Forever at Fink's: Jack and Alyssa Engagement

Forever at Fink's: Jack and Alyssa Engagement

Jack and Alyssa share a love that many of us dream of. It’s a bond that grew and strengthened over time and has them looking forward to the future. When wise words from a friend opened Jack’s eyes, he knew he never wanted to say the words “goodbye” again. With the perfect engagement ring and a surprise proposal planned, he was ready to to ask for Alyssa’s hand. Jack and Alyssa share the details of their relationship from how they met, to selecting a diamond ring and visualizing where they see themselves years from now.  

A Growing Relationship

Jack and Alyssa met in a leadership program at the beginning of their sophomore year at Liberty University. As they continued to spend more time together, they found they shared a love of cooking together, trying new restaurants, and driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

When asked how they each knew they had found “the one,” Alyssa shared, “I don’t know if I ever had a defining moment; it’s been a love that's grown over time. It was in the little things where I was able to see Jack’s character and recognize the type of man he truly is. His kindness and compassion never cease to amaze me."

Jack recalled a conversation that helped him realize Alyssa was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. “Someone once wisely told me that he knew his wife was the one when he realized he never wanted to say goodbye to her and in that moment, I knew that Alyssa was the one.”

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Jack recalled Alyssa visiting Fink’s with one of her best friends a few months before he proposed. After browsing through the selection of diamond rings, she picked out a particular style of engagement ring she liked. Later, Jack went to the store to choose the specific diamond ring and carat size for Alyssa.

When asked what Alyssa loves most about her engagement ring, she told us, “I love that it is classic and timeless. It is everything I have ever wanted!”

Jack & Alyssa Engagement Ring

The Proposal

Jack proposed in Alyssa’s hometown on a dock outside of one of her favorite spots. She remembers having absolutely no idea he was in town and was completely surprised! “My favorite part of the proposal was the letter Jack read to me before he got down on one knee,” she recalls.

Selecting a Fink’s Jewelers Engagement Ring

Selecting a diamond ring is a memorable experience. Finding the right jeweler to guide you through the special time essential. When we asked the couple why they chose Fink’s, they shared, “We chose Fink’s for their incredible reputation and beautiful ring selection. Our favorite part of the shopping experience was the quality of the customer service we received from start to finish!”

Looking Towards the Future

We love hearing what couples are looking forward to most on their big day. Alyssa can’t wait to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family at the wedding. Jack is most excited about watching Alyssa walk down the aisle and, “saying yes to forever with my best friend.”

Looking to their future together, Alyssa is “most excited to grow together through life's highs, lows, and adventures!” Jack is most excited about “just doing life together and celebrating all the moments along the way.”

Engagement Photo of Jack and Alyssa on Boardwalk

We love being a part of this memorable experience for couples like Jack and Alyssa! Finding the perfect diamond ring may not be as easy as Alyssa and Jack’s experience, but that’s what we’re here for. Our team of diamond experts will help you select the ideal ring, whether you’re shopping together or preparing for the surprise proposal. It’s what we do best and we’re here to help you create an ultimate lasting memory.