7 Popular Diamond Shapes

Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes at Fink's Jeweler's

Purchasing a diamond is often more than an investment — it is a request to spend the rest of your life with someone. Choosing a diamond engagement ring is an emotional, relational, and financial step, and you want to ensure you are picking one that is in a shape that suits her finger and personal style.

As you determine the engagement ring of your sweetheart’s dreams, you are likely to discover more details of what she likes. Does she love a vintage-inspired ring, or is she a modern bride? Diamond shapes and cuts play heavily into the overall look of an engagement ring and shape is one of the primary considerations for choosing the perfect design.


How Diamond Shapes Factor into Your Jewelry Decision

There are many questions to ask when purchasing a diamond. It is essential to know the basics, often known as the 4Cs, of how a diamond is evaluated.


The 4Cs of a Diamond

  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Carat
  4. Cut


Each of these factors contributes to the value and appearance of a diamond, but the diamond’s cut specifically has a significant impact on the style of the ring you choose. How diamonds are cut determines the shape and, often, how brilliantly they shine. There are several common diamond shapes, each with its unique look and benefits.


Popular Diamond Shapes


1. Round Diamonds

Round diamonds have always been a favorite, and it is easy to see why. One of the quintessential diamond shapes on the market, round diamonds are highly desired for almost every kind of jewelry. Couples searching for engagement rings often look at some variation of round diamonds for their classic elegance and stunning brilliance.

With a round diamond, a piece of jewelry can be as simple or ornate as the recipient wants. Round diamonds are some of the easiest diamond shapes to embellish, with halo rings incredibly popular in the engagement ring market. One benefit of a halo diamond ring is that the center stone looks bigger with all of the round diamonds surrounding it. This saves on cost and increases brilliance at the same time.

Round solitaire diamonds make for classic rings that never go out of style. A round solitaire can stand independently or easily be embellished with an ornate wedding band. Either way, round diamonds offer versatility and elegance.


2. Oval Diamonds

When searching for a diamond ring that is classic yet a bit unique, the oval diamond shape might be a winner. These elongated diamonds look stunning in a ring with a pave shank band. The embellished pave diamond setting will emphasize the oval diamond’s sparkle in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Like round diamonds, an oval diamond is incredibly versatile and sits beautifully in many different ring settings. Oval diamonds lend themselves to both simple and exquisite jewelry, making it a natural selection for anyone looking for a special piece.

An oval diamond wedding band is one guaranteed way to embellish an engagement ring. The egg-shaped diamonds make the ring look taller, giving it an elevated elegance that any bride would want.


3. Princess Diamonds

Luxury and radiance are two words used to describe princess cut diamonds. One of the most sought-after diamond shapes, the square princess cut will make any woman feel like royalty.

Princess diamonds — or some iteration of them — have been popular since the 14th century, and their popularity hasn’t waned over the years. These square diamonds uniquely reflect light back to the eye because of their cutting pattern. The straight lines are also pleasing to look at, keeping this one of the most enduring diamond shapes available.

The princess cut started as the French cut, and as jewelers refined their technique, the precision and care that went into the square diamonds evolved until it was known as the princess cut between the 1960s and 1980s. No matter what it is called, a princess diamond engagement ring shines brilliantly for all to see.


4. Cushion Diamonds

One of the most feminine diamond shapes, cushion diamonds are soft rectangles or squares with rounded edges. The best of both worlds, these diamonds are a cross between round and princess diamonds.

There are several reasons a woman might want to consider a cushion diamond:

  • Increased brilliance
  • Attractive price point
  • Enhanced clarity


The cushion diamond is a traditional style cut with brilliance in mind. This diamond casts a wide reflective pattern, making it shine bright for all to see. This is the perfect diamond for the woman who loves vintage-inspired jewelry but wants her whole jewelry collection to pair well.

Because of its shape, a cushion diamond might be a slightly less expensive choice than a round diamond of the same carat weight and quality. Also, because of their cut, cushion diamonds will reflect clarity, so take this into consideration when purchasing a cushion diamond.


5. Pear Diamonds

Also known as a teardrop diamond, the pear diamond cut is one of the more unique diamond shapes. A pear diamond is a great way to have a ring unlike anyone else’s without being too unconventional.

There are several benefits to a pear diamond. Many women find these diamonds elegant as these gems naturally elongate the finger, making them attractive to women shopping for rings. Pear diamonds also seem bigger than their carat size would suggest. This could be a budget-friendly way to get a ring that stands out without the larger price tag.

This does not make pear diamonds any less radiant. A pear-shaped diamond engagement ring will stun any bride-to-be, and she will happily show it off.


6. Emerald Diamonds

One of the diamond shapes that hints at a vintage-inspired look is the emerald diamond cut. A beautiful option for a traditional bride-to-be, an emerald cut diamond has a timeless style that can look either historically stunning or modernly elegant.

As one can imagine, the emerald-cut diamond was borrowed from the way emerald gems were traditionally refined. Emeralds naturally form in long crystals, making a rectangular cut an obvious choice. Diamond cutters started borrowing the technique, and the popularity of the emerald cut diamond soared with the Art Deco design period in the 1920s.

An emerald-cut engagement ring dazzles viewers with its rectangular shape and stunning sparkle. This timeless design acts as a set of mirrors, with its long sides reflecting light brilliantly.


7. ASHOKA Diamonds

ASHOKA diamonds are one of the rarest diamond shapes available. Not just any diamond can be considered an ASHOKA — only a small percentage of diamonds can be fashioned into this exquisite style.

A modified cushion cut, each ASHOKA diamond has 62 facets to increase its sparkle and shine. An ASHOKA diamond looks bigger than its carat weight suggests, making it an attractive cut for any diamond lover.

ASHOKA diamonds boast a timeless look while showcasing the incredible craftsmanship of the jewelers who work with them. An ASHOKA diamond engagement ring is guaranteed to turn heads.

No matter what diamond shape you decide on, you will be glad to present your choice on bended knee. Your diamond decision will be even sweeter when she answers your question with a resounding “yes”!