Your October Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Opulent opal pendants to celebrate the October birthday in your life.

If you have a loved one celebrating an October birthday, an opal birthstone jewelry gift makes a beautiful addition to any collection. Even if you’re not shopping for the ideal birthday present, there are plenty of reasons to gift her with a stunning opal jewelry piece.

Our opal jewelry experts have put together this helpful October birthstone jewelry guide to assist you with selecting the perfect keepsake. We’ll share the meaning behind this breathtaking gemstone along with a few of our favorite opal jewelry options that are sure to capture her heart!

How Did the Birthstone Tradition Begin?

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Oval Opal and Diamond Halo Pendant

There are many historians who believe that birthstones can be traced back as far as adorning the breastplate of Aaron in battle in biblical times. When worn in unison, the gemstones were believed to harness magnificent, protective energy. They provided strength, courage, and health to the men who wore them.

During the 8th century, beliefs surrounding gemstones began to shift. Collecting all 12 stones for their incredible benefits was still quite common. Yet rather than wearing them in unison, it became common practice to wear each stone individually and only during the month it represented. This new practice was believed to harness a more significant power from each gemstone during its designated month.

However, it wasn’t until the 16th century that an official birthstone tradition became widely recognized. As a result, each specific stone became more precious and meaningful to the wearer during their birth month. It became a common practice to wear only the birthstone jewelry of one’s birth month.

While we still practice the traditional wearing of our own birthstone, it has continued to evolve into much more. We’ve seen it progress to many wearing the birthstone of a child, grandchild, or loved one. Many gemstone wearers simply prefer a different birthstone that catches their eye or symbolizes the strengths and benefits they seek.

Why Are Birthstones So Significant?

While birthstones may no longer be tied to strong religious meanings, it’s still widely believed these precious gemstones harness incredible mental, emotional, and physical well-being benefits. These benefits may include good fortune, protection, love, and healing. 


What is October’s Birthstone?

Sabel 14K Rose Gold Oval Opal & Round Diamond Halo Ring

The captivating opal is your gemstone for October. But, as you begin shopping for October birthstone jewelry, we're pretty sure you'll have a difficult time selecting just one opal birthstone piece.

This gorgeous quartz gets its beautiful rainbow iridescence from the tiny spheres of amorphous hydrated silica. The stone picks up silica dioxide from water, depositing traces of impurities into its open cavities. This unique look makes October birthstone jewelry truly remarkable. 

What Does the Opal Birthstone Symbolize?

Opal means precious jewel and to see a change in color, which should be no surprise, with its stunning display of colors. In fact, historically, the opal birthstone was considered the most magical birthstone due to its ability to display all colors. The opal birthstone also symbolizes:

  • luck
  • hope
  • purity
  • truth
  • love

Who Can Wear October Birthstone Jewelry?

Sabel Collection 14K Rose Gold Bezel Set Opal Pendant with Diamond Inlay Accent

October-born aren’t the only ones who enjoy the beauty of opal birthstones. There are plenty of reasons to gift opal earrings or a diamond and opal ring to a loved one. However, if your special someone prefers a gemstone that pairs perfectly with anything in her wardrobe or jewelry collection, her designated birthstone may not suit her taste. Our 14K Rose Gold Bezel Set Opal Pendant with Diamond Inlay Accent, for example, is ideal for pairing with any outfit for any occasion!

It’s also very common for many women to choose birthstone jewelry based on their preferred gemstone color. If rubies aren’t her style, the October birthstone's soft, neutral hues may be just what she's looking for. Our 14K White Gold Oval Opal and Diamond Halo Pendant will make a lovely addition to her collection.  

There are also sentimental reasons you could gift an opal jewelry piece to a woman. Grandmothers adore any grandchild keepsake. So, if they have a grandchild born in October, gift your mother or mother-in-law an October birthstone jewelry piece for Grandparents Day, their birthday, or Christmas. 

Other occasions to gift October birthstone jewelry include:

  • a push present for a mom-to-be
  • representing a child’s birth month for any gifting occasion
  • the birthstone of a loved one or significant other

Selecting an Opal Birthstone Jewelry Gift

Sabel Collection Birthstone and Diamond Halo Ring

October birthstone jewelry makes a statement in any jewelry setting you choose. So as you search for the perfect opal jewelry, consider whether she would enjoy a sparkling October birthstone ring on her finger, an opal bracelet on her wrist, or a dainty October birthstone necklace to drape around her neck. This may help narrow your search for the ideal October birthstone jewelry present.  

Our October birthstone jewelry experts have included a few more favorite opal birthstone options for you to consider. From their fine jewelry knowledge to knowing what our clients gravitate towards, their curated list of October birthstone jewelry suggestions is sure to suit every woman’s taste.

An October birthstone ring with a halo setting is a favorite of ours and many of our clients. The exquisite gemstone is set within a halo of white diamonds. Our Opal and Diamond Halo Birthstone Ring is set in 14K white gold and features an opal birthstone surrounded by sparkling diamonds.

14K Rose Gold Pear Shape Opal and Diamond Halo Earrings

Our 14K Rose Gold Pear Shape Opal and Diamond Halo Earrings are a stunning choice for any lady who loves a bit of sparkle dangling from her lobes. The softly hued gemstones pair beautifully with the rose gold setting, adding to the various colors within the opal. You can even pair it with the matching 14K Rose Gold Cushion Opal Halo and Bale Accents Pendant Necklace!

From our Sabel Collection Opal Birthstone and Diamond Halo Earrings to our Rose Gold Opal and Diamond Accent October Birthstone Ring, we have an incredible selection of October birthstone jewelry for you to choose from.   

Why Consider a Custom October Birthstone Jewelry Gift?

A custom opal jewelry gift gives you the creative freedom to design a unique piece she’ll cherish forever. We have an experienced team of custom jewelry designers who will assist you throughout the process, from your vision to learning about caring for your stones

Our custom design team can assist with creating an original opal jewelry piece or incorporating a family heirloom. No matter what you envision, whether it’s a ring or an October birthstone necklace, we can help make your keepsake a reality.

We invite you to visit and explore our extensive collection of October birthstone jewelry to make her gift exceptional.