Watch Repair

Here at Fink’s Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our exceptional watch repair services and excel in customer service. With a vast knowledge of each luxury watchmaker and a high level of training and experience, we’re here to provide you with excellent cleaning, servicing, and repairs for your treasured timepiece. Whether you purchased your designer watch at Fink’s or from another jeweler, our commitment to outstanding watch repair and services, from battery replacement to link removals, extends to everyone. We’re honored to assist you with all your timepiece repair needs.

Our Fink’s Watch Repair Guarantee

Our family business is proud to carry on tradition and stand behind our belief in impeccable quality and integrity. We know the importance of trustworthy, dependable watch repairs and services and provide watch repair services at all our Fink’s locations.

We’re also thrilled to offer the convenience of on-site watchmakers at various locations, including:

Our highly skilled watch repair and service specialists are here to answer your questions, address concerns, and meet all your luxury timepiece needs. In the event you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning, battery replacement, or watch repair, we welcome you back to ensure your happiness within one year of your services.

Luxury Watch Repair Services

We believe in the importance of trusting your luxury watch with our specialists. Should you have any concerns, we invite you in to speak with one of our repair specialists or watchmakers to put your mind at ease.

Our repair team guarantees a meticulous examination of your timepiece every time. Upon completion, our watch experts will provide you with a timeline and pricing estimates. Each estimate includes labor, materials, and shipping options, if necessary.

Our Fink’s watch specialists provide exceptional services, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Battery replacement
  • Re-sizing through link removal or additions

The Importance of Routine Watch Services

We encourage you to follow the recommended cleaning and inspection guidelines to ensure the health and longevity of your luxury timepiece. Following routine service suggestions can help minimize the wear and tear of your watch while inspecting it for any foreseeable issues. Routine maintenance will also keep your investment covered under warranty.

At Fink’s our watch experts recommend your timepiece care include the following:

  • Visit a Fink’s location once a year for professional polishing, cleaning, and inspection.
  • Develop a routine to remove dust and dirt buildup with a soft cloth.
  • Familiarize yourself with any water-resistant limitations your watch may have.

Store your timepiece in its original box when not worn. Alternatively, you can use a flannel jewelry pouch, or high-quality, lined jewelry box to help protect the timepiece from exposure to harsh elements, which can cause dullness or accidental damage.

Bring your watch in to allow our specialists to perform battery replacements, ensuring minimal exposure to dust and accidental damage.

Your timepiece is a treasured investment. At Fink’s Jewelers, we’re here to ensure your watch receives the care and expertise of our highly trained experts. Visit a location near you and find out why Fink’s is the preferred watch repair jeweler today.