Why 14K Gold Jewelry Makes an Ideal Gift

Why 14K Gold Jewelry Makes an Ideal Gift

14K gold is among the most commonly used gold alloys in jewelry pieces. Men and women worldwide love 14K gold jewelry for its beauty, durability, and affordability. This precious metal is ideal for any occasion, from everyday wear to fine jewelry pieces for your most extravagant events.

It's no surprise that 14K gold remains the most chosen metal for engagement rings. If you’re searching for the right metal to meet your jewelry needs and expectations, we’ll answer all of your 14K gold questions to help you make the right decision.

How is Gold Measured?

Sabel Everyday Collection 14K Yellow Gold Sideways Engravable Bar Necklace

While you’ve seen a variety of gold options on the market, understanding how gold is measured will help you meet your needs. The purity of gold is measured in karats. Its weight, richness in color, and durability are all considered.

When karat weights are examined more closely, it’s easier to see why 14K gold jewelry may be preferred over 22 or 24K gold. For example, 24 karats are the purest on the karat scale. However, while it may look richer in color, it has its drawbacks. 24K gold carries a steeper price tag and tends to wear down, dent, and lose its shape more easily than other gold jewelry items. This is because the purer the gold, the softer it is.

14K - 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals

Selecting this alloy will give your jewelry more resistance to everyday wear and tear. If you’re considering a wedding band or engagement ring, 14K gold jewelry remains the most popular metal choice. It is particularly ideal for those who work with their hands and wish to remain worry-free of accidental damage. In addition, 14K gold jewelry is ideal for your active lifestyle and daily activities.

18K - 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals

18K gold is the most traditional mix of gold and other metals. You’ll notice 18K gold jewelry tends to have a deeper yellow tone than 14K due to the higher gold content in 18K. 

22K - 92% gold and 8% alloyed metals

Roberto Coin Perfect Gold Hoops 18K Yellow Gold Petite Oval Hoop Earrings

Although softer than 14K and 18K gold, this mixture of 8% alloyed metal remains more durable than 24K. However, 22K pieces will need more attention, caution, and care, as they’re still fragile.  

24K - 100% pure gold

24K is the highest karat of gold. While the assumption may be it is the better choice, it does not make the best fit for most gold jewelry wearers.

Pure gold may be easily bent out of shape, scratched, and dinged. It’s by far the more expensive choice and must be handled delicately. This may not offer you a practical solution if you’re shopping for jewelry for daily wear, except for perhaps a beautiful pair of stud earrings.

Why Consider 14K Gold Jewelry?

There’s no denying 14K gold jewelry offers a harder, more durable option. It is also a more affordable option containing less pure gold. In addition, its bond with other metals helps create a more robust metal alloy, giving it the durability you may require in your jewelry collection.

Metals alloyed to create 14k gold include:

  • copper
  • silver
  • zinc
  • nickel

While the proportion and type of other metals may vary, the amount of gold must remain 58% to be certified as 14K gold.

What Gold Color Options Are There?

14K White Gold Station Marquise Diamonds by Yard Drop "Y" Necklace

Whether you’re searching for a beautiful pendant to complement your neckline or a dazzling diamond bracelet, selecting the color of your gold comes down to personal preference. There are three stunning gold color choices to select from:

14k Gold Jewelry Color Options

  • yellow gold
  • white gold
  • rose gold

Two factors determine the coloring of these three 14K gold choices: the alloy's metals and the proportion of each. While pure gold has a deep and bright yellow-orange tone, you will find lighter hues in more commonly found 14K and 18K jewelry pieces. The combination of various metal alloys will create lighter yellow, white, and rose gold tones.

If you’re unsure which gold color you are shopping for, we invite you to take a look at some of our diamond experts’ favorites. Comparing the various tones in different 14K gold jewelry settings and styles may help guide you in your shopping. 

Our Favorite 14K Yellow Gold Jewelry Pieces

Sabel Collection 14K Yellow Gold Round Bezel Set Diamond Bangle

If you’re searching for a stunning bracelet for your loved one, we urge you to take a look at our Sabel Collection 14K Gold Round Bezel Set Diamond Bangle. This beauty is a favorite of ours and many of our clients, as the bezel-set diamonds add a unique touch to this design. She’ll love the sparkle of the 1.00 cttw diamonds, which pair perfectly with any yellow gold or two-tone gold pieces currently in her jewelry box.

Or perhaps she would prefer a pair of 14K gold hoops that pair well with everything she owns. The Roberto Coin Perfect Gold Hoops are a must for every woman’s jewelry collection - perfect for running errands or attending an evening event. Hoop earrings have a way of providing a touch of sophistication to any outfit.  

If she loves yellow gold, we know she’ll treasure these petite hoops and think of you each time they grace her lobes. They add the perfect touch, measuring at 25mm x 15mm. She’ll wear them for years to come and cherish them in her collection. 

Our Favorite 14K White Gold Jewelry Pieces

If you'd like to gift your special lady a beautiful necklace for casual and dressy occasions, we suggest the 14K White Gold Station Marquise Diamond “Y” Drop Necklace. It’s a charming piece ideal for any neckline and can be easily paired with sapphire pieces she may have in her collection.

We also adore the Robert Coin 14K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle. The white gold enhances the brilliance of the diamonds, and the contrast of each ruby is breathtaking. The beautiful white gold bracelet makes a wonderful gift, boasting just under 2.0 cttw of white diamonds. 

Our Favorite 14K Rose Gold Jewelry Pieces

Does your special lady love stunning cocktail rings to accent her attire? Our Sabel Collection has a gorgeous 14K Rose Gold Cushion Cut Morganite Ring she will fall for! This 4.10 ct center stone beauty is surrounded by .30 cttw diamonds and is ideal for all her special events.

Sabel Collection 14K Rose Gold Cushion Cut Morganite and Diamond Ring

If your lady has a bit of vintage taste, may we suggest a beautiful Opal and Diamond Bezel Set Drop Pendant set in rose gold? The classic look of opal is captivating and timeless. She’ll love the look of this charming accent necklace draped around her neck.

How Can You Identify 14K Gold Jewelry?

The easiest way to identify the karat weight of your gold jewelry is to locate the stamp or hallmark. You can typically find this small stamp hidden discreetly, such as the inside of your ring or on a small plate on the end of a chain.

Since the National Gold and Silver Stamping Act passed in 1906, the karat of all gold jewelry in the United States must be indicated with a stamp. For example, 14K gold jewelry will carry the hallmarks 14K, 583, or 587. These numbers indicate the percentage of your jewelry’s gold purity. 

Why Choose 14k Gold Jewelry?

While 14k gold is stunning and remains the most popular choice for jewelry, there are plenty of additional reasons to select 14K gold jewelry. Many jewelers will agree 14K gold is a wise investment for its durability and longevity. It can take on more than its share of normal wear and tear while still maintaining its luster. Plus, it offers the best value for your money.

Is 14K Gold Still Valuable?

While it may seem 14K gold is less valuable due to its overall metal makeup, this is simply not the fact. Yes, 14K gold jewelry contains much less pure gold content than 24K gold. But, the other metals used in the alloy are typically not expensive.

You can also find the value of your gold by checking it against the current market prices of gold. Keep in mind the price you are quoted for your gold may be lower than the market price, as 14K gold jewelry is an alloy and will need to be refined.

Panthère de Cartier Medium Steel Watch

Remember, the value of your 14K gold jewelry should also be considered by its overall durability, longevity, and overall appearance. If it’s an heirloom or a piece you plan to pass down, the personal value increases more than any price tag could represent.

What Are the Disadvantages of 14K Gold Jewelry?

One disadvantage to be aware of is the possibility of skin sensitivity to 14K gold jewelry. This is because 14K gold may contain nickel, which is a common allergen. Nickel can cause skin irritations for some jewelry wearers, with various possible symptoms and side effects.

Nickel sensitivity may cause:

  • itching
  • rash
  • raised bumps
  • redness
  • flakey, dry patches
  • spots resembling a burn
  • blisters

It's essential to take heed if your loved one is sensitive to nickel, as you may want to consider an alternative, like a breathtaking Panthère de Cartier Medium Steel Watch.

14k gold jewelry also requires a bit more TLC than other precious metals. We suggest polishing your 14K gold jewelry to help maintain its shine. While it's one of the toughest gold options to choose from, you’ll still incur surface scratches and the occasional dings.

Of course, you’ll also want to keep up with routine cleanings, maintenance, and checkups for your jewelry. You’ll help ensure the longevity of your jewelry while ensuring stones are safe and secure, watches stay protected, and clasps remain secure.

How Do You Care For 14k Gold Properly?

Sabel Collection 14K Rose Gold Opal and Diamond Bezel Set Drop Pendant

Although 14K gold is not the softest or most fragile precious metal, we still suggest handling it with care. If you tend to wear your gold jewelry daily, we have a few tips that will help you keep your jewelry looking beautiful.

Know When to Remove Your Jewelry

While 14K gold jewelry is durable, it is not invincible. It is a wonderful choice for busy hands and those searching for everyday wear accessories. However, know your jewelry’s limits.

Remove your jewelry if you’re playing a contact sport, mountain climbing, or working with pottery all afternoon. Your fine jewelry pieces should be treated with the utmost care to help protect and preserve your cherished items.

Make sure to keep your jewelry in a safe place when it’s not being worn. This may be a jewelry box or pouch lined to protect your items from dust and scratches. It also helps prevent accidental loss when you routinely store it in the same, trusted spot when you remove it.

Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine can damage your 14K gold jewelry pieces, so avoid it as best you can. Chlorine can weaken the precious metal and, over time, cause significant damage to your rings, bracelets, or other 14K gold jewelry pieces. 

Be Mindful of Daily Build Up

While it’s easy to tackle chores or go about your regular daily routines without thinking of your jewelry, even the mildest substances can cause harm. Over time, the buildup of detergents, lotions, and body soaps can adversely affect your jewelry.

While these products don’t intend harm, they can cause issues down the line. Not to mention, they can affect the luster of your gold and the sparkle of your diamonds. Regular, gentle cleaning is helpful, but removing your ring before such activities is highly recommended.

Why Consider Custom 14k Gold Jewelry?

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K White Gold Diamond and Ruby BangleThere’s nothing more unique than gifting your loved one a custom jewelry piece. Imagine her surprise when she unwraps a beautiful 14K gold anniversary band or pair of diamond earrings. Better yet, why not propose with a 14k gold engagement ring designed by you? We guarantee no other gift will ever come close in comparison!

Creating a custom jewelry piece allows you the creative freedom to design a symbol of your love. You’ll be able to take your vision and her style, creating a unique keepsake she will cherish forever. The best part is our custom 14K gold jewelry experts are here to help you through the entire memorable experience. From 14K gold personalized necklaces to a surprise wedding band, we can help you turn your dream piece into a reality.

Did you know that gold is the traditional 50th anniversary gift? We’d love to help you select the 14K gold jewelry gift for that special someone in your life!