Top Tips on Styling Your Earring Stacks

Top Tips on Styling Your Earring Stacks

Stacking and layering jewelry has continued to rise in popularity. From rings, bangles, and bracelets to necklaces of all lengths, your fashionably curated look says a lot about your personality and style. It was only a matter of time before earring stacks became the latest accessory obsession. With limitless earring combinations and ear piercing designs, there’s always a new way to style your look.

Whether you have multiple ear piercings or a single, earrings can be mixed and matched to change the look of any outfit. Our earring stack jewelry experts will walk you through everything you should know about stacked ear piercings, ear piercing ideas, and all the inspiration you’ll need to create the earring stacks that will set you apart.  

What are Earring Stacks?

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Earring stacks refer to multiple earrings worn together while creatively styled and “stacked” along the ear. From complementary to matching to wildly eclectic, there are no finite rules to creating your ear piercing designs. Earring stacks are the perfect way to experiment with various styles and perfect your aesthetically pleasing combination that showcases who you are. Don’t be afraid to make bold moves and express yourself through your ear piercing designs.

We like to think of stacked ear piercings and earring stacks as works of art. Creating eye-catching earring stacks and adding on to your stacked ear piercings take thought and planning to execute your desired looks. The good news is that the options are endless! From gorgeous cascading gemstones to huggie hoops and dangles, it’s all about designing stacks that feel like you.

Ear Piercing Ideas

Before we can shower you with earring stack inspiration, we must first take a look at your specific stacked ear piercings and personal style. Whether you’ve already accomplished your sought-after ear piercing design or are still considering a few ear piercing ideas, it’s important to understand not all looks will suit all ears. Keep your unique ear anatomy in mind as you browse through these ear piercing ideas. Earring placements can vary from one person to the next, so be open to trying out an array of styles.

Ear Piercing Ideas for Every Style

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Before you rush off to plan your earring stacks, you may need to add to your piercing count to achieve the look you’re after. Whether you’re new to searching for ear piercing ideas or thinking of adding to your ear piercing design, we’ve put together everything you need to know to guide you through your next piercing decision. 

The Standard Lobe Piercing

A lobe piercing is likely the most familiar to all. This piercing goes through the fleshy lower part of the ear. The lobe is the most common place for a piercing and may be the most versatile. This ear piercing is ideal for any shape or size, from small, dainty halo studs to larger statement pieces.

Estimated healing time: 6-8 weeks 

What’s an Upper Lobe Piercing?

Just slightly upwards of the lobe piercing is where you’ll find the upper lobe ear piercing design. A second piercing choice for many, it will fall just between the lobe and helix area of the ear. Upper lobe piercings aren’t as prone to tears and add a unique and gradual addition to your earring stack journey.

Estimated healing time: 6-8 weeks 

Where is the Helix Piercing?

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Another popular ear piercing idea is the helix piercing. This well-known style pierces through the cartilage anywhere around the ear. If it isn’t piercing the fleshy portion of the ear, it can be referred to as a helix piercing. You’ll find many stacked ear piercings utilize the helix for diamond stud earrings and small huggies or hoop earrings.

Expected healing time: 6 to 10 months 

The Forward Helix Piercing

A forward helix piercing is found through the cartilage area at the front of the ear.

This eye-catching ear piercing idea is known for its placement near the face, drawing extra attention. Although it can be painful due to its proximity to facial nerves, this piercing does add glamour and appeal to any look.

Expected healing time: 6 to 10 months 

What is the Helix Flap Piercing?

The helix flap piercing places the earring in the cartilage on the outside of the ear rather than the inside. If you have ears that fold over at the top, this ear piercing idea is the ideal placement for you.

Expected healing time: 6 to 10 months

Consider a Tragus Piercing

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Tragus piercings are done through the thick cartilage just in front of the ear canal. One concern you’ll want to consider is the location can make it uncomfortable if you often wear earphones. A freshly pierced tragus may keep you from them as it heals. The thickness and size of the tragus also tend to determine the level of pain one has during the piercing itself.

Expected healing time: 4 to 8 months

What is the Anti-Tragus Piercing?

With the anti-tragus ear piercing design, the earrings go through the fold of the cartilage located at the top of the lobe. This stacked ear piercing area is typically the highest point of the ear cartilage, sitting opposite the tragus.

Estimated healing time: 6 to 8 months

Daith Piercings

If you love hoops, the daith piercing may add the perfect aesthetic to your look. This piercing goes right through the inner ridge of cartilage. Hoops tend to hug the cartilage just inside the ear and have a stunning appeal if the cartilage width is ideal for this aesthetic.

Expected healing time: 6-10 months

The Appeal of Rook Piercings

Woman Getting Her Ear Pierced

A rook piercing is found nestled by the ear’s inner ridge, right between the inner and outer conch. Since the cartilage is thicker here, be prepared for a more painful piercing, but one known for its edgy aesthetic and distinct addition to any earring stack.

Estimated healing time: 6 to 10 months

Consider a Conch Piercing

conch piercing is quite a popular look and makes an incredible statement to your earring stack look. This stacked ear piercing is located through the cartilage forming the back of the ear.

If you’re looking for a dramatic look, the conch piercing is ideal, as it’s closer to the ear canal for all to admire. While it can be a bit painful, it offers versatility and style with your stacked ear piercing arrangements. Consider small hoops and playful gemstone studs to complete your unique look.  

Estimated healing time: 6 to 12 months

Where is a Snug Piercing Located?

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The sassy snug piercing will send your earring through the cartilage located on the ear’s outer ridge. Always a fun, fashion-savvy look, the snug adds a bold statement to your stacked ear piercing aesthetic. Just be prepared for a longer healing window.

Estimated healing time: 8 to 12 months

The Versatile Orbital Piercing

Orbital piercings are amazing additions to earring stack looks, with your jewelry going through two or more piercings. While it’s more common to see in the ear lobes, it can be done in various parts of the ear.

Estimated healing time: 6 to 8 weeks.

Industrial Stacked Ear Piercing Desigm

You’ll typically find an industrial piercing involves two piercings in the ear's cartilage. One earring will then connect these two holes. If you haven’t seen Kylie Jenner’s industrial piercings splashed across social media, it makes inspirational eye candy for your stacked ear piercing ideas.

Expected healing time: 6 to 12 months

The Flat Piercing

Marco Bicego Siviglia 18K Yellow Gold Triple Drop Earrings

This piercing will sit through the 'flat' skin area, just below the upper rim of the ear between your ear canal and cartilage. While stunning alone, it can also be worn as part of an earring stack favorite combined with other cartilage piercings.

Expected healing time: 6 to 10 months

The Beloved Constellation Piercings

Coined by the coveted celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson, constellation piercings are a site to see. The brilliant stacked ear piercing design creates a cluster of piercings for earring stacks to resemble a constellation.

Estimated healing time: Will depend on the location of the cluster

Our Favorite Ideas for Stacked Ear Piercings

There are endless ways to design your earring stacks. While there aren’t any set rules to creating a stacked esthetic, our fine jewelry experts are more than happy to share their favorite ideas for your new look.

Some of our favorite earring stack ideas include:

  • minimalist approach
  • focal point earring
  • playing with color

The Minimalist Approach

If you’re just dipping your toes into the luxury of earring stacks, we recommend starting with one shape or style of earring, varying in size for your stacked ear piercing location. Whether it’s delicate studs or dainty hoops, envision a minimalist approach to get your feet wet with the trend. It offers the perfect everyday look to take you from daytime errands to night out with the ladies. From there, the sky’s the limit!

The Focal Point Earring

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Another favorite for new earring stackers is creating a focal point earring. Start with your earlobe piercing and select the main earring you want everyone to be drawn to. Whether it’s a dazzling gemstone stud or a gorgeous two-toned hoop earring, make it the star of the show as you create your look around it. But don’t forget to choose an earring style that suits your facial structure for optimal appeal. 

Playing with Color

Rather than focus on a variety of earring styles, change your focus to the color palette. Experiment with your favorite colors of brilliant sapphire studs or bold birthstone jewelry. Mix and match, creating new styles and looks and emphasizing every outfit.

Our Best Earring Stack Styling Tips

From elaborate outfits for a night on the town to charming stacks for a casual afternoon, your stacks can add the perfect touch to any look you put together. Start your new earring stack with styling tips our experts think you’ll love.

1. Embrace Your Earring Style

When it comes to creating a unique earring stack, it all comes down to your own styling preferences. Begin by taking into account the shape and size of your ears when selecting pieces like diamond stud earrings. Earring stacking allows you to show off your individual taste and creativity. We encourage you to experiment with various textures and styles to create stunning and personal ear stacks that reflect your personality and encourage self-expression.

2. Express Yourself Through Minimalism

Our earring stack experts recommend using contrasting textures to add to your minimalist stacked ear piercings. From mixing metals like silver and gold to pairing hammered gold with high shine, your options to add depth and visual interest are limitless.

3. Hype Your Look with Hoop Earring Stacks

Yellow Gold Endless Rectangle Hoop Earrings

Hoop earring stacks offer a versatile and timeless look. Your stacked ear piercings were made for hoops of all styles, sizes, and widths. The way in which you stack hoop earrings will likely depend on your stacked ear piercing arrangement and the occasion you’re styling for.

Play with your options by blending different textures and styles to add visual interest. While you’ve seen many hoop earring stack ideas featuring daring triple drop earrings, bold bar studs, and an ear cuff to highlight the stack, there are no rules to the hoop stack. Draw inspiration from your look of the day and create a style all your own.

4. The Everyday Earring Stack

Create a go-to earring stack that suits any wardrobe and any style. With dainty earrings that add a touch of class and elegant accents to fuse your personality, you’ll always be in control of the statement your earring stack makes. From minimalistic stud earrings to delicate diamond huggies, ear climbers, and drops, you can create a cascading effect that highlights each stacked ear piercing location.

Your everyday earring stacks don’t need to be subtle or boring. Create exciting and unique themes or designs to show off who you are. From dazzling diamonds to your favorite colored gemstones, your everyday earring stacks can even vary between lobes. Let your stacked ear piercings complement your look while representing who you are. 

Quality Jewelry is Key

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Our best styling tip is to have fun and be creative while keeping one thing in mind: quality is better than quantity. As with any fine jewelry addition to your collection, quality is key.

From a beautiful stud that meets the 5 C’s of a diamond to selecting a metal of high quality and durability, your earring stack quality counts. Your piercings will heal correctly with quality posts, and you won’t be left worrying about loose or lost stones. It’s always wise to select your earring stack pieces from a reputable jeweler who has your best interests at heart.  

We know you’re anxious to get started on your new ear piercing designs and earring stack ideas. We invite you to stop by a Fink’s Jewelers near you to browse our extensive collection of earrings and allow our knowledgeable team to help you create a stack that highlights your unique look today.