Collection: October Birthstone Jewelry

October birthdays can bask in having two stunning birthstones: opal and tourmaline. These two gems are loved for their unique rainbows of dazzling colors, with both normally showing off multiple colors in each stone. For a dazzling look, the colorful October birthstones make unique jewelry gifts that are sure to be perfect for her.

Opals have been compared to fireworks, galaxies, and volcanoes, thanks to their incredible shifting colors in rainbow hues. October birthstone jewelry highlights a magnitude of colors in every piece, making opal jewelry pieces exciting and beautiful additions to her collection. Looking for a bold birthstone jewelry statement? The eye-catching colors of the opal are sure to draw attention and make her feel special, whether set in a pendant necklace with a diamond halo or pretty stud earrings.

Tourmaline, the Sinhalese word for stones of mixed color, is made up of a variety of minerals with varying hues. Popular for those who crave a pop of color in their wardrobe, tourmaline is one of our favorites to design with. Tourmaline birthstone jewelry is thought to protect against negative energies while grounding and balancing the wearer, making it an amazing gift for any loved one in your life. Look into our classic pink tourmaline birthstone jewelry for a bold statement.

October birthstone jewelry makes a sentimental gift that she’ll love for years and years to come. Both opal and tourmaline gemstones are made up of a sea of colors, and she’s sure to love her birthstone jewelry for every occasion. Schedule an appointment in-store with our knowledgeable sales associates or take a look online to find the perfect October birthstone jewelry gift for her.