Top Jewelry Trends for This Spring and Summer

Top Jewelry Trends for This Spring and Summer

Our accessories include scarves, hats, and mittens during the winter months. But, it's officially spring, which means we can finally dive into layering necklaces and bracelets instead of sweaters and jackets.

Jewelry is small in size but big on impact. Fashion jewelry can take an everyday look and elevate it, transforming workwear into evening wear or a casual outfit into a date night look. Jewelry also has a way of highlighting your best features, so you feel your most confident. Wearing fashion jewelry offers a way to express your creative side without even having to open your mouth. 

Fashion Jewelry Trends Straight From the Runway

As we all learned from the iconic film “The Devil Wears Prada,” what happens in fashion houses worldwide ends up dictating our style choices whether we know it or not. Colors, patterns, and even materials first seen on the runway work their way down into stores across the country and eventually into our closets.

Not everyone can score a ticket to Fashion Week. That’s why we gathered the top fashion jewelry trends from your favorite designers. We're breaking them down so you can rock the newest trends all season long.

What are the Top Fashion Jewelry Trends of 2022?

Roberto Coin Designer Gold 18K Yellow Gold Alternating Round & Oval Link Chain Necklace
  • pops of color
  • big, bold statement pieces
  • necklace layering
  • stackable rings
  • arm stacks

Colorful Jewelry

Give us all the color! The past couple of years have been rough, and after a long winter, you deserve to revel and bask in all the glorious gemstones. Big, bold pops of color are perfect for any age because these pieces can seamlessly fit in with your typical jewelry routine while simultaneously transforming your whole look.

Bold Jewelry

Straight from the runway to your home office, this fashion jewelry trend adds pops of juicy color to your look, even if it feels slightly out of your comfort zone. Earrings are always a safe way to introduce new trends. If you're wearing your hair down, the jewels will play peek-a-boo throughout the day without feeling overwhelming.

Color and bold statement pieces top our fashion jewelry trend list because not only are they bright and fun, but they can work with any other trend that you love. Two trends with one gemstone, does it get any better than that?

What’s the Simplest Way to Add Pops of Color to Your Fashion Jewelry Collection?

Sabel Collection Birthstone and Diamond Halo Earrings

Our Sabel Collection birthstone earrings are the perfect go-to for any time of day or night. They are available in almost any gemstone color or type you could imagine and are delicately encircled in shimmering diamond halos. So go ahead and pick your favorite color. Even if it's not your birthstone - we won't tell.

Layering Necklaces in 2022

We love necklace layering because it's such a versatile style that can be switched up daily to accentuate your outfit or mood. Layering necklaces work for the office, date night, running errands, or meeting the girls for brunch. Switching up your necklace stack by adding or removing different necklace styles can completely transform your entire look when it comes to fashion jewelry.

Are you aiming for a classic look to pair with a crisp white button-down or breezy linen top? Try a solid gold link necklace to add texture to your layered necklace look. Your other necklace layers can elicit more classic styles or match the chain energy with unique and exciting chain styles. Make sure to choose the best necklaces for your neckline when you're putting your layers together.

For cooler skin tones, white gold, platinum, or silver make the best choice for complementing your skin color. Go bold with your base necklace layer with the Roberto Coin diamond and 18k white gold necklace. Unlike the typical prong setting, the bezel setting gives this necklace a more modern look that can work with a little black dress or a T-shirt and jeans.

Fashion Jewelry Necklace Layering Trend Alert: Chains, Chains, and More Chains

IPPOLITA Chimera Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Bastille Chain Link Necklace

We all love a good chain necklace, classic with a little bit of edge. Good news, chains are here to stay! Slim chains, thick chains, multiple necklace layers of chains, there's no wrong way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. So don't be surprised if you start to see chains popping up on handbags, shoes, and even clothing.

3 Favorite Necklace Layering Chains in 2022:

  • classic chain with a twist
  • mixed metal chains
  • diamond accented chains 

Roberto Coin 18k gold chain necklace: Alternating round and oval chain links give the traditional chain necklace a subtle but noticeable facelift. It's perfect as a layering necklace because of its simplistic style with a twist.

IPPOLITA Chimera chain link necklace: 19.5 inches of sterling silver with pops of 18k yellow gold links mixed within. It's the statement chain you didn't know you needed but will complement any necklace layering look.

Roberto Coin 18K Yellow Gold Triple Strand Paperclip Chain Necklace with Diamonds

Roberto Coin triple strand paperclip chain necklace with diamond accents: Why buy one chain when you could buy three? Three delicate gold chains gathered at the top of your collar bone and secured with diamonds - does it get any classier? Layering necklaces doesn't have to be complicated; this piece does all the work for you.

How to Add Pops of Color to Your Necklace Layering

There are three easy ways to add pops of joyful color to your necklace layering game. Start by pairing a colored gemstone pendant necklace with a collar or bar necklace. Then, you can flip this style by choosing a bar necklace that has sapphires, rubies, or both!

Finally, if you’re feeling bold, add gemstones to your necklace layers. You can do this with a bar, chain, or pendant necklace. Even if you aren’t having fun (Hello, Monday morning meeting!), your jewelry should be!

How to Wear Stackable Rings in 2022

2022 is the year of color and drama. This year, the runway had us so excited because when it came to rings, the only rule was that the more rings, the better. So, stack those rings to your heart's content, layer on the color, mix and match styles and sizes, and go wild with stackable rings.

As fashion trends trickle down from the runway to your closet, the bold and innovative trends become less about rules to follow and more of a guide to discovering your individual style. The stackable ring trend is a perfect example.

Marco Moore 14K Rose Gold Oval Cut Amethyst and White Diamond Ring

While the oversized lollipop rings of the runway may not work for your lifestyle, incorporating the heart of the trend can. Mouth-wateringly colorful fashion jewelry stacking rings can come in two main styles for everyday wear.

Add Pops of Color Into Your Stackable Rings With:

  • cocktail stackable rings
  • colored gemstone stackable rings

Cocktail rings first debuted in the 1920s during prohibition and when women were beginning to fight for equal rights. The glamorous and oversized cocktail rings, named after the cocktail drinks made to disguise alcohol, were a woman’s way to express wealth, status, and independence.

Today stackable cocktail rings are the perfect way to bring bold style to your digits, day or night. But, as we said, this year is all about more, more, more when it comes to rings. So don't stop at just one cocktail ring; dress up multiple fingers and get ready to turn some heads.

3 Show-Stopping Cocktail Stackable Rings

Marco Moore 14K Rose Gold Oval Pink Sapphire and Round Diamond Multi-Row Ring

Marco Moore rose gold pink sapphire and diamond cocktail ring: This ring is the epitome of pretty in pink. Seven, that's right, seven oval-shaped pink sapphires are flanked by round diamonds and encased between two rose gold diamond-studded bands. It's delectable on its own, but the double band design makes it perfect as a stackable ring.

Marco Moore oval amethyst and diamond ring: This is the classic cocktail ring with a twist. It features one large amethyst gemstone with two smaller amethysts nestled on either side, encircled by pave diamonds. Anything by Marco Moore will absolutely nail the cocktail stackable ring trend. 

Marco Moore amethyst, blue topaz, and diamond ring: Sometimes, all you need is a hug after a long day, and this insanely beautiful ring does exactly that to your finger. Two pear-shaped green amethysts wrap around your finger to overlap with blue topaz and, of course, diamonds.

Add Gemstones to Your Stackable Ring Set

Marco Moore 14K Yellow Gold Green Amethyst, Blue Topaz, and Diamond Coil Ring

Do you love to stay on-trend, but cocktail rings are a little too much for your everyday style? Never fear; gemstones are the perfect way to inject color into your stackable ring collection. Fashion jewelry doesn’t have to be over the top or completely understated, there’s a sweet spot right in between, and that’s where gemstones live.

3 Gemstone Stackable Ring Trends You Need to Try Right Now

  • gemstone bands
  • upgraded cocktail rings
  • lollipop rings

Diamond and gemstone bands: This style is amazing because it provides that pop of color, and you can stack as many as you want without it overpowering the rest of your outfit. Diamond and gemstone bands were made to be stackable rings. 

Sabel Collection sapphire or ruby double halo ring: The cocktail ring just got a high-end upgrade. This ring features a dreamy blue sapphire or red ruby center stone, two halos of diamonds, and a diamond-encrusted white gold band. Say hello to your new statement piece that will pair perfectly with a diamond eternity band.

The IPPOLITA Lollipop ring: These stackable rings are elegant and trendy - the best combination. Our absolute favorite Lollipop stackable rings are the London blue topaz for its dark and moody hues, mother-of-pearl because pearls are timeless, and the sterling silver and hematite because black is the epitome of cool and classic.

It’s an Arm Party in the USA!

Sabel Collection 14K Yellow Gold Bezel Set Rainbow Sapphire Stacking Ring

Layering necklaces, stackable rings, and arm stacks, also known as an "arm party," are all the rage. We told you this season was all about bigger, bolder, and brighter, and we weren't lying. It's warm outside, and your wrists are no longer confined to long sleeves and coats, so it's time to show them off.

In the same ways that stackable rings can be statement-making, understated, or a mixture of both, the same goes for your arm party. The fashion jewelry pieces you pick for your wrist can be the most fun because there are so many different styles of bracelets or bangles, plus you can add a watch to the mix.

Top 3 Fashion Jewelry Bracelets

IPPOLITA Chimera Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Bastille Chain Link Bracelet

IPPOLITA Chimera sterling silver and 14k gold chain link bracelet: We know (and love) that chains are on-trend for fashion jewelry this season. The only thing better than the IPPOLITA Chimera silver and gold necklace is this matching bracelet. It’s chunky and textured, with enough personality to stand on its own, but subdued enough to easily mix and match with other bracelets in your stack.

John Hardy Classic Chain 5mm bracelet: No chain trend list for fashion jewelry is complete without mentioning John Hardy. When it comes to chains, he’s got you covered, from stacking rings and bracelets to layering necklaces. 

This chain link bracelet is a favorite for its delicate size and diamond accents. Love this style but want to add that pop of color? The Asli Station bracelet comes with blue sapphire accents, and it's the perfect way to combine multiple trends.

IPPOLITA Classic Bangle: She's beauty, she's grace, and she's on-trend. The classic bangle to complement any arm party comes in both gold and silver. It’s also available in a hammered finish for a bit of variety. It's called classic for a reason. Trends aside, a solid sterling silver or gold bangle always has a place in your style line-up. 

14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Marquise Accent Bracelet

Bonus Fashion Jewelry Bracelet: The colored gemstone bracelet. Rubies and sapphires can both pass as neutrals when it comes to fashion jewelry. Layering necklaces, stackable rings, and arm stacks of both gold and silver are accentuated by rubies and sapphires.

If you're looking for a luscious way to add color while remaining sophisticated, these two gemstones are the way to go. For a fun and playful look, adding a variety of different gemstones can liven up any outfit.

2022 Fashion Jewelry Trends: Chains, Color, and Stacks

New trends can feel overwhelming at times. However, we love that this season is all about layering and stacking. Adding to your collection this season will provide you with pieces that will last you for a lifetime.

Choose the trends that best fit your style. Jewelry is an art form, and whatever the trend, the pieces you choose should ultimately reflect who you are.