Gifting an April Birthstone for Any Occasion

Gifting an April Birthstone for Any Occasion

Shopping for a special lady in your life can be a bit overwhelming. But she deserves a gift as beautiful and unique as she is. So, consider gifting her a diamond birthstone jewelry piece no matter what occasion she may be celebrating.

Birthstone jewelry makes the perfect memorable keepsake, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift. Our diamond birthstone jewelry experts have compiled an April birthstone guide to help you make your selection. You'll learn the meaning behind this breathtaking stone and why birthstones are treasured additions to any woman's collection. We’ll also share our favorite diamond birthstone jewelry pieces perfectly suited for any woman's taste. 

How Did Birthstones Become a Tradition?

Sabel Collection Round April Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Historians believe birthstones first held biblical roots. They have traced the stones back to suits of armor worn in the Bible for protection. Each stone represented a month of the year and harnessed special protective powers. Worn on the breastplate of Aaron as he went off to war, the 12 magnificent stones were believed to provide protection when worn in unison.

Many believers continued to collect the 12 gemstones during the 8th century. However, a slow shift in the belief in their power began to form. Instead of wearing the 12 stones in unison, it was now believed that wearing each stone individually provided the most significant power. As the belief spread, a new ritual was born.

It wasn't until the 16th century that gemstones became the official birthstone tradition we follow today. Rather than keep a collection of all 12 stones, wearers only collected the stone which corresponded to their birth month. Many still believed in their powers; however, they also began to take on a more sentimental meaning to the wearer.  

Which Birthstone List Should I Select From?

Today, we recognize three lists of birthstones: the ancient, traditional, and modern ones. While The National Association of Jewelers began developing the modern-day list of birthstones in 1912, there is no right or wrong list to select your stone from.

Sabel Collection April Birthstone and Diamond Halo Ring

You will notice gemstones found on the ancient list are the most recognized. These stones have been used for thousands of years. Gemstones found on the traditional birthstone list have been recognized for the past 500 years. Over the last 100 years, we have seen a rise in popularity with the modern list of birthstones. While some stones have remained on two or three lists, the modern list is the most widely used today. 

What Do Birthstones Symbolize Today?

Many still believe birthstones symbolize health, wellness, and good fortune. While the religious meaning behind the stones seems lost, the element of goodwill and protection remain symbolic for many collectors. In addition, each birthstone is believed to offer its unique benefits from physical and emotional healing powers.

What is April’s Birthstone?

If you are shopping for an April birthstone, you are fortunate to have the diamond birthstone as your stone. While the diamond birthstone species are found in various breathtaking colors, the traditional April birthstone uses the white diamond to represent the month.

What is the Meaning Behind the Diamond April Birthstone?

Sabel Collection April Birthstone and Diamond Halo Earrings

The April birthstone symbolizes a strong, eternal love. In fact, the word diamond stems from the Greek word Adamas, which means invincible. Diamonds have always been seen as rare, unique stones and were once believed to be the tears of God.

The diamond was once thought to hold the power to cure crippling brain illnesses. During the Middle Ages, one would heat the stone and keep it in their bed to draw impurities and toxins out of their body. 

The diamond birthstone also represents:

  • strong relationships
  • inner strength
  • abundance
  • balance
  • clarity

Selecting the Perfect Diamond Birthstone Jewelry Gift

The April birthstone has always been a precious stone and makes an ideal gift in any jewelry piece. So, it should come as no surprise that a diamond birthstone jewelry piece will pair perfectly with any accessory she may currently have in her jewelry box. Lucky for you, your shopping task will present you with an array of beautiful April birthstone jewelry options to choose from. You simply can’t go wrong with any diamond piece you gift her.

Sabel Collection April Birthstone and Diamond Halo Pendant

Our April birthstone experts have compiled a diamond birthstone jewelry list to help guide your search for your loved one. We have many diamond (and white sapphire) birthstone options she is sure to fall in love with, from sparkling earrings to dainty bracelets.  

Our Sabel Birthstone Collection offers an assortment of birthstone jewelry options. So, whether you're shopping for your daughter's 13th birthday or your mother's Christmas present, there is a diamond jewelry gift meant for her.

We know her eyes will light up when she unwraps her new April Birthstone and Diamond Halo Earrings. The sparkle from this gorgeous pair of stud earrings is perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion. This diamond birthstone jewelry beauty is nestled in an expertly crafted white gold setting with subtle hints of vintage style.

If your special lady deserves a beautiful diamond gracing her neckline, we have just the jewelry piece! Take a peek at our Sabel Collection Round Diamond Birthstone Pendant Necklace. This dainty April birthstone will hang delicately from an 18-inch 14k white gold chain. The white gold is an ideal setting for her diamond birthstone jewelry piece, giving the illusion of a larger diamond center stone.

Select April’s birthstone set in an exquisite halo ring if her celebration calls for a gorgeous ring. Our Diamond Halo Birthstone Ring features a 7mm center stone with .20 cttw dazzling white diamonds to optimize this diamond birthstone jewelry gift.  

Why Consider a Custom April Birthstone Gift?

Sabel Collection April Birthstone Stud Earrings

There are several reasons you may wish to consider gifting a custom birthstone piece. While the diamond is unique, you may feel you are shopping for a woman who already has everything. Or perhaps your special lady already has an extensive diamond collection, and you'd love to gift her a piece as unique as she is. Whether you’re selecting the diamond to represent her birthstone or one that symbolizes her child, grandchild, or significant other, a custom design may be what you're looking for.

A custom diamond birthstone jewelry gift offers you creative control to design the piece she was meant to wear. Our team of custom jewelry designers will assist you throughout the entire process, from vision to finished product. We'll even be here for all her cleaning and maintenance needs.  

Celebrate her special moment with the diamond birthstone jewelry she'll treasure forever.