Forever at Fink's: Justin and Bridget's Engagement

Forever at Fink's:  Justin and Bridget's Engagement

When you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship, choosing an engagement ring should be a memorable experience. After all, this will be the diamond ring that symbolizes your love and future together. Here at Fink's, we not only want to help you find the engagement ring that’s right for you; we also want to be a part of your love story. Everyone has their own beautiful story to share and selecting your diamond ring should be just as unique. Take Justin and Bridget, for instance. Who would have thought something as simple as a picture could turn into a promising future together?

 Who are Justin and Bridget?

Justin and Bridget were introduced through Bridget’s brother-in-law, Johnathan. Both Jonathan and Justin were serving in the United States Marine Corps at the time and were stationed at the same base in South Carolina. Jonathan and Justin had some downtime one day at work and to pass the time, Jonathan was showing Justin photos of his wedding on his phone. Scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling, Jonathan went through photos from the wedding when Justin stopped him. “Wait, who’s that??” Justin asked Jonathan, pointing to a picture of Bridget from the ceremony. “That’s my sister-in-law, Bridget,” explained Jonathan. After giving it just a split second of thought, Jonathan then asked, “Do you want to meet her?” You could say the rest was history! Justin and Bridget kept in touch through phone calls and texts from July 2014 to early that fall when they were able to finally meet in person. Justin was traveling through Virginia during a visit back home to see his family in Massachusetts. He actually left Massachusetts earlier than expected to spend the last few hours of his approved leave with Bridget on his way back to base.


Engagement Photo of Fink's Jewelers Customers Justin and Bridget

How did you know that the other was the one?

Justin: Honestly, I feel like I knew all along. We just really enjoyed talking with one another while dating and spending whatever time we could together – and we still do! At one time, Bridget worked evenings, and I’d need to be up and ready for physical training with the Marine Corps at 3:30 am. It never bothered me to stay up and talk with her even until 10 or 11 pm. Thankfully, we now both work 9 – 5 jobs, but I still call her every day at lunch.

Bridget: I knew very early on with getting to know Justin that he was the one. I read a quote early in our relationship that said, “Falling in love doesn’t feel like falling at all. It’s like walking into a house and knowing that you’re home.” I felt that with Justin – this peace and happiness whenever we were together.

What was your favorite part of the proposal?

Justin: Definitely her reaction – it was very sincere! There’s no doubt I surprised her, there was a lot of “Are you serious?!” 

Bridget: Even though we had looked at rings, I had no idea when or where the proposal would actually happen! I’m not a fan of all eyes being on me, and Justin knows that so I was glad that it was a private, special moment just between the two of us. No photographers and nothing staged. It was me, Justin, the ring, and a promise.

What do you love about your engagement ring?

Bridget: Everything! I wanted an engagement ring that would be timeless and matched my classic style. I tried on several that were each very different from the next. All were so beautiful, but the one I loved most also felt the most like me.

What made you choose Fink’s Jewelers?

Justin: I appreciated the integrity and quality that Fink’s Jewelers is known for. The staff every time we stopped in was very genuine and helpful too. It’s a big decision and purchase, but their customer service was great. I never felt pressured or that our business was just another sale – the staff cared about our decision and what ring we’d choose to be worn for a lifetime. Bridget and I had talked about what type of ring she wanted, a classic round solitaire, so it was just a matter of finding the perfect diamond at Fink’s Jewelers.

What are you looking forward to most about married life?

Justin: I’m most excited for the wedding planning to be over, but really, I think just enjoying being married and knowing that we’ve completed this journey of not only planning the big day but also preparing for a lasting marriage. I’m looking forward to just enjoying life together.

Bridget: Absolutely, I agree! I’m also really looking forward to going from a fairly small family to a large one. Justin and I are both from families of five, but Justin has so many cousins and aunts and uncles that I can’t wait to call my own too. His family is so fun and loving – they’re the best. Oh, and of course growing our own family too. We definitely hope to be blessed with little ones!


Photo of Engaged Couple Justin and Bridget Beside a Love Sign

At Fink's, we know how important choosing the perfect engagement ring is. Whether you’re surprising your special someone or trying on engagement rings together, we’re here to help make this a memorable moment. And just as Bridget pointed out, it’s all about finding the diamond ring that feels most like you. We’d love to help you find your ring. Visit us today!