Wedding Day Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Wedding Day Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Your wedding day is about giving and receiving the most precious gift possible — the promise of a life together. Many couples choose to commemorate the day with a special gift for the bride and gift for the groom. This moment of intentionality to pick a special gift and deliver it to the love of your life will add another element to cherish on your wedding day.


Do the Bride and Groom Exchange Wedding Day Gifts?

There is no better gift than pledging your life to someone, but many couples commemorate their wedding day with a special gift to each other. Before making your way down the aisle, you can take a moment to exchange gifts with your loved one and give a gift for the bride and gift for the groom as a special memento to commemorate the day.


What Type of Gifts Do Brides and Grooms Exchange Before the Wedding?

While the gift options are personal and can vary widely, from a sentimental note to handmade items and beyond, jewelry gifts are a popular choice. There are many jewelry gift options, and having a general idea of what your bride or groom’s style leans toward will help you make the right decision. Consider your options and feel confident in your gift for your groom or bride.

Whether you’re treating her to a new pair of diamond earrings for the occasion or gifting your groom a personalized designer watch, these special bride and groom gifts will be cherished for a lifetime.


When Do the Bride and Groom Exchange Wedding Gifts?

The couple’s exchange can happen any time before the wedding ceremony. Some couples exchange special gifts the night before at the rehearsal, especially if they are to be worn during the wedding. Others wait until right before their ceremony at their first look to give them extra time with each other before the wedding begins. For couples choosing not to see each other until the ceremony, a groomsman or bridesmaid may make a special delivery before the service starts.

Pro tip: If you don’t intend to see each other for the gift exchange, include a heartfelt letter expressing how much you love her. If you plan to give gifts in person, plan out what you want to say to make the moment more meaningful.


5 Beautiful Jewelry Gifts for Your Bride

Finding the perfect jewelry gifts for a bride is as easy as putting a personal touch on what she might wear on your wedding day or on the honeymoon. Personalized jewelry gifts are a treat for any occasion, and your wedding gift for your bride-to-be can be just one more way to show you are always thinking about her.

There is no need to stress about the right gift. Wedding day gifts for a bride don’t have to break the bank, either. As long as you keep her in mind and pick something you know she will wear, she will be thrilled with your wedding day gift.


1. Pendant Necklace

A striking pendant necklace is a perfect wedding gift for the bride. Many brides will want to wear a necklace on their wedding day, and a special pendant from her groom would be a beautiful addition to her wedding ensemble.

While the necklace could be for the honeymoon or other occasions, you will need to find out a few things if your intention is for her to wear it on your wedding day. Traditionally, you will not see the wedding gown before the big day, so ask your bride or one of her friends what kind of neckline the dress has. This will determine what kind of necklace you want to look for.

Ask if she is planning on any other jewelry for the day. If she is wearing all diamonds, for example, you might choose a diamond pendant. If she is more casual, consider an initial pendant to signify her new last name. This gift for a bride might be best suited for a reception add-on or something special for your honeymoon, depending on her wedding day look.


2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A classic diamond tennis bracelet is a beautiful option for a sparkly gift for your wedding day. Gaining popularity over the last century, the tennis bracelet is a versatile and elegant gift for a bride. This would be an easy present for your bride to incorporate into her wedding look, either as a singular bracelet or stacked with her pre-chosen jewelry.

A diamond tennis bracelet will elevate any look with the extra luxury a row of diamonds brings. While a tennis bracelet is perfectly bridal, it also translates to other occasions, making this gift for the bride the gift that keeps on giving.

White gold is the usual metal of choice for tennis bracelets, although it is becoming more popular to stack bracelets with different metals for a multi-tone look. Either way, consider a classic white gold tennis bracelet for your gift for the bride. She’ll dazzle the room as she places her hand in yours as you make your vows to a lifetime together.


3. Monogram Earrings


Branding everything with one’s initials is a style many women love, yet problems arise when a name change makes her collection inaccurate. If your bride-to-be is taking your last name, help her start her monogram journey with her new name with a set of monogram earrings.

Monograms have existed for centuries, but the most popular style currently used is the Victorian format. This includes the first initial on the left, the middle initial on the right, and the last initial displayed prominently in the middle. Some simpler monograms showcase the first and last initial, displayed in equal size.

A gift for brides who love their personalized monograms, earrings are a simple way to celebrate joining together under the same last name. Consider stud earrings for her to wear on your honeymoon as you celebrate being man and wife together.


4. Birthstone Jewelry

A birthstone is a highly personal and thoughtful gift for a bride. Whether you choose a piece with her birthstone or both of your birthstones, you will give her something unique and treasured. Birthstone jewelry gives you a starting point while allowing you to be as creative as you want. The widely- recognized birthstones are:

  • January: Garnet
  • February: Amethyst
  • March: Aquamarine
  • April: Diamond
  • May: Emerald
  • June: Pearl
  • July: Ruby
  • August: Peridot
  • September: Sapphire
  • October: Opal or Tourmaline
  • November: Topaz or Citrine
  • December: Tanzanite, Zircon, or Turquoise 


Your gift for the bride can be a necklace with both of your birthstones, a ring for her right hand with her own birthstone, or a bracelet with the appropriate gemstones. Consider working with a jeweler to make a custom piece she will love and appreciate for a lifetime.


5. Pearl Wedding Jewelry

There is something beautiful and traditional about a bride in pearls. Pearls have a long history in weddings, with the ancient Greeks believing pearls could promote marital harmony — the perfect gift for brides.

Today, a strand of pearls or pearl earrings are often the jewelry of choice for a bride on her wedding day. How much more special would those pearls be if they were a gift for the bride from her beloved?

There are many pearl pieces to choose from, and any would complement or classic a bridal jewelry look:


While picking out a gift for the bride, you can mix and match pearl pieces for a bridal ensemble that will exude timeless elegance. Pearls are versatile and will be worn at events for years to come, reminding both of you of your special day.


5 Great Gifts for Your Groom-to-Be

While picking out a gift for a bride might seem sparkly and elegant, a gift for a groom should reflect his style while appealing to his sentimental side for his wedding day. By the time the wedding day has arrived, the groom has given his bride a beautiful engagement ring. A wedding day gift for the groom is an exciting memento to share the bride’s excitement for their new life together.

There is a wedding gift for grooms of all personalities. As a bride, take time to think about what your beau loves and tailor a gift around that. It could be something for your wedding day or something he will treasure and utilize in the days and months after your wedding.


 1. A Luxury Watch

Nothing is more classic than a sharp-dressed man with an exquisite new watch waiting for his bride at the end of the aisle. A designer watch with a sweet note encouraging him not to be late for the ceremony is the perfect wedding day gift for grooms.

With a variety of wristwatches on the market, there is one sure to match your groom’s style and personality. If he dresses to impress, consider a classy gold and leather watch to wow his coworkers. If a sports watch is more his style, find one that matches the elegance of the day with the utility to make it a lasting investment.

Depending on your wedding colors, you might opt for a watch with a colored face to match your wedding so he can be reminded of your big day whenever he checks the time. What better gift for a groom than one that reminds him every day of the happiest day of his life?

Pro tip: Your jeweler may be able to personalize the watch by adding a special engraving on the back of the case. Let this groom gift express that your love for him is timeless and ensure he never forgets your anniversary when you engrave it with a sweet note and your wedding date.


2. Cufflinks

When adding an air of sophistication to a groom’s wedding day ensemble, cufflinks are an obvious choice for a gift for the groom. Cufflinks help make a man’s outfit look finished and polished, something every groom-to-be will want on their wedding day.

Like the popular monogram gifts for brides, cufflinks can feature a monogram for the groom. This can either be a monogram of his own name or a monogram of both his and her names, with his first initial on the left, her first initial on the right, and their shared last initial in the middle.

Of course, like any other jewelry, a bride can instead pick a gem or special design for her gift for the groom. Instead of a monogram, he may prefer mother of pearl or a silver design to better match his wedding day apparel.


3. Money Clip or Wallet

Every man has to carry his cash and cards, and a classy money clip is a tasteful gift for grooms on their wedding day. A money clip can be as individual as the man himself, with designs ranging from inlaid fossils to classic silver.

Even with the sleek design of money clips, some men still prefer a sturdy leather wallet. If this is the case, pick out a gift for the groom that lends to his preferences. Consider getting his initials engraved on his new wallet as a surprise.

With a high-quality money clip or beautiful wallet, your man can show off his wedding gift for years to come. Every time he takes out his cash or card, he will think of your special day with a hand-picked gift for the groom from the love of his life.


4. Pocket Knife

For the more rugged man, an elegant and useful pocket knife might be the perfect gift for the groom. Hand over an exquisite pocket knife that he will carry regularly to wow him on your wedding day.

Pocket knives, while being extremely useful when needed, can also be incredibly individualistic. With a variety of handle designs and blade variations, there is a pocket knife for every man.

Not only can you pick out a knife that matches your man aesthetically, but you will be purchasing a gift for the groom that he will appreciate learning about. Every William Henry pocket knife, for example, displays beautiful, heirloom-quality craftsmanship and contains a unique serial number to ensure its authenticity.


5. Special Pen with Handwritten Note

Your sentimental man might want something a bit more personal. Consider presenting your beau with a special pen along with a handwritten note as your gift for the groom on your wedding day. A luxury pen used by the love of his life to write a special message might be the perfect gift for your groom.

You can write:

  • Your vows on elegant paper
  • A letter about how much you love him
  • Your favorite memory together
  • The thoughts going through your mind on the eve of your wedding

Either frame your note or hand it to him so he can carry it with him during the wedding ceremony. Every time he uses his elegant pen, he will think about his gift for the groom that wrote the sweet words he cherishes.

There is a lot to think about when planning your wedding, but do not neglect a gift for the groom or gift for the bride. The gift itself will be precious, but the moments you get to receive it and pause to think about the love of your life will be a gift itself on your wedding day. Congratulations!