Celebrating 14 Years with Gold Jewelry Gifts

Woman Wearing Three Large Gold Chain Bracelets

As your 14th wedding anniversary approaches, finding the perfect present can be a bit challenging. By year 14, you may be feeling as though you’ve exhausted all your best anniversary gift ideas; but that’s where we come in. At Fink’s Jewelers, our fine jewelry experts are happy to help you celebrate this milestone by finding the perfect 14th wedding anniversary gift for your significant other.

Commemorate this special moment with a stunning gold necklace for her or a pair of 18K gold cufflinks for him. If you’re struggling to think of the ideal 14th anniversary jewelry gifts, we’re here to help make it a memorable shopping experience.

What is the 14th Anniversary Gift?

Yellow Gold Oval Link Bracelet

While ivory is the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift, gold is the designated gift on the modern list. A stunning fine jewelry piece set in gold metal always makes a beautiful addition to her jewelry collection. From a striking gold bracelet to dangling gold earrings, you'll find our collection of gold jewelry gifts has something for every spouse’s taste.

Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gift Lists Explained

While many still honor the Traditional Anniversary Gift List, the modernized version expanded anniversary gift ideas to include ideas more well-suited for today’s modern couple.

The modern gifting list continues to offer meaningful suggestions to mark your treasured years together. However, with the updates to the traditional anniversary gift ideas list, you’ll find an array of incredible, yet more practical, keepsakes, including the addition of:

  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Themes
  • Gemstones

What Does Gold Symbolize?

Yellow Gold Diamond Link Dangle Earrings

Gold symbolizes prosperity and compassion, making it an excellent choice for your 14th wedding anniversary gift. While there are various colors and karats of gold to select from, they all hold the same beautiful meanings that can express your precious years together.

Gold also represents: 

  • Success
  • Luxury
  • Wealth 

Gold is a timeless precious metal option that appeals to both men and women, offering endless choices for your significant other’s 14th anniversary gift.

What Makes Gold Jewelry an Excellent Anniversary Gift Idea?

Gold jewelry gifts offer a classic look no matter what style you select. From bands to bangles, gold jewelry is versatile, durable, and affordable. It even pairs well when layered with multiple precious metals, creating the opportunity to mix and match your jewelry. 

What Are the Color Options for Gold Jewelry?

Gold jewelry gifts come in beautiful options, including:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold 

While yellow gold is the most widely used jewelry metal, there are many men and women who prefer white or rose gold. Yellow gold will also vary in its hue from a pale yellow, due to a mixture of added metal alloys, to deep, rich yellow.

How to Select the Ideal Gold Jewelry Gift

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Light Wheat Chain Necklace

There are no set rules when it comes to selecting a gold 14th wedding anniversary gift. Just as you selected her engagement ring style, consider various options, including the karat weight, gemstones, or style of the jewelry piece. Does she lean towards a modern design or appreciate the vintage aesthetic? Would he love the idea of monogrammed jewelry as a keepsake or a traditional gold-link look? There’s an ideal gold gift for everyone. 

Understanding Karat Weight

As you shop for the perfect 14th wedding anniversary gift, you may wish to consider the karat weight of gold. The weight of gold can determine a jewelry gift’s durability and price.

You’ll typically come across gold jewelry in:

  • 14k gold
  • 18k gold
  • 24k gold

Why Consider 14K Gold Jewelry Gifts?

14K gold is made up of 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals. It will offer jewelry pieces more resistance to your everyday activities, wear, and tear. In fact, you’ll find that most wedding bands are designed in 14k gold. Its strong metal alloy accounts for your gold jewelry lasting for decades.

Why Consider 18K Gold Jewelry Gifts?

Roberto Coin Paperclip Link Chain

The most traditional blend of gold and other metals is created with 18k gold. The precious metal is made up of 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals. Due to its higher gold content, you’ll notice that 18K gold jewelry gifts offer a deeper yellow hue than 14K gold. However, this higher gold content will also account for a bit less durability.

Why Consider 24K Gold Jewelry Gifts?

You’ll find 100% pure gold in 24K gold jewelry pieces. While this may sound like the better choice for an anniversary gift idea, 24k gold requires more care and a rather delicate touch. It may not be the best choice for daily wear unless you’re considering the precious metal for her diamond earrings.

Our Favorite 14th Anniversary Gift Options

As you embark on your search for gold anniversary jewelry gifts, we encourage you to browse through a few of our favorites, chosen by our fine jewelry experts. From solid metal bangles to brilliant diamonds set in gold, you’re sure to notice The Fink’s Difference in all our fine jewelry.

1. Gold Anniversary Bands

    Bezel Set Diamond Stacking Ring

    A commemorative gold anniversary band is sure to make your 14th wedding anniversary celebration special. Whether she stacks it with her wedding rings or you’re upgrading his band altogether, a beautiful anniversary band is an ideal keepsake. 

    2. Gold Bracelets

      We offer a vast selection of gold bracelets in modern and traditional styles. Grace her wrist with a stunning gold bracelet or add gold links to his jewelry collection. From dainty to bold, we have something special for everyone’s taste. 

      3. Gold Earrings

        Say happy anniversary with a lovely pair of gold earrings this year. Our earring experts are happy to show you our stunning collection of gold earrings, from casual to formal styles. Whether you select a pair of everyday studs or diamond earrings designed to command attention, we have just what you’re searching for. 

        4. Custom Gold Jewelry

          Classic Bordered Monogram Cufflinks

          If you’re still having trouble deciding on the ideal gift for your celebration, consider a custom gold jewelry gift. Our skilled jewelers and design team love helping couples create unique gifts for all occasions. From recreations and incorporating heirloom jewelry to one-of-a-kind designs, our custom jewelry design service will turn your vision into reality.  

          For your 14th wedding anniversary, we invite you to stop by and view our exquisite gold jewelry gift options today.