Collection: November Birthstone Jewelry

November is blessed with two beautiful birthstones, topaz and citrine. Citrine, known for its sunny, yellow hues, is perfect for warming up the cold month of November. Topaz and citrine have been confused for one another for centuries because while topaz is created in a wide array of colors, it, along with citrine, is loved for the golden shades worn in November birthstone jewelry.

Being named after the yellow citrine fruit, the citrine gemstone is known for its lemon and orange colors. Citrine has been a popular gemstone for centuries and has been used in talismans around the world for its healing and soothing powers. Gift this flawless November birthstone as jewelry for your loved ones, whether they believe in the spiritual properties or love the gorgeous orange hue. Try our Sabel birthstone pendants for the perfect November birthday gift.

Topaz is actually completely colorless in its pure form, but when impurities begin to form, gorgeous hues appear, like blue, pink, and an orange similar to citrine. A gift of blue topaz is a promise of love and fidelity, which is why our designers have chosen to create luxurious birthstone jewelry pieces with the sparkling blue hue. Whether you’re after a diamond and topaz engagement ring for a romantic gesture or gorgeous topaz birthstone hoop earrings, our designers at Fink’s Jewelers have thought of it all.

Give the gift of beautiful November birthstone jewelry for an unforgettable piece she’ll cherish. Whether you’re visiting us in person or perusing our online selection, Fink’s Jewelers is here to help you celebrate her.