The Ultimate November Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Woman Wearing November Birthstone Citrine Earrings and Pendant Necklace

A thoughtful gift that shows you pay attention to detail and celebrates the little things about someone is by far the best gift. Birthstone jewelry encompasses all of this by celebrating the month someone was born or honoring an important milestone or memory that is connected to a particular month. November birthstone jewelry does not disappoint! With the choice of citrine or topaz birthstone jewelry, you will have plenty of selections for your special someone.

The History of Birthstones

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Oval Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings

Although most people are familiar with the tradition of birthstones, their history is more of a mystery. Birthstone usage began in Biblical times and can be read about in the Bible. Aaron, a priest of the Israelites, wore a breastplate with 12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel.

Several hundreds of years later, ancient historians drew a connection between the 12 breastplate stones, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 zodiac signs. It became very common for people to collect all the stones and wear them together on belts, bracelets, or other accessories. Eventually, this trend evolved into people wearing one singular stone during a specific month when it was believed to hold special powers and benefits.

The belief that specific stones held special protection and power was greatly influenced by eastern traditions and was passed along when trade started between the east and west hemispheres. Hindu religion also has strong ties to religious practices and beliefs about gemstones. 

How Were Birthstones Chosen?

Even though the tradition of wearing a stone signifying your birth month dates to the 16th century, the process was not formalized until 1912. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers standardized the list of American birthstones and which month each corresponded with. Each month on this traditional list has one birthstone.

In 1952 the list was changed by the Jewelry Industry Council of America. Alexandrite was added to June, November birthstone jewelry added citrine, pink tourmaline joined October, and zircon rounded out December. Since 1952, Tanzanite has been added as a December birthstone. The modern birthstone list has up to three birthstones for each month. 

November’s Birthstone

14K White Gold Cushion Cut Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Ring

There are two birthstones for November. The traditional November birthstone is topaz, and the citrine gemstone was added to the list years later. You cannot go wrong with either gorgeous stone for a birthday gift for her!

Topaz comes in a variety of colors, ranging from clear, yellow, light green, red-orange, and pink to brown and blue. Topaz, in its purest form, is colorless and becomes colored through impurities within the stone. This truly makes topaz birthstone jewelry one-of-a-kind because no impurity is alike!

Citrine is the ideal stone for an autumn birthday as it looks just like the brilliant orange-yellow leaves changing around you. Citrine is a perfect choice for your November birthstone jewelry selection because it is durable and scratch resistant. This gemstone measures seven on the Mohs hardness scale and is often used in rings due to its strength. 

Topaz Birthstone Symbolism

Topaz represents strength and honor and can bring a sense of calm and balance. Wearing topaz birthstone jewelry can also bring wisdom and a new sense of energy. Blue topaz is a popular November birthstone jewelry choice because of its relaxing color and dazzling sparkle. Wearing blue topaz and diamond oval earrings will certainly provide the calming effect you are looking for. 

Citrine Birthstone Symbolism

Marco Moore 14K Yellow Gold Citrine Bezel Necklace

Citrine is believed to be a healing stone as it is known to release negative energy, providing a calm and soothing state of mind. Wearing November birthstone jewelry in citrine will make you radiate warmth and happiness as its hue mimics all the splendor of sunshine. Gifting a Marco Moore citrine necklace to the special woman who lights up your life with sunshine is the perfect way to celebrate her birthday. 

Why Wear November Birthstone Jewelry?

Who says you have to play by the rules? November birthstone jewelry isn’t just for those who are born in November. Maybe someone or something is significant to the month of November; maybe you’ve fallen in love with the beauty of November birthstone jewelry, or maybe your favorite color is the playful orange-yellow of citrine or the rainbow of options with topaz birthstone jewelry. There is no wrong reason to wear November birthstone jewelry!

Reasons to Wear November Birthstone Jewelry

  • Your birthday is in November
  • Your child was born in November
  • In memory of a loved one or significant other
  • To commemorate an important event that occurred in November - like an anniversary
  • To receive the healing properties of the stones

Selecting Topaz Birthstone Jewelry

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Oval Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings

As you find yourself searching for the perfect piece of topaz birthstone jewelry, it is important to be educated in a few areas about this precious stone. Topaz is an incredibly dynamic gemstone, and its value is influenced by color. Topaz with red overtones is considered more valuable than topaz birthstone jewelry that is yellow or gold. If you are looking to invest in topaz jewelry, blue or light-yellow topaz are popular choices.

Due to its natural form, topaz is often cut into elongated shapes. When looking for your November birthstone jewelry, you will want to ensure the topaz has no obvious visible flaws and is cut in a way where all its brilliance can be showcased. 

Topaz Birthstone Jewelry

Topaz birthstone jewelry is a beautiful statement no matter what setting you choose. If you are selecting a piece of November birthstone jewelry for the special woman in your life, take time to consider what she would enjoy and wear the most. Whether it’s a sparkling ring on her finger, versatile earrings that easily go from day to evening, or a necklace that truly celebrates all that she is to you, let our fine jewelry experts at Fink’s Jewelers help.

We have several favorite topaz birthstone jewelry pieces to help kickstart your search for the perfect November birthstone jewelry.

Marco Bicego Paradise 18K Yellow Gold Blue Topaz and Mixed Gemstone Single Strand Bracelet

Popular Topaz Birthstone Jewelry:

Blue topaz mini lollipop ring

Blue topaz and mixed gemstone bracelet

Cushion cut blue topaz and diamond pendant

Giving the gift of birthstone jewelry truly shows someone how special they are to you. Celebrate all the November birthdays in your life through a gift of stunning topaz or citrine jewelry!