Women’s Wedding Band Style Guide

Women’s Wedding Band Style Guide

Shopping for women’s wedding bands should be a memorable adventure, not a stressful one. If you don’t have a particular style in mind, well, that’s half the excitement of shopping for your wedding band. With an array of beauties to choose from, there are things to keep in mind while browsing for the perfect wedding band. Our wedding jewelry experts have put together an all-inclusive guide to choosing the band that suits your style and pairs elegantly with your engagement ring.

What to Consider When Shopping for Wedding Bands

Plenty of breathtaking wedding bands are bound to catch your eye, but there are a few things to consider before falling in love too quickly. Here are some helpful tips to steer you in the right direction. 

Complementing Your Engagement Ring

Fink's Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Band

Finding the perfect wedding band to complement your engagement ring will depend on your engagement ring style. You may want to keep the engagement ring the center of attention, and selecting an elegant yet simple women’s wedding band will help you achieve this with ease. On the other hand, you may prefer to go all out and let your wedding band be the statement piece, pairing nicely with a solitaire ring. Others choose to add additional sparkle and turn heads with a dazzling duo. 

If you have not chosen or been surprised by your engagement ring yet, there are also a variety of women’s wedding bands and engagement ring sets. Selecting a set helps take the pressure off if you’re shopping for your fiancé to be, or if you prefer to choose from gorgeous sets that are perfectly paired for you already. It truly comes down to your style and taste, so take your time, try them on with your engagement ring, and have fun with your women’s wedding band shopping spree. 

While shopping for your wedding band, consider these 3 things:

  • Price of the women's wedding band
  • Fit and comfort
  • Wedding Band Durability
Wedding Band Price

Typically, the more elaborate your choice of women’s wedding band, the higher the price, so consider your budget and stay within your limits. If the price is a concern, it’s best to go into your shopping spree knowing what range you need to fall within and not overextend yourself.

Wedding Band Fit and Comfort
Fink's 18K White Gold Channel Set Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Band

It’s essential to try on your wedding band choices to account for fit and comfort. Not all bands sit equally upon your finger, so consider how it lays next to your engagement ring, if the band’s width causes discomfort, etc. Besides, you’ll place this gorgeous band upon your finger and wear it forever, so ensure it’s a comfortable choice. 

Durability of Wedding Bands

Choose a women’s wedding band that will stand the test of time, wear, and tear you may put it through. Take into consideration your work or additional daily activities. Is a pave diamond wedding band conducive to your lifestyle? Will you need to worry about loose stones, dings, or scratches often? Select a wedding band that suits your realistic durability needs. 

Women’s Wedding Band Styles

Ladies, you have a tremendous selection to consider when it comes to wedding bands. Narrowing down your choices doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Here are the most popular styles of women’s wedding bands we know you’ll fall for: 

Classic Metal Wedding Band

Fink's 14K White Gold Engraved Round Diamond Wedding Band

The classic metal band has been a tradition for decades. The classic wedding band symbolizes devotion for eternity and is still one of the most popular and timeless women’s wedding band choices.

Eternity Band

Diamond eternity bands come in an array of choices, with the most popular being the all-surrounding diamond eternity band. You will also find plenty of choices when it comes to the stone's cut on eternity bands. Some will feature diamonds halfway around the band, while others adorn the band with sparkling gemstones. Eternity bands also vary in setting, including channel, prong, and pave. 

Pave Wedding Band

The pave style band features diamonds or gemstones that create the look of one continuous row of stones. Diamond melees on a pave band to accent the engagement ring and wedding band itself with their small but brilliant sparkle. French pave set stones receive extra light from their v-cut metal setting, while a scallop-cut pave setting reduces the amount of metal band versus the stones’ visibility.

His and Hers Matching Wedding Bands

Selecting matching bands is one option many couples select. It symbolizes their unity, strength, and bond for eternity. Selecting matching men and women’s wedding bands may mean classic metal styles or a subtle sprinkling of diamonds. Shopping together for a matching pair makes this option even more personal.

Infinity Band

Fink's 19 Round Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Choosing an infinity women’s wedding band signifies a bond with no end in sight. The infinity band holds significant meaning to those who hold symbolism in high regard. Its remarkable design is sure to capture her heart. 

Multi-Stone Band

A multi-stone women’s wedding band adds a more prominent effect to the ring duo. They also hold significant meaning in many cases. A five-stone band may symbolize commitment, love, or mark five years of the relationship. It has a similar look and feel as a half-eternity wedding band, yet typically offers larger stones. A multi-row multi-diamond band offers an excellent alternative to those who prefer a wedding band only.

Curved or V-Shape Band

Depending on your engagement ring style, a curve or V-cut in your band may sit together more appropriately. They also signify good fortune and integrity.

Channel Wedding Band

The channel set band, particularly popular with princess cut diamonds, is usually set in a full or half-eternity style. One thing to note is the channel set wedding band is as durable as it is stunning. You’ll have less worry when it comes to snagging prongs or causing loose stones from your daily dings and bumps. You may even fall in love with our Diamond and Sapphire Channel Wedding Band.

Jacket Wedding Bands

Fink's 14K White Gold Engraved Round Diamond Wedding Band

Consider a jacket band if you wish to enhance the appeal of your ring finger. Jacket bands add stunning style while stepping up your game a few notches. Adding rows of diamonds, one above and below your engagement ring, won’t disappoint.

Whether you’re searching for a timeless vintage band or one with gemstone accents, our wedding ring experts are here to help you find the women’s wedding band of your dreams. Visit one of our stores and let us answer all your wedding band questions today.