Best Tips for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Best Tips for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

If you’re considering making an update to your engagement ring or perhaps upgrading your stones, we have all the best tips to help! Whether you’ve only had your diamond ring a few short years or have been happily married for decades, there’s never a wrong time to make changes to your engagement ring.

Couples choose to make changes and upgrades to their diamond rings all the time, whether it be to update a style or upgrade a center stone. From enhancing your band to adding a pop of color to your engagement ring, there are an array of ways to update the look of your ring. Take a peek at our top tips and unique ideas for enhancing the beauty of your forever ring. 

Why Should You Consider Updating Your Diamond Ring?

Forevermark Setting 18K White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Whether you are about to renew your vows, celebrate a milestone anniversary, or just have a creative itch to make some changes, updating your diamond ring is about personal taste. Many women choose to update for a long list of reasons. Besides, you deserve to have a diamond ring you adore, especially when you wear it every day. 

Reasons for updating your engagement ring include:

  • changes in style
  • budget changes that allow for enhancements
  • changes on personal taste
  • incorporation of an heirloom
  • upgrade to a larger or higher-quality stone 

Couples choose to upgrade their engagement rings more often than you may realize. And trust us when we say it doesn't have to be held off for your 10th anniversary! You can even start with subtle changes to your diamond ring now and add to it over the years to come.

Special Occasions for Upgrading Your Diamond Ring

While there’s no wrong time to consider making upgrades to your engagement ring, there are plenty of special occasions to take advantage of for the big move. Consider making upgrades or updates to a ring to celebrate a special date or event. 

A few ideas for upgrading your engagement ring include:

  • a milestone anniversary such as 10, 20, or 25 years
  • a milestone birthday
  • a special occasion or celebrated date
  • a major life event
  • a wedding vow renewal

Ideas for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

From the simplest change to a striking redesign, there are various ways you can update an engagement ring. Whether you’re planning on changing only a subtle detail or switching the design of your ring entirely, have a look at our suggestions for upgrading your engagement ring. 

Upgrade Your Center Stone

The most popular way to update an engagement ring is by upgrading the center stone. Whether you’re hoping to increase the size or invest in a higher-quality diamond, you’re not alone. In fact, upgrading your center stone can make a significant difference in your diamond ring's overall appearance and value, so you can feel good about your investment. 

The Studio Collection Emerald Cut Diamond Halo and Diamond Shank Engagement Ring

Before moving forward with the center stone upgrade option, make sure you take time to review your options and understand the process. Educating yourself will help ensure you receive the best value for your current and new diamond.

We recommend glancing through your diamond warranty and upgrade information from your original purchase. Often, your jewelry will have options for cleanings, inspections, and an upgrade plan for you to consider when the time is right. However, should you not have this option or wish to purchase through your initial jeweler, Fink’s is always happy to evaluate your stone and offer you the best value and options for your upgrade.

Change the Shape of Your Center Stone

Diamonds come in a wide range of cuts and shapes, from the classic round brilliant cut to the exquisite emerald cut. So if you adore your ring setting but long for a change in the style of your stone, replacing your diamond with a different shape may be the ideal way to go!

Add Additional Diamonds to the Ring or Band

Fink's Exclusive Round Cut Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring Set

If you wish to keep your original center diamond but envision enhancing the overall look of your ring, consider adding more stones. This addition could involve adding a few accent diamonds to the sides of your center stone or turning your ring into a three-stone engagement ring, representing your past, present, and future together.

Alternatively, you can incorporate several accent stones to create a stunning halo setting. The halo is known for its ability to make any center stone appear larger while creating magnificent sparkle and appeal. 

Make Changes to the Wedding Band

Consider updating your engagement ring by making changes to your setting. This change may include selecting a different metal altogether. While you may have once fancied yellow gold, rose gold may suit your style now.

Additional options include:
  • selecting a band with or without diamonds
  • choosing a band with diamonds that line the entire band
  • choosing a band with engraving or intricate details 

Incorporate Colored Stones

Adding a pop of color to your diamond ring is an incredible way to update your piece. Whether you’re a lover of sapphires or desire colored diamonds, you can easily add them as your accent or center stones.  

Buy a New Diamond Ring

Perhaps financial circumstances have changed, and your upgrade affords you a whole new engagement ring altogether! In this case, the sky's the limit with your options. You can update your look with an entirely new diamond ring from precious metal choice to center stone cut.  

Parting with Your Engagement Ring or Center Stone

Not everyone is ready to part with their original engagement ring when updating or upgrading. There are many women who choose to hold on to their ring or stone for sentimental reasons. There are several options for repurposing your original ring, including:

Fink's Exclusive 14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a Marquise Shape Design Shank
  • wearing it on a different finger
  • turning the stone or stones into a necklace, earrings, or bracelet
  • passing it down to children

Even the metal of your original ring can be put to good use. Consider melting the metal and having it reshaped as a charm or pendant. Or, you may wish to use the metal to create your new diamond ring setting. 

Don’t Forget the 4C’s of a Diamond When Upgrading

We highly recommend brushing up on the 4C’s of a diamond before shopping. This preparation is a wise idea for any diamond investment, whether it’s for your center stone upgrade or a new pair of studs.

Each of the C’s plays a vital role in your diamond’s overall performance and value. Understanding the 4C’s will help you prioritize your desires and needs before investing in a stone. In addition, your prior knowledge will help ensure you make a wise diamond investment, ensuring quality, appearance, and value. 

The 4C’s of a diamond include:

  • cut
  • color
  • clarity
  • carat weight    

Fink’s 5th C of a Diamond

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Halo Ring

There’s a fifth C of a Fink's diamond, and it is an instrumental C in setting the standard for all our Fink’s diamonds — Clif. For 30 years, Clif has single-handedly inspected tens of thousands of stones that have come through our doors. He meticulously inspects them, selecting only the best to become Fink’s Diamonds.

We won’t sell a diamond if it doesn’t pass the Clif test. Although every Fink’s diamond is graded by the Gemological Institute of America or Forevermark, Clif’s approach ensures our stones exceed the Fink’s Superior Cut® and Superior Quality® standards. That’s how you know you’re getting the highest quality and value with a Fink’s diamond.  

You can rest easy knowing any stone you choose to accent or upgrade your engagement ring with offers optimal cut, unmatched light performance, brilliance, and durability. If a stone does not meet or exceed Clif’s high standards, then you won’t see it in a Fink’s display case. Even if a stone passes all the GIA criteria with flying colors, our fifth C has the final say!

Trading In Your Center Stone

Fink's Exclusive Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Fancy Yellow Oval Diamond and Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Trading in your diamond at any jewelry store or vendor just won’t do. If you’re not selective and haven’t done your homework, you could end up trading away high quality and value for a larger yet lesser stone.

You may wish to start by reviewing your original jeweler’s upgrade options and programs. Then, compare their offer to those of other reputable jewelers you are considering. When in doubt, visit each jeweler, talk with their staff, and view their selection of stones.

To avoid sacrificing the quality and value of your diamond ring’s center stone, review the 4C’s of a diamond and get to know the jewelers you are considering. Ask friends and family for references before you venture out. Review ratings of the stores you wish to visit. Look into their credentials and certifications before trusting just anyone with your upgrade. 

The Fink’s Diamond Upgrade Plan

If you are part of the Fink’s family, your engagement ring purchase came with a Fink’s Diamond Upgrade Plan and guarantee. We designed our upgrade plan so that every time you glanced down at your forever ring, your eyes would light up just the way they did the very first time you laid eyes on your ring.

Being a part of our Fink’s family means we offer you a Diamond Upgrade Program that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations. Our upgrade program allows your stone to grow as your wants, needs, and finances do.

When you purchase a diamond at Fink’s, you will always have the option to upgrade. In addition, we offer you your total purchase price when you choose to return to us for your diamond upgrade and select a stone that is equal to at least your original purchase price, plus 50%.  

Although the program only covers your center diamond, our Diamond Upgrade Program offers you the luxury of upgrading the focal point of your engagement ring at any time. We ensure your upgrade will include a high-quality stone without the loss of value of your original stone. We want you to be confident in your upgrade investment.  

Options for a Unique Ring Design

Marquise and Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Our favorite reason for a diamond ring update is to take advantage of creating your own unique ring. In fact, we have a design team dedicated to helping you bring your visions to life and design an entirely new engagement ring! So whether you're going big, bold, or more beautiful than ever, updating your diamond ring with your own design is simply priceless!

There's no debating that choosing the path of a custom engagement ring adds unmatched sentimental value. There’s nothing more precious than glancing down at the diamond ring perched upon your finger, knowing you designed it together. And no one will have your one-of-a-kind design.

Choosing to design a custom diamond ring as your upgrade allows you to start from scratch and tailor it to your vision. First, consider your current style, metal preferences, accessories, wardrobe, and personality as you create. Then, add touches of your unique taste to create the updated ring of your dreams!

With the assistance of our highly skilled design team, you can feel 100% confident that your ideas will be brought to life. Not quite sure how your end result should look yet? Not to worry – our team is skilled in helping you find inspiration for your ring update. From helping you select the ideal metal to drafting design mockups, we’ll assist you with everything you need, from beginning to end. 

Incorporating a Family Heirloom into Your Engagement Ring

Our custom design services don’t stop there! We can assist if you envision a ring update that may incorporate a family heirloom. We are happy to take a look at your heirloom and discuss all possibilities for your design.

Whether you’re exploring the option of using one particular stone, accent stones, or melting and using the precious metal, we’ll handle your prized possession as if it were our own. We love helping our customers incorporate cherished pieces into their own jewelry collection and would be honored to help you create yours, too.

Replicating an Engagement Ring Design

Sabel Collection Birthstone and Diamond Halo Ring

Our team is also skilled at replicating jewelry and would love to see what you have in mind. Supply us with photographs, sketches, or the piece itself, and we’ll happily discuss modeling your diamond ring update to your specifications!

If you’d like to add a few modifications here and there, our skilled jewelers are up for the challenge. We want your upgrade to reflect your desires and are ready to create your dream ring with you. Your options are truly limitless with the skilled craftsmanship of our custom engagement ring designers.

We invite you to come in and visit us with all your upgrade and updating questions and ideas. We can’t wait to help you update your diamond ring!