Your August Birthstone Guide: Peridot

Model Wearing Peridot Rings from Fink's Jewelers

Hot summer days, salty sea breezes, and traveling with the one you love–that’s the stuff that August days are made of. If your lady was born in August, a beautiful piece of peridot birthstone jewelry is a tangible way to let her know how much you value and love the time you get to spend together and the memories you’ve made. The August birthstone may even inspire new adventures for you to enjoy together, like a trip to a gorgeous beach.

You’ve likely heard of white-sand beaches and pink-sand beaches, but have you experienced the beauty of a green-sand beach? There are only four green-sand beaches in the world, and they get their stunning green color from peridot. And what better way to commemorate the trip of a lifetime than with a stunning peridot birthstone jewelry gift? 

What are Green Sand Beaches?

Green Sand Beach

There are four green-sand beaches in the world:

  • Talofofo Beach, Guam
  • Punta Cormorant, Galapagos Islands
  • Hornindalsvatnet, Norway
  • Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Green-sand beaches get their gorgeous green glimmer from particles of the mineral olivine, which is called peridot in gemstone form. The mineral is too heavy to be swept away to sea; instead, it nestles in the sandy terrain at the water's edge. It’s a beautiful metaphor for the strength and devotion you feel for the woman you love. Throughout the ebbs and flows of life, you will never leave her side.

Peridot is associated with eloquence, creativity, and good cheer. This radiant green gemstone is often referred to as the stone of compassion. It is said to bring peace to relationships, restful sleep, and balance your mind. Naturally, we associate these qualities with the ocean and the beach, which makes perfect sense.

What is Peridot?

Raw Peridot StonePeridot possesses a gorgeous green hue that sets it apart from other birthstones. It’s fun, playful, and an absolute statement maker. Peridot most often occurs in volcanic rocks and is formed from magnesium and iron; iron gives it the stunning green color.

Throughout history, peridot was often confused with emeralds. Historians believe that much of Cleopatra’s emerald collection was actually peridot.

Cleopatra was fluent in a dozen languages and studied mathematics, philosophy, oratory, and astronomy; she was clearly an educated woman. So, if peridot is fit for the Queen of Egypt, we're sure peridot birthstone jewelry will impress the queen in your life.

Our 7 Favorite Celebrities Who Have August Birthstones:

  • Charlize Theron
  • Anna Kendrick
  • Mila Kunis
  • Halle Berry
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Meagan Goode
  • Martha Stewart 

How to Style Peridot Birthstone Jewelry

14K Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Peridot and Diamond Pendant

While incredibly beautiful and timeless, green-toned jewelry can be intimidating to accessorize with. So, our experts compiled a guide to help you figure out which metal, gemstones, and outfits pair best with peridot birthstone jewelry

What Metal Pairs Best With Peridot Birthstone Jewelry?

Choosing the metal for your jewelry is a deeply personal decision. However, the wrong metal color could have a beautiful piece of jewelry spending more time in your jewelry box instead of out on display where it belongs.

Consider These Factors When Choosing the Right Metal for Your Jewelry:

  • skin tone
  • personal preference
  • metal color of pieces already in your jewelry collection

If you're struggling to decide what color metal to get for yourself or a loved one, there is a guiding rule for making this choice. The general consensus is gold and rose gold jewelry is best for warmer skin tones, while light metals like silver, white gold, and platinum are recommended for cooler skin tones.

At Fink's, we believe that your personal preference is the most important factor when making any jewelry decision. Jewelry is intended to express who you are, and we're here to make that dream a reality. So when choosing metals, if you love your collection, keep building off that metal color. 

What Colors Go Best With Green?

Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Accent Ring

Shades of green with yellow undertones, like peridot birthstone jewelry, look best with gold to enhance their warmth. This is a good rule of thumb for styling clothes and interior design, in addition to jewelry.

Red and green are opposites on the color wheel, making them natural complements. For this reason, green is often paired with shades of red like bright pink or salmon.

Shades of blue paired with the August birthstone can evoke an almost coastal vibe in your jewelry. And don’t forget, when layering or stacking jewelry, diamonds are always a girl's best friend.

3 Favorite Peridot Birthstone Jewelry Looks:

  • Peridot Oval Halo Ring with Diamond Stacking Ring
  • Yellow Gold Cushion Peridot and Diamond Pendant with Chain Link Collar Necklace
  • White Gold Oval Peridot and Diamond Earrings with Sapphire Lava Sterling Silver Drop Earrings 

The Stackable Ring Trend Featuring the August Birthstone

Yellow Gold Oval Peridot and Diamond Halo Ring

Why we love it: Stackable rings are a big part of 2022 jewelry trends, and so are pops of color. The perfect way to nail both of these trends is with this combo of our bright oval peridot with a diamond halo from the Sabel Collection with the 14k gold bezel-set diamond stacking ring.

Layering Necklaces With the August Birthstone

Why we love it: We’re upping the stakes with this peridot birthstone jewelry piece by combining three current trends: layering necklaces, pops of color, and chains. Everyone loves a high-quality chain link necklace. It's simple and stylish and pairs great with everything.

The 14k yellow gold cushion cut peridot and diamond pendant is a statement piece all on its own. Finish the look off with an 18k yellow gold chain link collar necklace. By adding additional necklace layers, you can elevate the entire look to exude an air of confidence, power, and playfulness.

Make a Dazzling Statement With August Birthstone Earrings

14K White Gold Oval Peridot and Diamond Earrings

Why we love it: Classic 14k white gold peridot and diamond stud earrings paired with edgy sterling silver blue sapphire lava drop earrings make for a striking look.

Taking a classic combination and amping it up with color injects fun into your jewelry collection without feeling overwhelming. This peridot birthstone jewelry look is a first-rate combination for work, daytime, or evening. 

How to Dress up the August Birthstone

Our color companion guide for peridot birthstone jewelry can also be applied to clothing. The olive-toned August birthstone pairs amazingly with classic white and black for work or evening wear. For a more fun and festive feel, adding pink, coral, or ocean blue pops can have you feeling and looking pulled together in an effortless and breezy way. 

Peridot Birthstone Jewelry for any Occasion

Sabel Collection Peridot Birthstone and Diamond Halo Pendant

Birthstone jewelry is a fun and timeless way to mark a birthday for the woman in your life. Gifting peridot birthstone jewelry or any birthstone isn't reserved for birthdays alone. Our Sabel Collection makes creating a gorgeous and cohesive birthstone collection easy and fun.

The deep chartreuse color of the August birthstone makes it the ideal piece to give to the woman in your life that is bold, fun, and has a creative side. If you’re feeling creative and want to create a one-of-a-kind August birthstone custom jewelry design for your special person, we want to be there every step of the way, from concept to creation.