Why Your Next Luxury Watch Should Be an Automatic

Why Your Next Luxury Watch Should Be an Automatic

Precision, style, and longevity are three words that describe the best watches in the world. Among those treasured timepieces are automatic watches that keep the time with no fuss and a lot of flair.

Automatic watches are the best blend of mechanics and ease. They keep the classic inner workings of historically foundational watches with some additions to relieve the wearer’s stress of daily maintenance. A sound investment in modern luxury, automatic watches are beautiful accessories.


How Do Automatic Watches Work?

Automatic watches are an advanced iteration of mechanical watches, the original wearable timepieces. Mechanical watches and automatic watches function in very similar ways, but automatic watches have been developed to take some of the manual work out of wearing a watch.

The first step to understanding how automatic watches work is to know the parts that make up these watches.

These parts include:

  • Mainspring
  • Crown
  • Gear train
  • Balance wheel and escapement
  • Rotor


All mechanical watches are powered by the mainspring. When the mainspring is tightly wound, it activates all the other watch pieces to move the hands and keep time. The mainspring of a mechanical watch has to be wound by hand, but automatic watches use the kinetic energy of the wearer’s natural movement to power the mainspring with a rotor.

Because they depend on the wearer’s movements, most people wear automatic watches daily to keep them wound properly. If an automatic watch isn’t worn for a while, the owner must manually wind it to get it back in working order. After that, regular wear will keep the rotor moving and the watch keeping time.


The History of Automatic Watches

Personal watches have a fascinating history, and automatic watches have been helping people keep time for years. The first wearable timepieces came on the scene as fashion accessories as early as 1510, but these early mechanical watches were not very accurate and were a hassle to keep time with. Mechanical watches continued to improve over the centuries, but the history of automatic watches started in the 1770s when Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet invented a way for an automatic clock to be powered by the user’s body movement.

By 1780, automatic pocket watches were being developed but were soon abandoned due to their inaccuracy. After World War I, a combination of improved manufacturing and the popularity of wristwatches among soldiers boosted the automatic watch industry. Watchmakers found that the kinetic energy of wearing a watch on one’s wrist is much more reliable than that of a pocket watch, and the popularity of automatic watches soared.

Over the years, watchmakers have improved automatic watches, increasing their accuracy and adding style and function. These timepieces are classic accessories that are a staple of wardrobes around the world.


Why Are Automatic Watches Desirable?

It’s no secret that automatic watches are some of the most sought-after timepieces on the market. The combination of mechanical ingenuity and automated daily maintenance makes automatic watches attractive to many consumers.

The right watch can be a fashion statement, and many automatic watches can catch the eye. Not only do automatic watches showcase quality craftsmanship with accurate timekeeping, but many automatic watches fall into the luxury category.

Luxury watches have several defining features, including:

  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Brand recognizability
  • Exclusivity
  • Value


Luxury automatic watches often become symbols of style and fashion in addition to being dependable timepieces. Recognizable brands like Cartier and Grand Seiko offer beautiful and popular automatic watches as a part of their brands.


Popular Luxury Automatic Watches

There is an automatic watch for every style. From men’s to women’s, simple to complex, and classic to modern, luxury automatic watches are prevalent and popular at fine jewelry stores.

One of the most popular automatic watches is the Longines Pilot Majetek Box Edition. This watch has a classic look with its black dial and leather strap. Known for its connection to aviation, Longines develops watches, chronographs, and on-board equipment for pilots. This is the perfect automatic designer watch for the man who values history and quality.

For a completely different look, the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Watch delivers a lot of information in an attractive package. A sporty yet sophisticated watch, this TAG Heuer delivers time to the 1/4 second and has a 42-hour power reserve, ensuring it is ready for everyday use.


Giving an Automatic Watch as a Gift

Designer watches are a classic gift for many occasions. In many cultures, the gift of a watch is a sign of prosperity and success. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, promotion, graduation, or other major milestone, an automatic watch that matches the recipient’s style and needs is a stunning and useful present.

For example, a striking Breitling Premier B25 Datora 42 is the perfect gift for a high-class man celebrating a marriage, anniversary, or significant success at work. Not only does the Breitling name carry weight, but the Swiss-made automatic watch, with its leather strap and 18K red gold case, provides the eye-catching design that makes it a valuable way to say “I love you” or “congratulations.”

Designer automatic watches are sensible gifts because they are easy to keep wound and useful. They’re low-maintenance and stylish –something the recipient will use and cherish for years to come.


Maintenance for Automatic Watches

All watches require some kind of maintenance at one point or another, and automatic watches are no exception. Experts recommend getting high-quality watches serviced every three to five years. This helps catch any issues before they become destructive to the timepiece, and you can have confidence that your watch is in the best shape possible.

Generally, mechanical and automatic watches require less maintenance than quartz watches because they do not have batteries. However, it is still essential to check the integrity of your timepiece on a regular basis.

It is important to bring your watch to a trusted jeweler who is experienced in quality jewelry repair. A professional jeweler can remove watch links, repair watch covers, replace the crown or stem, and more.

Automatic watches are sound investments in classic timepieces that, with the proper care, will last a lifetime or more. Display your personal style on your sleeve with the perfect automatic watch.