The Ultimate Valentine's Day Guide

Diamond "love" necklace in front of pink heart background
It’s hard to believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start making plans to sweep your significant other off their feet. While this day may look a bit different than previous years, there are still plenty of ways to fill it with romance. From romantic at-home surprises to the perfect diamond jewelry Valentine's Day gift, let us help you plan a Valentine’s Day the two of you will always remember.

The Reason Behind Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your loved one with romance. While every day should be full of expressions of love, this is a day to offer a special token of your love and affection. So, where did some of our long-standing Valentine's Day gift traditions come from?

Roses for Valentine's Day

White, light pink, and dark pink roses

Traditionally a day for lovers, Valentine’s Day was a chance to show your passion through the gift of a rose. Known as the favorite flower of Venus, Goddess of Love, the rose symbolized love’s strength. The offering of roses in the 17th century became the universal symbol of showing one’s affection for a significant other. This tradition still stands true as a romantic Valentine's Day gift option today. 

Giving a Sentimental Card for Valentine's Day

Valentines day card that says "Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you"

On Valentine’s Day in 1415, Charles, the Duke of Orleans, wrote a heartfelt poem to his wife from within his prison tower. This idea sparked a wave of passionate love letters passed between lovers everywhere. By the 16th century, letters, poems, and cards were the preferred way to express feelings to a loved one. While frowned upon by religious leaders, their efforts to ban these letters of desire failed. Love notes and cards continued to carry on as staples for Valentine's Day gift traditions.

 Valentine's Day Chocolates

Heart shaped box of assorted chocolates

In the 17th century, Spanish explorers were to thank for bringing chocolates back from their voyages to the New World. The candies were thought of as an aphrodisiac and quickly gained popularity as a special Valentine's Day gift for lovers. Today, they are still one of the most popular gift pairings for this special occasion and are known as a clever hiding spot for many diamond jewelry gifts.

At-Home Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2021

While this may certainly be a challenging year to celebrate with a traditional night on the town, it doesn’t have to be without romance and creativity. Planning something special together makes a memorable Valentine's Day gift. Whether your relationship is just blossoming, or you’ve been together for years, a little romance will go a long way. Planning a romantic evening or giving a Valentine's Day gift with sentiment will make the day more memorable for both of you.

Couple on beach about to kiss

Show your significant other how much they mean to you by filling it with everything they love. Think long and hard about your time together and what it is that makes you unique as a couple. You may be pleasantly surprised by the list of Valentine's Day gift ideas this will spark.

Make plans to stay in for the evening. There’s nothing more intimate than creating a romantic atmosphere at home with a home-cooked meal by candlelight. If you have the luxury of a fireplace, romance your significant other with a cozy picnic by the fire. Don’t worry if your cooking skills aren’t quite up to par. You can utilize a delivery service, but be sure to plan in advance, as they may be quite busy on this evening.

If you decide to forgo the traditional Valentine's Day gift of chocolates this year, consider red velvet cupcakes and a bottle of wine for dessert. Surprise them with the first movie you saw together, or create a slideshow of images you’ve collected throughout your relationship. If you’ve been together a while, this is a fantastic chance to take a trip down memory lane and make a cherished keepsake.

Venture Outside

This year opens up a world of possibilities, as Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Make the most out of the day by planning several memorable outings or events: 

Woman on man's back laughing in grass field
  • Go for a drive in the country or along the coastline
  • Take a stroll through your favorite park
  • Go for a bike ride or a hike in the mountains
  • Create a scavenger hunt that takes you to places that mean the most to your relationship

 When you return home:

  • Create a playlist of meaningful songs from your time together and dance by the fire
  • Fill the air with aromatherapy blends and give your significant other a relaxing massage
  • Draw a warm bubble bath surrounded by candles or rose pedals

Surprise Her with Diamond Jewelry

Valentine’s wouldn’t be complete without that anticipated little box every woman gets giddy over. Whether you’re considering a diamond ring or a diamond necklace, a little bit of sparkle is always the icing on the cake. If the thought of diamond jewelry shopping brings a bit of anxiety, we’re here to make it a lot less stressful.

Before you begin shopping for the perfect diamond jewelry Valentine's Day gift, it helps to note the pieces she already has. You should also consider: 

18K White Gold Marquise Diamond Chain Dangle Earring
  • What precious metal does she prefer?
  • What is it that she loves about the pieces she owns?
  • Does she have a particular style she gravitates towards?
  • Are there pieces she has mentioned adding to her collection?
  • Have you noticed her eye drawn to a particular diamond necklace or perhaps a pair of diamond earrings?

There are a few staple pieces of jewelry every woman should have in her collection. Our knowledgeable staff has created an excellent Valentine’s Day gift guide full of their favorite diamond jewelry and designer watch choices. No matter which pieces you select, these are sure to make her heart melt.  

Bracelets and Bangles

Every woman adores a little jewelry on her wrist. If she does not already have a special piece, this is a wonderful option for budding relationships.

One of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts is the Heart Charm Bracelet from David Yurman. It's a dainty piece she will enjoy wearing daily. Set in sterling silver, the classic cable chain design and 18k yellow gold dangling heart catch your eye without overpowering.

Roberto Coin Love in Verona 18K Yellow Gold Bangle with Diamond Accents

Consider gifting her with a gorgeous Roberto Coin bangle. This Love in Verona Bangle with .15 cttw diamond accents is set in 18K yellow gold, or choose the Oro Classic Hinge Oval Bangel for a simple, classy look. This piece is beautiful in rose gold with options in 18K yellow and white as well.


If your lady has pierced ears, then earrings are a must. They are an integral piece to every jewelry collection, adding style and flair to any wardrobe. Our White Gold Ruby and Diamond Dangle Earrings will make a fantastic jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day. The rich color, brilliant sparkle, and vintage style are just what every woman craves.

Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

Sabel Collection 14K Rose Gold Opal and Diamond Bezel Set Drop Pendant

You will never go wrong gifting her a diamond necklace to grace her neck. Our 14K Rose Gold and Diamond Heart Pendant is a classic piece from our Sable Collection. The rose gold metal pairs well with any skin tone and wardrobe palette. It makes an excellent diamond jewelry accent piece for both formal and casual attire.

Another diamond necklace treasure from the Sable Collection is our Opal and Diamond Bezel Set Drop Pendant set in 14K rose gold. This stunning fine jewelry piece features an eye-catching .47 cttw round opal accented by a .09 cttw white diamond. Chances are, she has yet to add anything quite like this diamond necklace to her jewelry collection, making it a perfect choice.

One of our most popular diamond necklaces is the Pear Shaped Opal and Diamond Pendant. The rose gold setting makes a lovely Valentine's Day gift. This diamond necklace features a double halo and 1.20 cttw.

If she adores rubies, we know she'll love the Ruby and Diamond Square Pendant. The 14K yellow gold setting draws your eye in as the color pops. It's a diamond necklace she'll be able to wear for any occasion.

Ladies’ Timepieces

A wristwatch is so much more than a timepiece to a woman. It’s a fashion accessory that graces her wrist every day. It’s also a jewelry piece she can never have too many of. From band styles and face colors to brilliant diamond accents, a watch makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift.  

A classic timepiece offering casual and black tie versatility is the Longines Conquest 29.5mm. Ask any woman and she's sure to tell you the rose gold and stainless steel pairing are a must-have for any woman’s jewelry collection. It’s a breathtaking piece with a generous .50 cttw diamond bezel accent.

Men’s Timepieces

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze Bezel Watch with Red Dial and Leather Strap

If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your man, consider one of our timepieces. Suitable for the sporty, outdoor lover or professional in suits, our extensive watch collection will cover casual to fine dining.

The Aquaracer 41MM from the TAG Heuer collection is one of our top recommendations. The quartz movement white lacquered dial wristwatch spans sporty, casual, and sophisticated in one. He's sure to love the stainless steel three-row bracelet.

If he’s drawn to the look of leather strap bands, our Oris Big Crown Pointer Bezel may be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him. The rich red face pairs perfectly with the brown leather, making it a stylish choice.

Diamond Rings

If you do plan to take a knee this Valentine’s Day, we have an exquisite selection of diamond rings to choose from. You’re sure to take her breath away with any of our carefully selected Fink’s diamond rings. Trust that we are here to walk you through the process. We’ll educate you on selecting a diamond ring with our Fink’s Five Cs or pair you with a skilled designer who can custom create her dream engagement ring.

The Studio Collection Emerald and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

If your significant other has an eye for an emerald cut, she’ll fall in love with our Emerald and Baguette Diamond Ring. This stunning diamond jewelry favorite features an emerald-cut center stone ranging from .70 cttw to .80 cttw, accented by .15 cttw baguettes on each side. If she has an eye for vintage flair, a three-stone diamond ring, symbolizing your past, present, and future, will never leave her finger.

The Studio Collection Pear Center Diamond and Halo Engagement Ring

Her heart will flutter when she sees our Pear Center Diamond Ring sparkle. Part of our Studio Collection, this Fink’s exclusive boasts a .40 cttw halo with diamond shank and your choice of precious metals. Our experts will help you select a brilliant center stone diamond ranging from .50 cttw to 2.0 cttw. She'll say yes the moment she opens this breathtaking Valentine's Day gift.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Diamond

We know that selecting a diamond ring can be a bit intimidating. To help take some of the pressure off your proposal, we’ve put together a few helpful tips for selecting your diamond and attributes to pay attention to:

  • Setting
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat Weight

Ring Setting

Start by selecting your setting. By choosing the metal and setting style first, you’ll be able to envision the center stone more easily. Settings may include:

The Studio Collection Trellis Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Solitaire: the most classic and popular setting, allowing your diamond to be the focus of your engagement ring
  • Halo: provides a stunning accent of smaller diamonds that surround the entirety of your center stone
  • Three-Stone: known as the trinity style, representing a couple’s past, present, and future
  • Pave: closely set diamonds set along the band, creating the appearance of an all-diamond band

Diamond Cut

A diamond’s cut is critical, as it determines: 

  • The visual appearance of a diamond’s size
  • The way the light will reflect off the stone
  • The brilliance of the diamond’s sparkle

Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to a diamond’s measurement of rarity and purity. Each diamond we offer is carefully examined for inclusions. We offer only the highest quality diamonds, without internal flaws that are visible to the naked eye. 

Diamond Color

Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Set

Diamonds come in various colors, ranging from color grades D to K. The slightest difference in color between two diamonds can set them worlds apart in price and quality. To your naked eye, a diamond may appear flawless. However, the slightest variation in color can make a tremendous difference in any diamond jewelry piece.

Diamond Carat Weight

Often mistaken for size, the carat weight refers to the actual weight of a diamond. While this can be an impressive detail, be sure to include cut, color, and clarity in your decision. Carat weight will certainly affect price, but the 4Cs combined will provide your diamond with its overall value.

If you're genuinely lost for ideas when it comes to selecting a diamond jewelry, we recommend a few options that have worked well for our clients. Peek through magazines she may be marking pages in. Pay close attention while watching a movie or browsing the internet with her. She may make subtle hints you have not picked up on in the past. Enlist the help of her closest friends and family. You’ll never go wrong asking for their help for such a special occasion!

Make this year's Valentine’s Day gift memorable with a little bit of sparkle, creativity, and romance!