Planning Your Home Proposal

Planning Your Home Proposal

Congratulations on taking this next step in your relationship! Now, take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy the process of planning an incredible home proposal. Planning a marriage proposal can be a time full of nerves, excitement, and high emotions. Depending on how naturally creative you are, you may be searching for a new wedding proposal idea or two. Well, you’re in luck – we love helping create fabulous proposal ideas and have plenty of ideas to share and tips to offer.

Are you one of many who have been sheltering at home, wondering how long you’ll have to prolong your proposal plans? No worries. We’ve put our heads together to offer you a complete guide to shopping for the ideal diamond engagement ring from home and pairing it with an at-home proposal the two of you will never forget!  

Making Adjustments to Your Proposal Plans

Man Proposes to Woman in Their Home

The world is making countless sacrifices and adjustments lately, and unfortunately, engagements and weddings are on that list. But don’t let that spoil your big moment. There are plenty of creative options to explore, so don’t let COVID stop your engagement plans. Your love and commitment to each other far outweigh the speedbump of sheltering at home. Surprising your significant other with a memorable proposal is certainly not out of reach.

9 Best Home Proposal Suggestions

If you already have your diamond engagement ring but still need the ideal home proposal idea to complete the special moment, here are some of our favorites:

1. A Photographic Trip Down Memory Lane:

Depending on how long the two of you have been together, this may take a bit of organizing. But trust us, you’ll enjoy the journey, making this entire experience even better. Fill your home with your favorite photos of your relationship. Designate a room to fill or start at the door and create a timeline trail of images leading to the spot you propose.

There are many clever ways to display your photos. You can attach them to the ends of balloon ribbons or have a few of the most meaningful images blown up and displayed on the walls. Think outside the box and make it a fantastic display of your time together.

2. The Candlelit Proposal:

Man proposing to girlfriend with candles all around them

You may be thinking – isn’t that overdone? But it’s probably safe to say your significant other has not had the pleasure of experiencing this romantic gesture.

Set up a safe pathway and areas for your candle display, whether on the floor or lining counters. Time it just right, giving yourself plenty of time to turn off all lights and have all candles lit just before the door opens. Your candles may end at a romantic candlelit dinner, a fancy dessert set up on the balcony, or a beautifully lit bubble bath waiting. You may even decide the candlelit path ends with your on a knee, holding the diamond engagement ring.

3. Breakfast in Bed:

If your significant other is a breakfast lover, this one will be a big hit. Wake up early so you can prepare and surprise her before she wakes up. If you don’t live together, no problem. You can still prepare or pick up her favorites and surprise her at the door with a breakfast tray or picnic basket. Serve her breakfast in bed with your diamond engagement ring among the buffet of food; hide it strategically - and carefully - in the meal.

4. A Night of Your Favorite Movies:

Couple Watches a Movie at Home

Movie night is always fun, and if it's something the two of you enjoy doing together, why not make it a romantic movie night to remember? Plan an evening with a glass of wine, favorite showtime snacks, and a bowl of popcorn with the diamond engagement ring box hidden inside

Create a Personal Movie

Want to do something spectacular for a movie night proposal? Put together a video of your favorite photos together or video clips of the two of you. When she’s expecting the movie to start, your heartfelt video will debut instead. Add on a recording of you sharing what you love about your time together before the big proposal. When she looks over, you’ll be presenting her with a dazzling diamond engagement ring.

5. An Outdoor Proposal Under the Stars:

There are so many romantic decorations you can set up for an outdoor proposal. Start by stringing up lights or adorn the trees with lanterns. Create a beautiful setting for dinner and dancing under the stars.

If you’re both camping enthusiasts, set up the tent or just roll out the sleeping bags and invite her to spend an evening of stargazing. Perhaps you have a pool, and she would enjoy a late-night swim by candlelight and romantic music. Outdoor proposals offer endless possibilities for a romantic engagement, so be creative.

6. A Karaoke Proposal:

Couple Sings Karaoke at Home

Many couples are karaoke lovers and miss spending a fun evening unwinding with friends, enjoying the spotlight with a little karaoke action. Why not recreate karaoke night at home? You can order equipment without breaking the bank or find karaoke apps on your phone. Decorate the room like your favorite karaoke spot - have a variety of beverages and snacks around and have some fun! Choose a meaningful song, or perhaps one you usually sing together for working in your proposal as the grand finale. You can even tie the diamond engagement ring onto the microphone for a final duet.

7. Board Game Proposal:

If you’re a couple who lives for game night, a board game proposal will score lots of points. Set up a favorite game and plan out how and when you will propose. This may be a love note on a specific Monopoly card or extra pieces of scrabble tiles with a message she’ll stumble upon later in the game.

8. At-Home Scavenger Hunt:

You can also create an elaborate scavenger hunt throughout the house. You may choose to have the ring at the end of the hunt, or you're there waiting patiently, there are so many opportunities with a scavenger hunt option. Create clues with meaningful hints or come up with humorous riddles. If you're tech-savvy, send clues on various devices around the home. Keep it fun and exciting with no hints of what’s to come, so there’s no doubt it will be a surprise

Dog with red bow on sniffing small red gift box9. Pet Proposal:

We all love our pets, so it’s no wonder couples are often including them in their proposals, engagement photos, and wedding ceremonies. If this describes your family, including your pet will make for a teary-eyed surprise. If you don't have a pet, but it's come up in a conversation or two, it would be incredible to gift her with a cuddly puppy with a diamond engagement ring on its collar.

    Preparing for the Proposal

    With all the planning and prepping a home proposal takes, don’t forget to go through your checklist of smaller details you’ll want to have in place. Here are some of our most helpful tips:

    • Record the proposal! Whether you have a video recorder or phone, invest in a small tripod and place it strategically. You won't want to miss this moment. Test out your device before the big moment, ensuring lighting, focus, audio, and angle are all ready to go. If you're with family or roommates, consider having one of them record the happy moment.
    • Be mindful of the time you plan to propose. Choose a day free of commitments. The time of day is helpful too – you want to allow enough time to enjoy the happy occasion rather than risk an exhausting, late-night mood that may put a damper on the surprise.
    • Plan ahead for guests! If there will be family joining in on the surprise, plan with them, ensuring they are there and hidden with plenty of time to spare. You won't want your significant other popping in early and spoiling your plans.
    • Are you planning a romantic dinner? If you don't know your way around a kitchen, you may want to consider a test run of your meal or even a little backup plan, just in case.

    Finding the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring Online

    Round Diamond and Twisted Shank Engagement Ring

    While planning the proposal may seem like a colossal task, finding the diamond engagement ring to make your loved one’s dreams come true will undoubtedly keep you busy. There are many things to consider while browsing for the diamond engagement ring that will represent your bond and decorate her finger forever.­­­ There are also a few essential items to have on your checklist while shopping for your diamond engagement ring online.

    Choices to Consider when Choosing an Engagement Ring

    Think about the metal you are looking for as you search for the ring. Does your significant other have a preference? What type of jewelry does she currently wear most? There are gorgeous options, from rose gold to platinum, so gather as many clues as possible to ensure you choose the metal that suits her finger best.

    Your diamond engagement ring setting may be an eye-catching solitaire, a jaw-dropping halo, or an incredible sparkling stone in the center of baguette accent stones. Choosing a setting for your center stone can range from a simple and classic look to an incredible cluster of accent diamonds.

    Your center stone is the heart of your diamond engagement ring, so don't take it lightly. The shape of the center stone may be the most exciting part for your significant other, so choose wisely. There is an array of stone shapes to consider, from princess to oval cut, so take time and care to examine a variety of choices before making your selection.

    You may also consider diamond engagement rings that are less traditional, like a beautifully crafted gold band with diamond accents. If your significant other has an eye for elegant design, a white gold texture bezel set band is a stunning choice. From sapphires to colored diamonds, there are no limits when it comes to selecting your engagement ring.

    The 4C’s of a Diamond

    Emerald Center Diamond with Side Diamond Accents Engagement Ring

    All fun aside, there are four basic categories to educate yourself on before you begin your search. While it’s natural to choose your diamond engagement ring’s stone by what catches your eye, it's essential to go through the “4C’s of a Diamond” and inquire about the diamond’s grading report. The 4C’s include:

    • Cut: Don’t confuse a stone’s cut with its shape. The cut of a diamond is important to look at to determine its table size and quality. Stone quality will determine how your diamond will interact with light.
    • Color: While many choose the traditional white diamond, others fall in love with colored diamonds and The color grade, however, refers to the lack of color in the stone. A chemically pure, structurally perfect diamond will not have a hue, giving it a higher value.
    • Clarity: Take your time examining the diamond engagement rings you’re narrowing down. Read through all available information, asking questions if online chat or customer calls are available. Clarity includes tiny “blemishes” easily seen by the naked eye, but online shopping may make this more difficult. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of all the store’s resources to ensure the image is what you’ll be purchasing if you can’t be in the store. 
    • Carat Weight: Some people choose a diamond engagement ring by the size of the stone while others base their selection on price. The carat weight provides you with the measurable weight of a stone. Naturally, the larger a diamond, the more rare and expensive it will be, so select carefully while being mindful of any budgeting needs.  

    At Fink's Jewelers, we have a fifth C for our diamonds. For more than two decades, our family-owned jewelry stores have relied on the expertise of Clif, our fifth C of diamonds.

    Clif hand-selects every Fink's diamond you see in our stores and on our website. While typical jewelers buy in large groups of diamonds – usually all within one grading range – he individually inspects each stone in its entirety.

    Preparing for Online Ring Shopping

    Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Textured Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    While a surprise is a romantic way to go, it can be tricky if your significant other has not been dropping you little hints on the perfect diamond engagement ring. But never fear – we have a few tips and tricks to share.

    Finding the Ring Size

    If you aren’t sure of her ring size, try gaining access to rings she currently tends to wear. If possible, trace the ring on paper. You can also measure the diameter if you have a ruler handy, or a piece of string will do the trick. Ring guides online will help you determine the right size according to the excellent detective work you accomplish.

    Selecting a Style of Engagement Ring

    Sabel Collection 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring with Marquise Shape Accents

    When deciding on an engagement ring style, think back to previous conversations. Can you recall any hints? Mentions of loving someone’s ring? You can also reach out to friends or family members who may have the insight you need to choose the dream ring. You’re bound to find plenty of people who will jump at the chance to help you prepare for this exciting event.

    Here at Fink’s Jewelers, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality diamond engagement ring selection. In fact, we have reinvented the “4C’s” by adding a 5th C – Clif. Clif is our secret weapon, ensuring each and every diamond passes his rigorous evaluation. His expertise deems a stone worthy enough to place on your fiancé’s finger. Find confidence in our promise - If a diamond doesn’t pass the Fink’s 5C’s, you won’t find it in our selection. Let us help you find the diamond engagement ring of her dreams today to complete the perfect home proposal plan.