Gold Necklaces: The Universal Accessory

Four Gold Necklaces on a White Background

Gold jewelry has managed to stay in style for centuries—and it's made a special comeback in recent fashion trends! From royals donning glittering gold crowns to our grandmothers styling their classic pearl and gold necklaces, gold has been worn and adored by everyone worldwide. Even in this day and age, no jewelry box is complete without a timeless, sophisticated gold necklace. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that long, beautiful history?

It's a fact: gold jewelry never goes out of style! If you're looking for the perfect elegant piece to carry on this rich tradition in your own style, look no further than our brilliant, high-end gold necklace designs. Choose between different dazzling gemstone pieces, initial necklaces, and simple gold chains to find a necklace that works for you. But, before you make your life-long purchase, understanding the different features, benefits, and proper care for your gold necklace is essential.

The Beauty of Gold Necklaces

14K Yellow and White Gold A Initial Pendant Necklace

Have you noticed that just about everyone looks good in gold? With three distinctly unique gold colors, anyone can find a gold necklace style that works for them. From monogrammed gold necklaces to effervescent diamond necklaces, gold can make you feel like your best self.  

Whatever your style, gold necklaces always give that pop of shine you need to complete your look. Whether you wear a cross necklace on Sunday mornings or a yellow and white gold initial necklace with your love's name on it, gold necklaces come in an endless array of designs to match your wardrobe and lifestyle. Dress up your everyday business attire or break out a special interlocking gold heart necklace for a romantic occasion—the options are endless. 

Where Can You Wear a Gold Necklace?

Necklaces are the most universal, versatile accessory out there. Whether you're looking for a daily accessory or a special party piece, there's a gold necklace design perfect for the occasion.

Sport a subtle yellow gold burst gold pendant necklace when running errands around time. Pull the shining 14K gold pearl necklace to match your elegant evening wear for a charity gala. When you grow a collection of timeless gold necklace designs, you'll be ready to accessorize for any day of the year.  

The Many Benefits of Gold Necklaces

14K Yellow Gold Pearl Strand

The glitz and glam of gold necklaces come with more than just aesthetics—there are countless benefits to investing in high-quality gold jewelry:

  • Last a lifetime
  • Timeless style
  • Durable
  • Give a symbolic status
  • Offer customizable features
  • Pair with pendants
  • Allows versatile styling 

Setting a Budget for High-Quality Gold Necklaces

Perhaps our favorite part about our women’s gold necklace collections? There's a beautiful piece at anyone's price point. The first step to buying the gold pendant necklace of your dreams is to set a realistic budget for your shopping experience. That way, whether you're hunting down a sophisticated gold initial necklace for the love of your life or a few different chains for a layered look, you can browse within your budget to find a piece that works for your wallet and style. 

You can find high-end gold necklaces at any price, from around $100 to over $50,000, depending on the designer, style, and added ornamentation. Take note of the different engravings and gemstones added to the piece, from dazzling diamond gold necklaces to engraved monogrammed gold necklaces, as these decorations are vital to the look of your jewelry. Everything, from the karat of the gold used to the designer label attached to the necklace, can affect the value—and there are options for everyone! 

Learn About The Most Important Features of Gold Necklaces

Women’s gold necklaces come in endless styles and designs. When you're shopping for your dream piece, it's important to understand these main features to determine if the necklace is the right fit for you: 

1. Karat vs Carat

IPPOLITA Stardust 18K Yellow Gold Crinkle Pendant with Burst Diamonds

Karats refer to the percentage of gold in a jewelry piece, with 24 karat being 100%, 18 karat being 75%, and so on. The other percentage in these measurements refers to the other metals mixed in. But don't let those numbers fool you—each karat has benefits and drawbacks! Understanding gold jewelry karats is the key to finding the perfect gold accessory for you and your lifestyle.

While 24-karat may be the purest amount of gold, it's not the most popular choice for gold necklace designs. Fourteen karat gold jewelry, with a mix of 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals, is the preferred karat amount for designers and wearers alike, as it offers dependable resistance to daily wear and tear. Although this karat contains less pure gold, if you're looking for a forever engagement ring or an ideal gift to give a friend, it allows you to wear your jewelry with minimal worry about damage and dings.

2. Popular Gold Colors and Alloys

When you hear "gold" necklaces, does your mind automatically picture a warm, rich color? Yellow gold is the official term for the traditional gold hue many people think of. This type of gold tends to be a mix of pure gold with copper, zinc, and silver, giving that illustrious yellow color to any design. Consider yellow gold if you're looking for a great hypo-allergenic, low-maintenance option.

White gold gives off a bright sparkle, making it a modern choice for jewelry lovers. White gold alloy mixes gold, nickel, zinc, and copper, making it more durable and scratch-resistant than the classic yellow gold. If you’re searching for an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice beauty, white gold is perfect for you.

Rose gold is a newer alloy style, combining gold with copper to create a color that's not quite gold or pink. The result? Beautiful and subtle blush tones that women around the world love. Durable, stylish, and contemporary, rose gold works beautifully with different gemstones and styles, whether you're searching for a pink heart necklace or rose gold accents. 

How to Choose a Gold Necklace Color for You

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Interlocking Heart Necklace

From searching for romantic wedding bands to finding a beautiful monogrammed gold necklace, the quest of finding a flattering gold is a tale as old as time—and it all comes down to your coloring. Accentuate your beauty with the best gold choice and feel a glow with every wear. 

For those with warmer skin tones, such as olive or rich brown, yellow gold helps illuminate your best features. If you have a paler or cooler skin color, a simple white gold will help enhance your natural beauty. For those with pink undertones, balance out your coloring with a contemporary and stylish rose gold necklace. 

What is Gold Fill?

Gold fill is another popular term for beautiful gold necklaces—but what is it? It's not an alloy mix, like yellow or rose gold—it's just a solid layer of gold bonded to a different metal base like silver or brass. While it may not be pure gold, gold-fill necklaces can give you a similar beautiful look at a lower price point. But, if you want a piece that will last, investing in 14K gold is worth the money.  

3. Chains

Marco Bicego Marrakech Mixed Metals Diamond Necklace

Chains are one of the most important aesthetic choices when browsing for a beautiful gold necklace. To the untrained eye, all chains may look the same—but that isn't the case. When you look at each link in the chain, you'll notice there are different styles to choose from—and they make all the difference in the look of your gold pendant necklace.

The key to selecting the right women’s gold necklace for you is taking note of the length of the necklace chain. Do you want the pendant to fall on near your collarbone? Are you looking for an extra-long piece to help elongate your torso? Different lengths can look flattering on different body shapes and types of necklines—so why not stop into your closest Fink’s Jewelers location to discover what length looks best on you?

Popular Gold Necklace Chain Types:

If you're looking for a gold pendant necklace, the first thing to consider would be the chain. These are some of the most popular and stunning types of chains you'll find in our high-end gold necklace collections:

  • Box
  • Figaro
  • Wheat
  • Rope
  • Cable
  • Curb
  • Ball 

4. Pendants

Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures 18K White Gold Cross Pendant

Adding a pendant to your favorite gold necklace will help personalize your look. Whether you collect a few different chains for endless mixing and matching or buy a ready-made gold pendant necklace, this style is adored by just about everyone. Don a white gold diamond cross necklace or gold initial necklaces with your name to show off your style and personality with a single accessory. 

5. Gemstones 

A simple gold chain is always a stylish choice—but there's a time and a place for dazzling gemstone designs! Gemstones can be incorporated into the chain of a gold necklace or within the pendant. Our favorite designers love creating bold pieces featuring colorful and classic gemstones, from traditional diamonds to elegant emerald cuts. Each luscious gold hue pairs beautifully with different gemstones to create unforgettable pieces with a timeless appeal. 

Which Gemstones Pair Best with The Different Gold Colors?

If you're searching for a yellow gold necklace, something with deep blue sapphire, pink tourmaline, purple amethyst, or black pearls will be stunning. Bright emeralds, plum purple garnets, red rubies, and more complement white gold. Rose gold necklaces look best with vibrant, colorful gems, such as pink sapphires or bright blue aquamarine. And, of course—every metal looks amazing with a clear, high-quality diamond!

6. Styling

Roberto Coin Venetian Princess Flower Necklace

Last but certainly not least, you must consider the style possibilities for each gold necklace you add to your collection:

  1. For an everyday staple, try a charming name gold necklace or dainty gold pendant necklace for a subtle accessory that matches your daily style.
  2. Make a statement with the vibrant and brilliant statement sapphire and diamond gold necklace on special occasions or whenever your outfit needs a boost.
  3. Pearl gold necklaces are a timeless style perfect for sophisticated soirees and upscale events.
  4. Match your gold pendant necklace with similar 18k gold drop earrings or dare to be different and mix and match with silver to partake in the recent mixed-metal trend.
  5. Layer multiple gold necklace chains for a complex and stylish look—and show off all your favorite pieces in the process!

When Should You Gift a Gold Necklace?

Are you looking for a jewelry gift that will last a lifetime and stun your loved ones? Give the gift of gold—in the form of a necklace, that is! Whether buying a heart necklace for Valentine's Day or searching for a traditional 50th-anniversary gift, a women’s gold necklace makes a statement—that you love and appreciate their presence in your life! Choose between different styles, set your budget, and find a piece they'll cherish.

What Can You Do with Vintage Gold Necklaces?

Vintage Gold Jewelry

If you come across a family heirloom or a damaged piece at an antique mall near you, don't count it off! Vintage gold necklaces can be repaired, updated, or customized for continued wear and use. Bring your antique gold necklace to the experts to have it valued and brainstorm creative ideas for the next step, from personalization to jewelry appraisals.  

Proper Care and Cleaning for Gold Necklaces

When you fall in love with a gold necklace, you'll want it to last you a lifetime! If you've chosen to wear it as an everyday staple, it's important to remove the necklace while exercising, swimming, or showering, as it is notoriously a soft metal susceptible to scratches. As you're getting ready for the day, put all hair products, lotion, and makeup on before clasping your gold necklace to limit exposure to chemicals. 

Yellow Gold Bar Baguette Dangle Necklace

Jewelry is continuously exposed to dust, skin oil, and more—so cleaning your gold necklaces every so often should become a routine. Create a solution of 10 parts warm water and two parts unscented dish soap and soak your gold pendant necklaces for a few hours. Scrub them gently with a soft brush, such as a toothbrush, to release any built-up residue, rinse under water, and dry gently with a soft cloth. Go the extra mile and use a jewelry cleaning polish to get that glam and shine gold is known for!

When your outfit is missing something, but you’re not quite sure what, a gold necklace may be the finishing touch you need. Whether you prefer the traditional styles of a simple chain or crave something contemporary and colorful, gold necklaces can be styled in endless ways. With countless gold pendant options and different complementary gemstones and designs, there's a piece perfect for everyone's jewelry box—see for yourself!