Forever at Fink's: Melanie and Brandon's Engagement

Forever at Fink's: Melanie and Brandon's Engagement

Melanie and Brandon met the good ‘ole fashion way — through the dating app, Tinder. Melanie had just moved to Richmond, Virginia, when she came across Brandon’s profile, noticing his bright blue eyes. Brandon always keeps Melanie laughing, whether they are cuddling on the couch or on one of their Sunday drives. It’s their favorite thing to do together; driving when its warm, windows down, getting out of the city and driving to the country. In March of 2020, Brandon took Melanie back to her happy place to ask her to marry him. Melanie, without hesitation, said “YES”.

Melanie and Brandon at a Wedding

How did you know that the other was the one?

Melanie: I woke up one morning to him singing Bon Jovi in the shower. He was singing the wrong words and completely off-key, but it made me laugh so hard and warmed my inner Jersey girl.

Brandon: I just did. It was like a love arrow struck me in the butt.

Were you surprised when he proposed? Did you know it was coming?

Melanie:  We had talked about it, but I really had no idea when it was coming, and I definitely didn’t know he had already bought a ring. He was acting very odd that morning, but it all makes sense now. 

How did you decide on an engagement ring?

Brandon: I knew she wanted something different, so I went to Fink’s, and Dave helped me design something she’d love.

What do you love about your engagement ring?

Melanie: It’s not trendy, it’s not classic; it’s unique and special like us.

Custom Designed Engagement Ring Featuring a 1.02ct Marquise Diamond Center Stone

Melanie said “YES!” to a custom-designed engagement ring featuring a 1.02ct marquise diamond center stone with two .46cttw pear cut side diamonds.

What was your favorite part of the proposal?

Melanie: It was in my hometown, on my favorite beach and a surprise. I was so confused at first, but my favorite part was the tears. Brandon was overwhelmed with so much emotion that I couldn’t help but laugh.

What does love mean to you?

Melanie: Love, to me, is more than attraction. It’s emotional support, patience, and caring. It’s trust and care.

Brandon: Love is something I can’t describe. It is when you feel safe, needed, trusted, and at home with someone.

What made you choose Fink’s Jewelers?

It’s Finks! We have friends with long-standing traditions here, and we wanted to make our own by going somewhere trusted.

What was your favorite part of the shopping experience?

The people.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Melanie: Growing our family with this wonderful man. Learning more about each other every day and probably a few more dogs.

Brandon: Kids. Hopefully a few, maybe a new house, and hopefully some dogs.

Engagement Photo of Melanie and Brandon on a Farm

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