Your Guide to 2021’s Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends

person wearing jeans with hands crossed over each other wearing jewelry

It’s that time again! We welcome fall jewelry fashion 2021 trends with open arms as we say goodbye to summer. The anticipation is over, as the runway gods and goddesses have showered us with what’s in store for fall 2021.

For men and women, this season is all about making a statement. So, get ready to take notes as we give you the inside scoop to achieving this year’s theme of luxurious comfort with inspiration from trends you loved from the '80s and Y2K. You may discover new pairings for your wardrobe and jewelry accessories you never thought possible.

What Sparked Jewelry Trends for Fall 2021?

Sterling Silver Gemstone Station Bracelet

Designers didn’t hold back as they launched their latest visions of what’s hot for fall 2021. The pandemic’s effect on daily routines gave us a waist-up presence across the world. Many of us found ourselves logging in to Zoom meetings and communicating in partial PJs from makeshift home offices. As the world grew antsy indoors, jewelry became the way to add a splash of life back into an otherwise dreary situation.

It’s no surprise fashion nodded its head at this growing trend and ran with it. The overwhelming need to reestablish a bit of normalcy was becoming more evident. As jewelry and hair accessories decorated school and work screens, the attempt to let personality and fashion shine through were succeeding. Luxurious comfort soon became fashion’s answer to adapting to our new life of loungewear with a twist of glam.

A Throwback to the '80s and Y2K Fashion

The pop of color resurgence is no surprise, as we’ve seen the popularity of '80s fashion grow over the last couple of seasons. Back are the big belts with jeweled heart-shaped buckles. Layering is a must once again for clothing and jewelry. Ask anyone amid the current fashion scene, and they tell you gold should be bold, and color can always be brighter. 

Sterling Silver Hammered Jet Set Earrings

The bright lights of neon are no exception. You’ll find the fashion trend across casual and formal wear with accessories making a huge splash. If you thought you’d seen it all in the '80s, designers have meshed the best of neon and diamonds to create jewelry that amplifies your outfit.  

Y2K’s spirited teen fashion trends also lend inspiration to many Fall jewelry fashion 2021 trends. Bringing back the symbolism of hope and cheer, Y2K-inspired jewelry includes many trend-follower favorites. 

Among the returning Y2K trend favorites are:

  • multi-colored beaded women’s bracelets
  • stretchy necklaces and bracelets
  • cute nostalgic charms  

We can’t help but share a few of our favorite fine jewelry pieces that give off that nostalgic vibe. The return of multi-colored, mood-enhancing accessories is enough to enhance the look and feel of any comfy casual ensemble. 

Favorite Pieces with Nostalgic Style

Gold Lollitini Long Gemstone Station Necklace in Multi Colorway

The Lollipop collection from IPPOLITA always holds a spot in our hearts for its spirited designs. The multi-colored Gemstone Station Bracelet pops against the sterling silver. Offered in four gemstone designs, the colors are a delight on any woman’s wrist. 

If it’s color you’re after, the Lollipop Collection’s Lollitini Long Gemstone Station Necklace in Multi Colorway will bring nostalgic vibes to all who set their eyes on it. The 36-inch necklace evokes happiness with its colorful stones.

Gemstones include:

  • Green Gold Citrine
  • Peridot
  • Mother-of-Pearl
  • Prasiolite
  • Amethyst
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Blue Topaz
  • Turquoise
  • London Blue Topaz

Staple Pieces in Fall Jewelry Trends

Rose Gold Cushion Cut Morganite and Diamond Ring

Exaggerated earrings, bold necklaces, and colossal cocktail rings, in particular, can be seen sharing the spotlight of many fall fashion looks. The runways, flooded with oversized statement pieces and layers of fine accessories, proved joy in fashion will prevail whether you’re still working from home or heading back to the office.

While comfortable clothing still dominates the catwalk, standing out by dripping with fine jewelry is the takeaway for the season. Although it may seem extra, piling on the bling is the key to turning dim to dazzling. So, break out your Rose Gold Cushion Cut Morganite and Diamond Ring and flaunt that 4.10ct stone.

Command Attention with Show-Stopping Women’s Earrings

Big and bold is better as you dress the lobes this fall. So be outspoken with your earring choices, from magnificent diamond earrings to colorful, oversized drops. You may also be thrilled to hear the hoop earring remains a staple in this season’s must-have jewelry collection. 

Favorite Women’s Earrings for Fall

IPPOLITA takes hammered silver to the next level with their Classico Sterling Silver Jet Set earrings. The free-flowing circular dangle earrings are just what this season’s whimsical knitwear needs as a go-to accessory.

Diamond Hoops Small Diamond Hoop Earrings

If you thought your diamond earrings would spend another year tucked away, you couldn’t be more wrong. So, show them off proudly on your next conference call. Better yet, you deserve a pair of Roberto Coin’s Perfect Diamond Hoops earrings to dress up your look. These 1.00 cttw beauties will add the perfect pop to your waist-up presence.

If you haven’t jumped on the pearl fashion wagon, now’s the time! Even if a necklace isn’t in your fall fashion forecast, Silver Teardrop Mother-of-Pearl earrings should be! The dangling pair accented in sterling silver is sure to raise brows.

Make an Impression with Stunning Statement Rings

18K Yellow Gold Squiggle Multi-Row Ring

Did you ever doubt the statement ring and fashion cocktail ring would make a comeback? Well, they did, and in a big way! Fall fashion calls for stacking them tall and wearing them proudly on any and every finger.

Vogue has embraced the look, dressing their models in statement rings on nearly every finger. Whether you’re recreating a casual look or stepping out in style, dress those fingers to impress, ladies!

Favorite Women’s Rings for Fall

One of our top picks for finger flare is the Marco Moore 14K Yellow Gold Green Amethyst, Blue Topaz, and Diamond Coil women’s ring. You haven’t experienced stunning until you’ve laid your eyes on this magnificent cocktail ring. Its magnificent pear shape stones and accent diamonds are in high demand, and we can see why.

Green Amethyst, Blue Topaz, and Diamond Coil Ring

If you’re more of a sapphire girl at heart, our Sable Collect has the cocktail ring you’ve been dreaming of. The Sapphire and Diamond Five Row women’s ring is strategically set in 14k white gold for optimum brilliance.

Stacking rings are always a favorite, and we’re excited to see fall trends piling them on. IPPOLITA’s Classico Squiggle Multi-Row women’s ring offers an artistic touch to the stacking ring style. Set in 18k yellow gold, it’s right on track to meet the demands of fall trends.

Dress It Up with Layered Necklaces and Singular Pendants

The art of necklace layering never gets old. But, this fall, there's no need for hasty decisions when adorning your neck with multiple strands is just what the runways call for.

The singular pendant gracing your neckline continues to make a statement this season. Spruce it up with a colored gemstone to add to your ensemble. There are many options for pendants to show your unique style.

Fringe wardrobe offers a substantial focal point of jewelry inspiration this fall. The whimsical flowing strands of gems and pearls take any outfit to new heights.

Favorite Women’s Necklaces and Pendants for Fall

Square Pendant with Diamond Pave

A casual dressed workday from home can still be paired with your favorite diamond pave pendant. The intricated design surrounding the stones of this square pendant polishes off your look of luxurious comfort.

Layering necklaces are never complete without a Diamonds by the Inch piece. The five-station diamond necklace boasts .23 cttw delicately encased diamonds on a 16–18-inch white gold chain. It’s the ideal choice to pair with your current collection of necklaces for a trendy fall look.  

The whimsical style of fringe fashion trends makes the Triple Ruby and Diamond Drop Pendant ideal. The dainty yet dazzling oval rubies sway around the neckline, adding playful color to any attire.

Another fringe-inspired fine jewelry necklace we adore is the Paradise Multi-Stone necklace from Marco Bicego. The mixed gemstones are brilliantly displayed and paired with the richness of 18k yellow gold.

Your collection of fringes wouldn’t be complete without a diamond necklace delicately draped around your collarbone. Our Sable Collection offers a beautifully designed Dangle Station necklace in yellow gold with .50 cttw white diamonds.

Stacking Women’s Bangles and Bracelets to Enhance Your Look

If your necklaces are layered, bracelets should be, too! Trendsetters did say more is more for Fall 2021. While stacking your bracelets and bangles is nothing new to the fashion world, this season, keep adding more.

Favorite Women’s Bangles and Bracelets for Fall

Yellow Gold Five Stone Bangle

One of the best bangles for stacking is the gold Five Stone Bangle from IPPOLITA. We can’t recommend them enough for those looking to be on trend with this fall’s fashion list. The collection comes in three-stone options, making it ideal for meeting that colorful '80s vibe.

If you’re a silver bangle lover at heart, you’ll have four variations to stack in this collection.

The bangles themselves are designed to create a hint of separation between themselves, highlighting their uniqueness within the group. Wear them with bangles of various widths to create a unique look with your outfit.

The Primavera Twist Bracelet with Diamond Station is perfect in yellow or white gold. The intricate twist design adds to the appeal of this fine jewelry piece.

Men’s Jewelry Fashion Trends

Fall fashion trends in men’s jewelry follow a similar suit for 2021. Men are encouraged to take a bold stance with their accessories to create their luxurious comfort style. From men’s bracelets to statement rings, we have various options for you to meet the trend.

Make a Statement with Men’s Bracelets

Whether you’re more comfortable calling it a cuff or a men’s bracelet, if it’s not standing out, you’re doing it wrong. So, fall into line with the trends of the season with some of our top picks.

Favorite Men’s Bracelets for Fall

John Hardy Men's Bamboo Black Leather Bracelet

John Hardy knows how to create luxury and style in men’s jewelry. The woven Bamboo Black Leather men’s bracelet features are standout sterling silver clasp. This leather bracelet is fashionable and durable to meet all your needs.

John Hardy’s Dot Deco 18K Yellow Gold and Silver men’s bracelet is another fashion-forward statement piece we highly recommend this fall. Pair this chain-style bracelet with your casual attire, comfy sweats, or Sunday best, and you'll always be on-trend.

For the man that’s truly ready to embrace the bold themes of Fall 2021, we have the perfect suggestion! Feast your eyes on the Legends Sterling Silver Naga Double Wrap Bracelet with Bronze Ring Clasp. This finely crafted men’s bracelet commands attention, featuring an intertwined black nylon cord and black rhodium design. This statement piece won’t go unnoticed and is sure to start up a side conversation or two.

Bold with gold isn’t just the theme for the ladies this fall. Our 14k yellow gold Diamond Cut Light Wheat Men’s Chain Necklace is a classic piece with a modern design. The 3.20mm width and 24-inch length pair well with any outfit you’re sporting.

Personalized Jewelry Pieces for Men and Women

Personalized jewelry completes the trends of adding color and statement pieces to your wardrobe. The personalization of any jewelry piece allows you to add a unique, individual touch to your look. From monogrammed rings to zodiac and birthstone necklaces, the style is making yet another comeback.

Favorite Personalized Jewelry for Fall

  • Name Necklaces

  • Unisex Monogram Rings

  • Monogrammed Women's Bracelet

Yellow Gold Sideways Engravable Bar Necklace

Name Necklaces

Our engravable name necklace won't fade with fashion trends. Instead, add it to your jewelry collection as part of a keepsake.  Name necklaces have made a significant return as women have built the trend of engraving their names, the name of a significant other, or their children. Our Sable Everyday Collection Sideways Bar Necklace allows you to add your desired personal touch.  

Unisex Monogram Rings

Make a statement with our custom 18mm Classic Monogram Ring. Offered in gold and silver, you can wear it alone or paired to compliment your personalized necklace.

For a more bold, unique look, consider our Classic Cutout Cigar Band Monogram Ring. This custom jewelry item adds modern appeal to your jewelry collection while polishing off any outfit. 

Monogrammed Women’s Bracelet

Classic Bordered Monogram Toggle Bracelet

If the charm bracelet isn’t quite your style, consider the elegance of a monogrammed bracelet.  Add personalized style to any wardrobe with a Classic Bordered Monogram Toggle Bracelet. The gorgeous link style will catch everyone’s eye as it dangles from your wrist.

Birthstone Rings

Birthstone jewelry is always a conversation starter. So this fall, step up your fine jewelry collection with a stunning Birthstone and Diamond Halo ring. Each 7mm stone is exquisitely featured in a .20 cttw white diamond setting. Whether you're flaunting multiple rings or letting this beauty make a solo debut, its bold performance won’t disappoint.  

This fall, step out and get noticed! From colorful to colossal, get ready to suit up with jewelry that makes a statement.