Forever at Fink's: Maya and Luigi's Engagement

Forever at Fink's: Maya and Luigi's Engagement

Right from the very start, Maya and Luigi knew they were a match made in heaven. Having met after church and bonded over shared values on their first date, the two could feel they were meant to build a life together. We asked them to share their story with us and what they look forward to in the future.

A Future Meant to Be

Maya recalls knowing Luigi was the one soon after they began dating. It wasn’t anything in particular he said or did, but rather her realization that no matter what came their way, they would experience it and move forward together. She began to see every decision they made as one which would affect the life they were building together. She knew he was the one for her because, “He was present in the messy times that weren't part of the put together and confident Maya the world saw, and yet, he still loved me.”

Luigi realized on their first date that he was having dinner with the woman of his dreams. “The more we talked, the more it was clear to me: the person I always imagined I would spend my life with was there, right in front of me.” He was taken by her ambition and determination. “Needless to say, I quickly fell so deeply and madly in love with her.”

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The Proposal

When we asked Maya about the proposal, she took us back to a cold, drizzly day when they went apartment hunting in NYC. On their last day of viewings, Luigi insisted on visiting Central Park before their next apartment tour. “As is characteristic of our relationship, Luigi had proposed a plan, and I suddenly had a million things I needed to do - find a bathroom, get coffee, buy an umbrella; then I needed water, and then the bathroom again…blisters from the walking…and finally, we called an Uber to take us to the park.”

When they reached “the spot,” Luigi set up his phone to capture a “picture” of the large, rocky overlook and skyline of the Upper East Side. “I had to fix his phone because he accidentally was recording a video (silly him, I know). Needless to say, after many failed attempts to convince me we were just taking a picture, we ended up walking away.”

They found themselves at a smaller, more private overlook where Luigi pointed to a building in the distance. When Maya turned back around, Luigi was down on one knee, asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. She shares, “Video or no video, drizzle or sunshine, it was perfect, and I said yes!” 

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Selecting the Engagement Ring

Luigi recalls having an idea of the ring he felt Maya would love. “I initially didn’t realize the many styles and wide range of possible customizations available. Allan patiently guided me through the different options, and when he showed me this beautiful oval diamond, I knew it was the perfect stone to symbolize the beginning of our new life together.”

Maya loved the ring Luigi chose and shared, “I love its classic but unique and creative flair.”

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Shopping with Fink’s

When asked why they chose Fink’s for their forever ring, Maya said, “I’m a big proponent of shopping locally, and after coming into Fink’s with my best friend and visiting with Allan, I was sold. Fink’s has a knowledgeable staff and fantastic customer service while still making you feel like you’re part of the local business ‘family.’ It’s the epitome of what it means to shop locally.”

Engagement Photo of Maya and Luigi in Front of Apartment Building

Looking to the Future

Maya is most excited about Luigi seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress, while Luigi is looking forward to enjoying their honeymoon. When asked about their future, Maya shared, “I’m excited to see him every day. We’re long-distance right now, and it’s been challenging to not be able to just run across town to tell him a funny story or go out for late-night tacos. It’ll be new, and the most exciting experience of our lives, and I could only imagine sharing it with Luigi.”

Luigi is just as eager for their future, sharing, “I’m counting down the days until we can fully spend our lives together. From making coffee for her in the morning to taking a walk in Central Park together after work, I can’t wait to experience every small precious moment with Maya every day.”