Forever at Fink's: Mary Beth and Robbie's Engagement

Forever at Fink's: Mary Beth and Robbie's Engagement

Robbie and Mary Beth knew they were soulmates. Their engagement was meant to be, and we were honored when they chose us to be a part of their love story! Here at Fink’s Jewelers, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the guidance, knowledge, and experience you deserve. We’ll help you find the engagement ring of your dreams and make this an experience you will always treasure. 

Say "Hello" to Mary Beth and Robbie!

Mary Beth and Robbie's love story developed in the heart of Staunton, Virginia and they were engaged on April 15, 2019 in Paris, France. Mary Beth had just relocated to the area for a new job when a co-worker asked to set her up on a blind date. Several months later, Mary Beth agreed to go on the blind date, and she and Robbie have been inseparable ever since. Mary Beth first noticed his smile as well as the qualities he possessed as a gentleman.  Robbie is a kind and gentle soul. Robbie was blown away by Mary Beth’s beautiful blue eyes and how much they had in common.
Engaged Couple Mary Beth and Robbie on Top of the Eiffel Tower

How did you know that the other was the one?

Mary Beth: Robbie made my heart sing for the first time, and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was my life or a real-life fairy tale.  On our third date, I just knew — I saw it in his eyes and his smile.

Robbie: The fact that our first conversation was on the phone and it lasted for two hours.  Also, when we would go out to dinner, it was as if we were the only people in the restaurant.

How did you plan your proposal?

Robbie: I wanted to propose in Paris because I told her that I wasn’t just going to date her, I was going to romance her!  So, I could not think of a more romantic place than Paris.  Making the trip from Richmond to Dulles to Paris with the ring in my pocket and not having her find it until I proposed was nerve-wracking! I planned the proposal while Mary Beth was already in France on a river cruise.  A week later, I was meeting her to spend a week in Paris with her. The actual words for the proposal were spontaneous and came directly from the heart.

What was your favorite part of your proposal?

Mary Beth: My favorite part of the proposal was the fact that it totally took me by surprise. Paris is just so romantic, and being in my favorite place on earth didn’t hurt!

How did you decide on an engagement ring?

Robbie:  We had gone to look at engagement rings, and I picked the biggest one they had in the store at that time!  I wanted it to be beautiful, classic, and traditional. I knew I had to get Mary Beth’s engagement ring at Fink’s Jewelers because of their reputation, quality product, and the amazing personalized service. My favorite part of shopping for her ring was getting to know Dianne at Fink’s Jewelers in Charlottesville, Virginia, and developing a friendship with her.  We were touched that she genuinely wanted to know all about us and our love story.

What do you love about your engagement ring?

Mary Beth: My engagement ring is absolutely beautiful and a real showstopper.  The fact that it is classic is the icing on the cake.  It shines and sparkles and is a true reflection of our love!

What does love mean to you?

Mary Beth: Love means having your heart full of happiness.  It means that you have someone who will be by your side, caring about you and what matters to you. 
Robbie: Love means the opportunity to share my life with someone very, very special.

 Engaged Couple Mary Beth and Robbie at a Concert
With the dedication of sales professionals like Diane, Mary Beth and Robbie were able to experience all the joys of engagement ring shopping while leaving the stress behind. They turned it into a trip full of lasting memories while feeling at ease as they searched for the ring that best resembled their love. Our team awaits your visit with the perfect engagement ring. Visit us today at your nearest Fink’s Jewelers!