The Expert Guide to Buying and Styling Men’s Gold Chains

Man Wearing Black Shirt with Simple Gold Chain Necklace

It’s about time we give the same attention to men’s jewelry as women’s. So why not start with the traditional and classic men’s gold chains? Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration for your favorite necklace or wondering what design elements to pay attention to as you shop, we have you covered with the expert’s guide to styling men’s gold chains.

When Did Men Start Wearing Jewelry?

Roberto Coin Designer Gold Chain, 17"

While there have been recent trends inspiring the modern man to accessorize his look, the history of men’s necklaces and other jewelry is a long, age-old tradition. For centuries, men in different cultures worldwide have donned jewelry for countless reasons, from protective talismans to bejeweled chains, solidifying their royal status. While the days of extravagant gemstone crowns and broaches may be over, men in today’s age have adopted a simple gold chain as a way to show their style and add personality to their everyday outfits. 

The Timeless Trend of Gold Men’s Necklaces

Gold chains have been in the circulation of men’s fashion for decades—but why? Perhaps it’s because gold metals bring out the gorgeous undertones and coloring of many skin tones. Maybe it’s because a gold chain can be seen as a societal status symbol. Whatever the reason, we know one thing for sure: every man should experiment with styling a gold chain necklace at least once in their life—it’s just a matter of finding a design you love.  

5 Popular Types of Chain Necklaces

  1. Rope—created with round, tiny links twisted together
  2. Figaro—made of repeating small and large links 
  3. Wheat—created with four oval-shaped stands twisted together
  4. Box—made of small, square links
  5. Curb—created with tiny, circular links twisted and flattened

Where to Wear Men’s Gold Chains?

When worn correctly, a men’s gold chain can complete any outfit for any occasion, whether you’re styling your everyday look to head into the office or your tux on your wedding day! Different designs can add different looks to an outfit, so it’s essential to consider elements like length, width, and ornamentation to make the correct statement. After finding a man’s necklace you love, you’ll feel an instant confidence boost as you dress for any event.  

What’s the Most Flattering Men’s Gold Chain Length?

Petrvs Wolf Amulet in 18K Yellow Gold, 30.6mm

Every man looks suave in a 20” men’s necklace length, which typically falls at the collar bone above the top buttons on a shirt. With this length, you can wear your men’s gold chain above or below your top, depending on your style.  

Pro tip: If you add a meaningful pendant, such as the traditional yellow gold wolf amulet, opt for a slightly longer men’s gold chain to show off the piece. 

Common Men’s Necklace Lengths

While women’s necklace lengths tend to come in a wide range, from dainty diamond chokers to rope-style long necklaces, men’s gold chains stick to more similar lengths—it’s up to you to discover which works best:

  • 18”
  • 20”
  • 22”
  • 24” 

Choosing a Men’s Gold Chain Width

The length isn’t the only qualifier when choosing a men’s necklace—the width can make or break the look. If you aren’t used to wearing a men’s necklace, start with a 2-6 mm chain for a subtle, everyday look. 6-10 mm is thick enough to safely hold pendants, and anything higher than 10 mm in width is a stunning statement piece on its own.  

Understanding Karats for Gold Necklaces

As you browse for high-quality men’s necklaces, watch for the karat number attached to each design. The popular jewelry term “karat” refers to the purity of the gold used in a piece. A common and trustworthy amount for a gold necklace is 14k, which will last for years to come, but the larger the karat number, the higher the value. 

5 Simple Ways To Style a Men’s Gold Chain

Men's 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Light Wheat Chain Necklace

When you find a 14K yellow gold chain necklace you love, you’ll want to wear it as much as possible! Luckily, we have five accessible style tips to help you show off your favorite men’s necklace, whatever the dress code: 

1. Everyday

Wearing a staple jewelry piece can help you look and feel put together with minimal effort. Gold chains can elevate whatever your everyday outfit is, whether you’re wearing it on top of a black T-shirt and jeans or letting it peek out from under a hoodie and joggers. Let your men’s necklace pull your outfit together and make you feel stylish daily. 

2. Date Night

Add a brilliant gold chain to your date night outfit to make your ensemble as special as the occasion! Whether it’s the first date or a romantic anniversary dinner, wearing a gold men’s necklace over a nice sweater or under a classy button-up is the perfect touch. If you have a gold men’s wedding band, a gold chain is the perfect complementary accessory! 

3. Business Attire

In many professional workspaces, men’s fashion can feel repetitive. Show off your personality and style by adding different types of men’s jewelry, like gold chains, to your business wardrobe. Choose from different widths, lengths, and types of chains to personalize the look and make it your own. 

4. Formal Events 

18x13mm Rectangle Original Monogram Rope Cufflinks

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or attending a wedding, men’s necklaces are the perfect accessory for pulling together a formal look. Match the gold chain to your other jewelry pieces for a complete set, whether you wear sapphire gemstone jewelry or dazzling silver monogram cufflinks. Women tend to pull out their best jewels and rings for special events—so why shouldn’t you?  

5. Layered

As you get comfortable wearing men’s necklaces, dare to be bold and layer a few gold chains together! To avoid tangles, start by layering the shortest necklace and add by increasing lengths to don a complete set. Mix with other metals for a modern look, or stick with gold chains for a timeless style. 

With the right confidence, design, and styling, any man looks amazing in a gold chain necklace! After learning the ins and outs of how gold jewelry is graded, the types of chain shapes, and ways to style your piece, feel inspired to wear gold chains in your day-to-day life.