Emerald Gemstone Jewelry to Celebrate Your 55th Anniversary

Woman Modeling Six Emerald Rings

Fifty-five years of marriage is certainly an accomplishment; congratulations! You have demonstrated that your love can stand the test of time. To celebrate this momentous occasion in your lives, present your bride with the traditional 55th wedding anniversary gift of an emerald gemstone.

These rare, gorgeous green gems make a stunning piece of statement jewelry, whether they are set in a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Whatever type of emerald jewelry you choose, she will look absolutely beautiful sporting a dazzling emerald gemstone.

What Is an Emerald?

Yellow Gold Emerald and Flower Diamond Necklace

An emerald is a gemstone made of the mineral beryl that has a distinct green coloring. Even in ancient times, emeralds were a highly prized colored gemstone to peoples in Africa, Asia, and South America. Today, the emerald gemstone is one of the “big three” of colored stones.  

The Big 3 of Colored Stones:

  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire

Emeralds are known for their distinct green color. To be considered an emerald, a gemstone’s color must be on the spectrum of a rich bluish-green, green, or slightly yellowish-green. If the green color is too weak or light, it is simply a green beryl.

The emerald gemstone also serves as the birthstone for the month of May. If your bride was born in May, it could make the gift of an emerald necklace, ring, or bracelet on your 55th anniversary that much more significant!

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Celebration Gifts

White Gold Alternating Emerald and Diamond Ring

From the first anniversary to the 60th, there is a traditional and modern gift ascribed to the occasion. This tradition of themed gifts for anniversary years dates all the way back to medieval times, although it didn’t gain widespread popularity until Victorian times.

In the modern interpretation, the value of the gifts increases over time, reflecting the significance of the years you’ve spent together. The modern gift guide (an expansion and update to the traditional gift guide) was published in 1937 by the American National Retail Jewelers Association.

The 55th Anniversary Gift: What Does Emerald Represent?

The traditional and modern gift for your 55th anniversary is the emerald, and emerald green is, accordingly, the color theme of the year. Historically, emerald gemstones have been connected with the Roman goddess Venus (associated with love and beauty). Additionally, emeralds are considered to be amulets of love and spiritually aligned with the heart chakra, which is thought to bring bliss to unions.

The emerald, known as the “The Jewel of Kings,” also symbolizes royalty, wit, eloquence, and foresight. With such significant meanings, no doubt an emerald ring, bracelet, or necklace will make a fantastic gift to celebrate 55 years of your love. These five stunning Fink’s emerald jewelry options are sure to surprise and delight her!

4 Gorgeous Pieces of Emerald Gemstone Jewelry:

  1. Yellow Gold Emerald Necklace
  2. Emerald Ring
  3. Emerald Earrings
  4. White Gold Emerald Necklace

A Stunning Yellow Gold Emerald Necklace

Yellow Gold Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Station Necklace

This emerald necklace is a showstopper. The necklace features a 1.10ct oval emerald gemstone surrounded by a diamond halo, as well as six round diamond stations around the chain. The stones are set off by beautiful 14K yellow gold (here is a helpful refresher on understanding gold karats).

This emerald necklace is a classic beauty, just like your bride. She will shine like the star she is while wearing this stunning emerald necklace. It will serve as a sweet token of your 55 years of love that she can wear close to her heart. 

An Eye-Catching Emerald Ring

This emerald ring is a sparkling stunner thanks to the addition of diamonds. Four gorgeous rows display shimmering emerald gemstones and diamonds set against gleaming white gold.

Although emeralds are a softer stone than diamonds, they still make an excellent choice for rings because they can be cut and polished into many beautiful shapes. Emerald rings are also durable enough for daily wear. She’ll definitely want to wear this jaw-dropping, five-row emerald ring every day.

Alluring Emerald Earrings

Sabel Collection 14K White Gold Cushion Emerald and Diamond Earrings

These shining emerald earrings will draw all eyes to her. The white gold studs display stunning cushion-cut emerald gemstones encircled by white diamonds. This is truly a magnificent pair of earrings that puts the beauty of the emerald on full display.

When she opens the box containing these emerald earrings, she will surely be delighted by the beauty of this 55th anniversary gift. Let her remember your love every time she wears these dazzling emerald beauties.

A Shimmering White Gold Emerald Necklace

Last but certainly not least, another great option for a 55th anniversary gift is this beautiful pear-shaped emerald necklace in yellow gold. The dazzling .93ct emerald gemstone is surrounded by a pear-shaped halo of diamonds.

Simple, stunning, and elegant, this necklace is all she could dream of in a memorable wedding anniversary gift. This megawatt necklace will make any special occasion even more special when it’s hanging around her neck.

Shop for Your Emerald Anniversary Gifts at Fink’s

Woman holding up emerald ring

If you would like to see more stunning options for a 55th anniversary gift, plan to visit a Fink’s Jewelers location near you. Our professional, friendly staff would be happy to assist you in finding that perfect emerald gemstone jewelry piece that your bride will adore. Your 55th anniversary is a special milestone — let us help make it one that she will fondly remember for years to come. 

Make Your Emerald Anniversary One to Remember

Whether you choose an emerald bracelet, ring, necklace, or earrings, your love of 55 years will look spectacular bedecked in her brand-new emerald-green jewels. Make your emerald anniversary one that neither of you will ever forget with a fabulous emerald gemstone from Fink’s Jewelers.