with diamonds or a stunning and unique tennis bracelet, we’ve put together a list of the seven most popular diamond shapes loved by women to help you make your selection. From enhancing the appearance of a diamond’s carat size to creating optimal brilliance, a diamond’s shape can change the look of her tennis bracelet. 

The 7 most popular diamond shapes include:

  • Brilliant round
  • Princess cut
  • Cushion cut
  • Emerald cut
  • Pear cut
  • Oval

4. Keep Your Bracelet Metal Options in Mind

White Gold Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo Bracelet

While you may be quick to select a diamond bracelet that first catches your eye, we urge you to consider her taste in precious metals first. From white gold bracelets to rich yellow gold bracelets, gifting your loved one with any bracelet includes considering the metal she prefers.

You’ll always find an incredible collection of sparkling tennis bracelets set in gold and beautifully linked white gold bracelets here at Fink’s. From the classic look of a traditional yellow gold bracelet to diamond-enhancing platinum or white gold bracelet metal options, we have a keepsake to bring a smile to her face in her preferred color.  

If you’re not sure of her preferences between rose, white, and yellow gold bracelets, here are a few helpful things to consider:

Her current jewelry: Does she layer or blend her metals or prefer to accessorize with one in particular?

Her wardrobe: What colors does she gravitate towards, and which metals will complement her taste?

Her skin tone: Our experts can help you determine the metals that complement her tone best.

Known metal allergies: Enlist the help of friends and family to ensure she does not have any metal allergies.

Our Favorite Women’s Bracelets

David Yurman Carlyle Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 18K Yellow Gold

As you search for the ideal type of bracelet, let us share a few of our favorites. From classic link white gold bracelets to the ingenious designs of David Yurman’s bracelets, you’ll find them all at Fink’s. 

Multi-Metal Bracelets

Why not gift her with the best of both metals? For the woman in your life who loves to make a bold statement, David Yurman bracelets offer stunning multi-metal link appeal and versatility. She’ll enjoy pairing and layering all her precious metals with any of David Yurman’s bracelets.

Gold Bracelets

For the woman who loves the look of rich yellow gold, our Sabel Collection offers an array of delightful gold bracelet choices. From textured links to diamond-studded ones, there’s a yellow gold bracelet style for every lucky lady to adore.

White Gold Women's Bracelets

If white gold bracelets and jewelry are the perfect fit for her, we have beautiful solid metal and diamond bracelets for you to browse. Consider a deep blue sapphire and diamond bracelet. An 18K white gold bracelet will make a lasting impression for any occasion while enhancing the brilliance of its stones.

The Ideal Men’s Bracelets

William Henry Layla Meteorite Bracelet

Now, while you’re shopping for the special lady in your life, we invite you to take a glimpse at something special for yourself. That’s right! Bracelets aren’t just for women. As a men’s fashion trend turned accessory staple, men’s leather cuff bracelets and multi-metal silver and gold bracelets offer casual sophistication that pairs with anything in your wardrobe. 

Men’s Gemstone Bracelets

Beaded gem bracelets continue to make a big impression in men’s jewelry fashion. Whether sporting a lone gold bracelet or stacking and layering your favorites, there’s no right or wrong way to wear this incredible accessory.

Looking for a casual men’s bracelet with a fashionable edge? Consider sterling silver sugar skulls set within a dark beaded bracelet. The trendy accessory is versatile and sleek, pairing well with your casual or dressy attire.

If you’re searching for a meaningful gemstone bracelet, consider a sleek look from our William Henry Black Onyx Collection. Exude confidence with gemstones that calm the spirit and stabilize emotions. The remarkable black onyx gemstone is said to provide protection from negativity while offering healing properties to those who wear it.

Another popular gemstone option known to enhance your inner strength, Tiger Eye makes an incredible statement piece. Available in multiple colors, styles, and materials, the Tiger Eye fuses style, energy, and versatility. From warding off curses to boosting self-confidence, you may just claim it as your new favorite men’s accessory. 

The Right Bracelet for Her Wrist 

IPPOLITA Rock Candy Yellow Gold Luce Bangle

Whether you’re gifting a sentimental bracelet to mark the birth of a child or searching for a unique wedding anniversary gift, we invite you to browse through our incredible selection of men’s and women’s bracelets. Stop by and find the ideal bracelet for her at Fink’s Jewelers today.