Campus Timekeepers: Designer Timepieces

Breitling Endurance Pro Watches from Fink's Jewelers

From the first day of college to your first interview, a grown-up timepiece is a celebratory yet functional gift that will last. A designer timepiece will pair perfectly with jeans and a Stanley coffee cup while heading to class and equally as well with a suit and tie for presentations, internships, and job interviews. 

Choosing a Designer Timepiece

Purchasing a luxury watch is an investment for the future whether as a graduation gift or celebration for a new job or career path. Being timely improves first impressions and shows that you respect other people’s time. When looking for a watch with incredible design, quality materials, and excellent construction consider designer watch brands with a strong brand and reputation for reliability. 

Durable Fashion from Breitling

Breitling Endurance Pro 44 with Blue Strap

Looking for a sporty watch with a fashionable twist? Breitling Endurance Pro with a blue strap is the ideal timepiece for campus life. It's sturdy enough for Varsity or intramural sports while still being fashionable enough to wear on as a statement piece. Lightweight, with SuperQuartz movement and a recycled Econyl strap, it’s young and stylish, just like you.


Tudor Provides Military-Grade Technology in a Sleek Case

A military-grade divers watch with a 70-hour power reserve, a robust titanium case, and enough lume for the darkest lecture hall. If you're looking for an industrial watch that looks more fashionable than casual but can withstand the most intense frat party and underwater rescue dives, look no further than the Tudor Pelagos.

The Tudor Pelagos watches are available in 3 options:

For a timepiece with a rugged steel design and subdued color palette, check out the Tag Heuer Aquaracer. When you want an elegant watch perfect for everyday wear, the Aquaracer is up to the challenge. With 200-meter water resistance and a rugged steel design, elegance meets robustness in this timepiece.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto Watch, Green Dial

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart balanced tradition with innovation, which is the cornerstone of the college experience. 40mm stainless steel, brown leather strap, and sapphires. It has enough flair to show you have style while still holding true to the classics. The Longines Spirit Collection features a playfully casual style. It's ideal for daily wear with a sunray blue dial and sandblasted silver hands.