Discover Your Perfect Cross Necklace Style

Woman Wearing Dainty Cross Necklace with Cream Sweater

Whether you grew up seeing it from the pews of your family church or admire it as a beautiful necklace pendant, the cross is one of the most easily recognizable symbols around the world—so it’s no wonder it's been a staple in jewelry boxes for centuries. From elaborate women's cross necklaces to subtle men's cross necklaces, there's a perfect design for everyone—it's just a matter of finding it! Join us as we break down some of the most common styles of silver and gold cross necklaces to help you find the best fit for you. 

The History of the Cross Necklace

John Hardy Classic Chain Silver Cross Pendant

Cross necklaces are thought to have originated in Ancient Rome when Christianity was recognized as the official religion. The cross itself is a symbol meant to commemorate and honor Jesus's sacrifice during his crucifixion, working as a reminder to all believers that Christ loves them. These religious pendants likely existed before then, but their popularity skyrocketed—and it’s been a beloved jewelry tradition ever since.

Throughout time, from British royals to Hollywood celebrities and more, the cross became an object of status, often being created with glittering gemstones and valuable gold. Whether someone is wearing a cross to show their religious beliefs or make a fashion statement, cross pendants are revered as an essential for many jewelry lovers. Over the years, the popular designs of these men's and women's cross necklaces have been simplified to suit more modern outfits. 

Why We Love Men and Women’s Cross Necklaces

Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures Small Yellow Gold and Diamond Cross Pendant

At first glance, the cross is a very simplistic geometrical shape. With one shorter horizontal line intersected by a longer vertical line, it would be easy for all cross pendants to be plain. But that's not the case! 

Designers have endless room to explore and discover new and exciting ways to spruce up the classic gold cross necklace shape into something brilliant! From elegant diamond-studded women's cross necklaces to bold statement men's cross necklaces, there is no limit to the possibilities. 

There’s nothing more personal than the necklaces and pendants we choose to wear, and every detail on a women’s cross necklace adds to the personal connection a wearer may have. From choosing different gemstones to layering it with other treasured necklaces, you have the opportunity to wear something that represents your beliefs and makes you feel confident in every style. 

3 Reasons to Wear a Gold Cross Necklace

  1. Find strength and protection
  2. Represent your faith 
  3. Make a style statement 

The Most Popular Styles of Men’s and Women’s Cross Necklaces

Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures 18K White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace

High-end designers take pride in creating a wide array of women’s and men’s cross necklaces. From subdued and timeless to sideways symbols, there are countless silver and gold cross necklace designs to choose from. As you start your search, understand the most common styles to determine which you love:  

Simple Metal Cross Necklace

A plain metal cross is a classic for men and women everywhere. If someone were to picture a cross necklace, a simple gold cross necklace would likely be the image they think of first. With no embellishments or high-fashion statement, a plain cross is the preferred choice for minimalist jewelry lovers, making it the perfect everyday staple. Choose from different silver or gold cross necklace metals to suit the rest of your jewelry collection, whether you prefer styling an all-silver set or experimenting with mixed metals.

Brilliant Diamond Accented Cross Necklace

Diamond cross necklaces are a more ornate design, though the number of glittering diamonds in the cross can vary from piece to piece. Some may have a simple diamond where the lines intersect, while others are fully paved in glittering diamonds. Diamonds add an effective sparkle to any woman's cross necklace, drawing attention whenever the gems catch the light. Classic, sophisticated, and oh-so-fashionable, a diamond-studded cross makes a statement.   

Glittering Gemstone Cross Necklaces

Gemstone cross necklaces bring endless possibilities for color and flair. Choose from the bright rainbow of gemstones to find a hue you love, whether it's symbolic sapphire jewelry for your birth month or made with glittering red rubies. Gold cross necklaces that feature gemstones are usually reserved for special occasions, making a vibrant appearance in the most formal outfits, but you can also opt to stand out in your shining women's cross necklace whenever you wish! 

Modern Sideways Cross Necklace

14K White Gold Sideways Cross Necklace with Diamonds

The sideways cross necklace trend has emerged in recent years—especially with the younger generations. Instead of an upright cross pendant, a sideways cross necklace is laid horizontally along the chain.

Sometimes, the long line of the cross is a part of the chain, whereas other times, the pendant of a sideways diamond cross necklace is attached on either side. These women’s and men’s cross necklaces tend to be more delicate and choker length, offering a subtle yet meaningful touch to any outfit.  

Stylish Cross Pendants

If you already have a chain you love, you can invest in a separate cross pendant. Find a stunning silver men's cross necklace pendant to add to your collection or a glittering white gold diamond cross pendant for a women's cross necklace to find the perfect one for your style. Just slip the delicate piece onto your favorite chain and customize your gold cross necklace look.

Why Should Men Wear Cross Necklaces?

It's time to leave the stereotype that jewelry is just for women in the past and admit that men can feel confident and stylish in men's cross necklaces as well! Men's cross necklaces are an effortless way to incorporate personality into an outfit, as well as display his passions. Whether he's more interested in a subdued silver chain or a statement bejeweled piece to match his gemstone bracelet, men's cross necklaces offer timeless style.  

7 Places to Wear a Cross Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

Both women's and men's cross necklaces can be worn for any occasion, whether you reserve your shining gemstone pendant for special faith-related gatherings or care to make a gold cross necklace your everyday staple:

  1. Church services
  2. Everyday errands
  3. Weddings
  4. Birthdays
  5. First communions
  6. Anniversaries
  7. To the office

Between the five popular gold cross necklace styles, there's sure to be one that's sparked your interest! Surprise a loved one with a personalized gift of a women’s cross necklace, or treat yourself to a men’s cross necklace you'll cherish for a lifetime. Visit your local jeweler to browse the amazing designs in person, or shop with us online to see our curated collection for yourself.