Forever at Fink’s: Collin and Taylor’s Wedding

Forever at Fink’s: Collin and Taylor’s Wedding

Sometimes, when going out to eat, you find more than delicious food. For Collin and Taylor, a chance meeting at a popular restaurant has blossomed into a lifelong partnership as man and wife.

Collin said that one day, he went to eat at Texas Roadhouse and could not get the hostess out of his mind. That hostess, Taylor, would eventually be his sweetheart.

“I kept coming back, but it wasn’t just for the food. I would bring all my friends with me so we could keep going back, and I could keep seeing her,” he said of his early infatuation. “After talking for a while and finding out that we both are really into cars, I knew that I needed to get to know her more. I asked her out on a date, and the rest is history.”

When You Have Found “The One"

Both Collin and Taylor knew early on that they were going to spend their lives together. Their common interests and instant chemistry helped solidify the fact that this budding romance was one that was going to last.

“Collin was just everything I was looking for in a potential husband,” Taylor said. “I really liked how ambitious he was and how we have a lot in common.” 

Collin said it was evident in their first few dates that Taylor was “the one” because of how well they got along.

“We like the same things and have similar interests, which made the conversations easy, and the time we spent together flew by,” he said. “After seeing how beautiful Taylor was and how similar we were, I knew she was the one.”

The Engagement Ring

Collin went in with a plan when it was time to start ring shopping. Knowing both Taylor’s and his style, he was able to come to Fink’s Jewelers with a general idea of what he was looking for, and our knowledgeable sales associates helped him find the perfect engagement ring.

“I wanted a timeless and classic ring that would shine for many years to come,” he said. “I knew Taylor liked the round stone and diamonds on the band, so knowing that and discussing with my sales person, it was easy to put one together for exactly what Taylor wanted. I looked through many different diamonds before picking the one I did for Taylor.”

His preparation paid off. Taylor loves everything about her ring.

“The sparkle. The diamond. The band. The two together and how they complement one another,” she said. “My ring has always gotten a lot of compliments and still does.”


Shopping at Fink’s

Collin has a personal connection to Fink’s through his aunt, but he said it was the quality of the gems that helped him know this was the place to find the most important ring of his life. Between the shimmer of the diamonds and the ease of creating a custom ring, Collin said Fink’s was the obvious choice of jewelers for him.

“My favorite part of the shopping experience was how easy it was to get everything picked out for a ring. I knew I wanted to have one custom, so it was easy for me to get diamonds shipped to the store and look through them before choosing the right one. After that, it was as easy as picking the band, and I was done,” he said. “I wanted something that would stand out when the light hit it, and that is exactly what this one does.” 

The Proposal

The sparkle of the ring was a perfect complement to Collin’s proposal. He proposed in the mountains, with nature all around them, creating a beautiful setting they will remember forever.

“It was an overcast, rainy day, but my favorite part was when the sun came out right as he was proposing,” Taylor said. “It was just perfect.”

With the clouds parting for the perfect moment to let the sun reflect on a shimmering, custom diamond ring, it’s no wonder Taylor said yes. It is obvious their love will shine through all of life’s storm clouds and sunny days as they live the rest of their lives together.

A Celebration of Love

Collin and Taylor got married in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, and to make the most of their unique situation, they had an intimate ceremony in the mountains where they got engaged.


“What I enjoyed most about the wedding was how peaceful it was,” Collin said. “We were up in the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooking beautiful scenery and were just with our immediate families. It was very relaxed and I couldn’t imagine it going any other way.”

Then, four months later when restrictions were lifted, the couple celebrated with extended family and friends at a large reception.

“We both really looked forward to the pressure being off from the actual wedding ceremony to just having fun and celebrating at the reception,” Taylor said.

Collin and Taylor’s Future

The happy couple are excited about walking through life together.

Taylor said she is excited about “sharing new experiences and adventures together. It’s going to be fun. 

“I am excited to go through life with my best friend by my side,” Collin said. “Since we enjoy the same things, it’s easy to figure out what we want to do, and getting to do it with my best friend makes it that much more enjoyable.”