David Yurman: Iconic Cable Jewelry

David Yurman Jewelry at Fink's Jewelers

There’s no question David Yurman offers an innovative line of jewelry for all to adore. The intriguing design, fine craftsmanship, and attention to detail help set the brand apart. Whether you’re searching for the best gift ideas for a loved one or something dazzling to add to your jewelry collection, we know you’ll fall for the unmistakable works of art from David Yurman.

What Inspired the Cable Jewelry Collection?

Cable Classics Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold with Gold Domes and Pavé Diamonds

When David Yurman sculpted his first Cable bracelet with gold wire 40 years ago, he envisioned the twisted metal ropes that architect John Augustus Roebling used to suspend the Brooklyn Bridge. “That strength and simplicity grabbed me,” Yurman once said. It's a style Yurman also recognized in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s ancient gold torque necklaces, DNA's twisted structure, and even in nature’s hanging vines. Today, the universal design is instantly recognizable as David Yurman's signature style.

Over the past four decades, David and Sybil Yurman, the husband-and-wife team who established the brand in 1980, have leaned into the Cable motif and made it an iconic American design. It's been reimagined in countless styles, from colorful, bold aluminum cuffs to elegant diamond engagement rings and luxurious diamond chain link necklaces. It's the thread that defines and connects Yurman’s stylish, contemporary, and classical ethos.

“The cable form is at the heart of everything we do - changing, adapting, and evolving, but always a constant,” says Evan Yurman, the founder's 40-year-old son who was named president last year.

What is David Yurman's Next Generation Cable?

Renaissance Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold with Pavé Diamonds

The newest evolution is Cable Edge, a wave-like pattern made in recycled silver and gold with conflict-free diamonds. The motif is based on a twisted rectangular form that echoes the undulating shapes found in modern architecture. “Its clean, contemporary look and feel will appeal especially to people with an appreciation for art and sculpture,” says Evan. “It plays with light and angles to create an almost velvety sensation. It's truly one of my favorite collections we have done.”

How Will Cable Edge Change the Face of Jewelry?

Cable Edge is the company’s jewelry collection made exclusively with recycled metals and traceable diamonds, and more are in the works. By using metals that have previously been refined, the brand is reducing the demand for newly mined materials and the energy needed to process them.

Cable Edge is an example of Evan’s influence on the business. Sustainability is a priority. He is also continuing his parents’ focus on infusing jewelry with a sense of timeless modernity and shares their love of architecture, art, and design. But don't expect to see David and Sybil retire anytime soon. They still love coming into the office, designing, and experimenting with new ideas, and they remain committed to the brand they started when they were struggling artists.

Evan Yurman’s Incredible Contributions

Petite Chatelaine® Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with Full Pavé Diamonds

Growing up with a mother who paints and a father who sculpts, it's no surprise that Evan showed an early interest in art and design. Over his two decades working in the family business, he launched men's jewelry, bridal, high jewelry, and most recently served as chief creative officer. “Having been around the business from an early age, I have great pride for our classic style and founding identity, and throughout my time working for the company, I have sought to honor those traditions of craft, product, and innovation, all the while, embracing the natural evolution of David Yurman. “

The close-knit Yurman family all live near the company's Tribeca headquarters, which makes it easy for Evan Yurman's three daughters to visit. His eldest daughter Cody has already begun to tinker with jewelry. “She has her own bench in our design shop, where she has been experimenting with creating pieces,” he says. It looks like the third Yurman generation is already preparing to join the family business.

Revisiting 40 Years of David Yurman's Iconic Cable

Pavé Crossover Pendant Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Since the first Cable creation, David Yurman has continued to amaze the industry with its stunning jewelry pieces for men and women.

Let’s revisit the iconic Cable Collection’s defining moments:

  • 1982 Sculptor and jeweler David Yurman twists 50 feet of gold wire to create the first cable bracelet.
  • 2004 As the new face of the brand, supermodel Kate Moss wears Cable jewelry in a trailblazing advertising campaign.
  • 2014 Cable gets colorful and bold with new ultra-lightweight aluminum bracelets.
  • 2016 A Men’s Cable collection is unveiled in bigger dimensions with burnished silver, gold, and black diamonds.
  • 2021 Cable Edge is the next generation of the signature style made in recycled gold and silver with conflict-free diamonds in a wave-like pattern.

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